bad hatch

  1. B

    Bad Hatch!!! Sick Chicks?

    Help!! My hen went broody and hatched several chicks just recently. It was not the greatest hatch and five chicks did not live as of this moment. I have two in the house currently because they did not look well. One, named Meatloaf, was very wobbly on the day of her hatch. She seemed to get a...
  2. Trinitydraco

    Chick in trouble! Any Sugestions?

    Okay, to make all of this make sense I have to tell you about my hatch. It was rough. First the power was out around day 10 and my eggs got cold. Then on day 17 my cat crashed into my bator and 2 eggs cracked prompting me to go into early lockdown. THEN after moving the bator to where I thought...
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