Sep 30, 2020
Help!! My hen went broody and hatched several chicks just recently. It was not the greatest hatch and five chicks did not live as of this moment. I have two in the house currently because they did not look well.

One, named Meatloaf, was very wobbly on the day of her hatch. She seemed to get a bit better and was able to stand and even walk a few steps. I was giving her vitamin water through a dropper because she was still too wobbly to drink on her own. Today she seems to have gotten worse. She is falling asleep while standing and keeps falling onto her face or side, a couple times I've found her upside down. She seems to be gasping for air at times and at others breathing fine.

Another case was Onion, named as such because she was a stinky baby. She, from what I could tell, had mushy belly. She did not survive, sadly, but I'd like to know ways to possibly increase a mushy belly chick's chances of survival. Onion got vitamin water as well.

Third case is Meatball. Meatball is not exactly sick, if a bit wobbly (not as bad as Meatloaf's wobbles). Meatball is just extremely hyper and will not stop pecking Meatloaf's toes, wing fuzz, anything he can find, etc. I've caught him knocking down Meatloaf and standing on her. (They are now separated) He drinks well from a dropper and is figuring out how to drink on his own, and is growing well. I've tried giving him to the Mama Hen but she did not want him. Any way I can calm this guy down? This is my first hyper chick!

Meatloaf- Father is Easter Egger, mother most likely Speckled Sussex
Meatball- Father is Easter Egger, mother possibly/likely Barred Rock?????
They both are around 3-4 days old at Sep 30, 2020

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