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  1. C

    HELP! Rooster with no comb??!!

    Weird question that probably is really dumb - I have this chick that is now around six weeks old that I thought was a pulley the whole time, but now I’m second guessing myself. It struts like a rooster constantly, is definitely “in charge” of the other pullets, is a bit aggressive towards me...
  2. Australorpfamily

    Americana/Easter Egger with green legs

    Have a little Americana (Easter Egger, not Amerucana) that has the cutest little green legs/feet!!! 🥰 What kind of chicken would give her green legs? Just curious, obviously she's a mix from Hoovers, but I'm just curious! Thanks!
  3. Ajp23

    Confused about this hen and what is wrong with her. Maybe she is dying?

    I am at a loss on how to proceed. Here are the pertinent facts: Nearly one year old EE hen. Normal laying other than reduced frequency compared to all my other hens. Maybe 2-3 eggs per week. Monday had what seemed to be a bound egg - then laid the egg. Egg was normal. Rebounded for an...
  4. Australorpfamily

    Adventure in Easter Eggers!

    Adventures in Easter Eggers. Five are from a local breeder who have a Blue Wheaten Ameraucana as their sire (she breeds Blue Wheaten) and the other four are Americana(Easter Eggers from TSC/Hoover's) This is just to track their cuteness!!! 😍 Because I have to share! Hatch: March 15
  5. Australorpfamily

    General what if Americana breeds?

    Yes, Americana, as in Easter Egger, from Hoover's, but what might she be mixed with? Or what her color is called? I know on their site they say a blend of Amerucana and Arucana ? Thanks for any suggestions. 4 weeks old
  6. Pastel the Rooster

    Ayam Cemani Eggs

    My parents surprised me last week with six Ayam Cemani eggs. I put them in the incubator last week, and I candles them on Friday. One was not fertile. I’m down to five eggs. I also put two of my Easter Egger’s, Bolt, eggs in. They are fertile so far. I am going to candle them in Thursday or...
  7. I Miss u Loaf


    hello all, I was out in the coop this morning taking care of the chicks, and my easter egger, Loaf, was acting weird. she would respond normally to being pet (Trying to hide under other chickens), but I noticed her voice was EXTREMELY off. Normally, she is very loud and vocal, but this morning...
  8. Australorpfamily

    Buff Brahma as they grow

    We finally found Buff Brahmas at our local TSC(Hoover's) and got four "premium pullets" (yes yes there's a reason it's in quotes lol) We brought them home March 2nd (with an Easter Egger) They are housed with four rowdy olive eggers who are a week older lol I swear they think they are song...
  9. Mattie15

    Rooster Overbreeding Hens/ Raw-Backs :(

    My rooster Andy is a big sweetheart. He was 'not to often' with his ladies when it came to topping them. There were no injuries or feather issues. Well, then I had to move back in with my dad. He has a pen with a rooster and hens, and then a separate but connected pen for a pair of game chickens...
  10. V

    Any ideas on the cross?

    These girls were sold to me as brown red Ameraucanas but they obviously aren’t. 2/5 have beards and muffs, one is an obviously lighter colour than the rest. Any ideas? They definitely have lots of Americauna in thrm and her whole flock lays blue eggs but some looked suspiciously green to me as...
  11. picklepat

    What do you call this?

    So I purchased a dozen lavender orpington eggs last year from a local lady to add a new bloodline to my stock. When I hatched them I did not get lavender orpingtons, lol, I got these beauties instead! I know they are lavender and ameraucana or easter eggers (I would call them EE just to be sure)...
  12. Australorpfamily

    New chicks! I've been grounded lol

    We got more chicks! Yay! But in the process I've been grounded from getting more. Lol. Actually I've been told I'm not allowed to go to TSC anymore lol We have 6 egger eggs(one did) under a broody and 9 chicks inside plus our 23 outside. (One is a rooster that needs a new home lol from our...
  13. CluckkyKrista

    What cross is this?

    Hello there all you lovely chicken-experts, we got a first egg from Ella our Easter Egger today and it was a biggie (70g) 🙌. It’s got us wondering what she might be crossed with and if we might have a blue egg layer crossed with a Brahma or Cochin maybe 🤞🏼? I ask because I noticed a few rogue...
  14. lovethefarmlife

    Hen or Rooster?

    Hello. I’m trying to figure out if our 7 week old Easter egger is a rooster? I know it’s early, but have heard “her” making a sound almost like a rooster crow. Thanks for any help.
  15. T

    Advice for a first timer

    We are attempting to hatch some eggs this year. Over the winter we lost 2 hens to cats. We have one hen that's been pretty broody lately so we decided to see if she will hatch the eggs. We had to start removing the ceramic eggs from whenever she was brooding because she wouldn't leave them...
  16. T

    Hen or roo?

    Got this chicken and was told it was a pullet, but now at 14-16 weeks or so it’s mounting one of my silkies all the time. It’s at the bottom of the pecking order so I don’t think it’s just a dominance thing. Looks like a golden laced Wyandotte to me but was told it’s an Easter egger. I just...
  17. R

    What is this feather pattern/color called?

    I have this EE (sold as "Americana") who is just so beautiful! Is there a specific name for this pattern or colors? I've never seen anything like it!
  18. Y

    Possible Easter Egger Cockerel

    this is my first flock, and i’ve identified this “hen” as an easter egger due to the green legs, however the tail feathers are starting to make me think “she” is a “he”. Comb and wattle say hen (IMO) but like i said, first time raising chickens since i was 8-10 years old, so could use the expert...
  19. P

    Meyer Hatchery: A Raise A long (Black & Blue Copper Marans, Cuckoo Marans, Easter Egger and Olive Eggers Galore)

    Hi all starting this thread pre-emptively as I'll be getting my chicks in the next couple of days. (Anxiously waiting on shipping to be updated as it's been 12+ hours with no movement lol). I know I need to be patient but I'm anxiety ridden cause shipping not being updated has happened on my...
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