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  1. S

    3 month old chickens

    Hi guys! I’m new here and have been looking at all the useful information you guys posts! Anywho, I have an Easter egger and a “meal maker” for sale due to their temperaments. Both are from Meyer Hatchery. They’re not ideal pets and would be better off going to a different home that would like...
  2. KDOGG331

    Confusing EE/Did I end up with all boys!?

    This little chick has me confused. When it was little I thought for sure it was a cockerel because it and a couple other chicks grew incredibly fast and nearly doubled in size quite rapidly, looked massive compared to the other chicks, and it had a very wide comb and thick legs, and I thought...
  3. FoodFreedomNow

    Mystery Rooster - Guesses Welcome!

    This boy hatched from my washed and refrigerated eggs incubation experiment last spring. He's the only one of the 19 chicks that had this coloring - the others were clearly part Easter Egger (muffs and beards, hens lay blue/pink/green eggs), mostly reddish coloring (a few buff and a couple...
  4. EB7C4BD0-B757-439C-9B45-1E429B29D7F4


    She is so dainty.
  5. R

    Free in SW MI

  6. Ojwilli18

    Easter Egger Rooster

    I am located in Saginaw Michigan, and I need to re home my 3 month old rooster. I got 4 chicks from tractor supply that were supposed to all be hens, but this one turned out to be a rooster! He has not started crowing yet, and started to show some mild human aggression by pecking my hands when I...
  7. R1V3R20NG

    Pretty, 4 year hens re home NoCal.

    First up we have Paisley, who is 3 years 10 months. She is a partridge rock. Next we have Lucy. She is the same age as Paisley. She is a Silver Laced Wyandotte We have one more hen we might be getting rid of but I won't be posting her here yet. We also have a gorgeous white Yokohama rooster...
  8. A

    Easter Egger or Americauna?

    Is this an Easter Egger or Americauna? I just picked her up from a chicken ranch nearby where I’ve gotten a few pullets before. Was told she is an Americauna but I think Easter Egger. I don’t really care either way as I still think she’s beautiful and just enjoy my backyard chickens as a...
  9. schwolton

    Easter Egger laying eggs with weird color variations

    Here is a picture of George Bob Redstone’s eggs (My son named her ) so she has a deformity, it’s like a hump over where one of her wings starts so she has an uneven gait. Besides that she is very healthy, she just started laying about a month ago. She is an inconsistent layer and has seemed egg...
  10. Sagey_7878

    Easter Egger Hen is sick! Help!

    Hi everybody, I’m Sage and I’m from Australia! My EE hen has been walking weirdly which I noticed the other day, and I noticed her butt was dirty with poop. I noticed today that now it looks more yellow and it appears to be it may be an egg. She hasn’t laid for many months and I thought she had...
  11. vanillachai

    8 Chickens, 2 Ducks. 3 1/2 years old. Bozeman, Montana Area

    Location: Bozeman, Montana area. We will drop them off or meet you in town. My schedule is a bit unpredictable so we'll have to discuss a date and time. General info: Been trying to hold on to my flock for as long as I can, but time is up and I can only keep a few. I have 8 hens and 2 ducks...
  12. AgnesGray

    What breed are we? We need friends!!

    I got a surprise assortment with my last chick order and I have a few one-of-a-kind chicks that I am trying to identify what breed they are to get them some friends of the same breed. The gray one especially needs a friend and I am thinking either Lavender Orpington or Andalusian? Can anyone...
  13. Jraba1315

    Ameraucana Mixes

    So I am getting a Blue Ameraucana Cockerel (About 4-5 months), 2 Blue Ameraucana Pullets, and 2 Black Ameraucana pullets. I am planning on showing them (or some of my other chickens) through 4-H through my high school, but I was also wondering what breeds I could/should get to breed with my Blue...
  14. Quailberries

    Is my pullet POL?

    This is Rasputin (yes, that really is her name), my 16-week-old EE pullet. Over the past week or so her comb has really sprouted and taken a reddish coloring that none of the other pullers have. I don’t think she is a rooster as she has never once tried to crow and her feathers are all rounded...
  15. BestDiscoMan13

    Easter Egger Chicks

    Everyone I have four Easter egger chicks I got from tractor supplies. Im intrested how diffrent every Easter egger looks so. Everyone tell me if you have Easter Eggers and what store or hatchery did you get them from and send me a picture? Please! Well thank you if do so. I’m just intrested...
  16. BestDiscoMan13

    What chicken should I get?

    What chicken should I get? More importantly what chicken fits me? I want a chicken around 4-5 pounds so they are around the same size of my Easter Eggers so it’s not much bullying or fighting what so ever. I want a nice breed that’s some what around 4-5 pounds any ideas? What would get along...
  17. BestDiscoMan13

    What is this breed and what are their genders?

    What is this breed exactly what are they a mix of? What are their genders? Their names in order are Shadow, Becky, Autumn, and Goldy.
  18. LikeTurkeys

    Dominque crosses

    I just had 3 chicks hatch out, 2 Dominique x Buff Orpington and 1 Dominque x Easter Egger. The Dominique is the father. One of the Buff Orpington cross chicks is more yellow in the face and has a rose comb, the other is less so, smaller and has a single comb. I can't tell what kind of comb the...
  19. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    Bullying, Egg-Eating, and Depression?

    Poor Darla our EE is having a rough go of it. She's a new layer, can't figure out how to use the boxes, is getting her eggs eaten, and now is the target of bullying. She's also seemed to have gotten depressed, or worse, is under the weather. Original thread is here...
  20. Pinkchick_7

    New back yard city farmer!

    Hola!! It has been my desire to have chickens for a few years now, my son was like, I've been wanting that too. And before i knew it he bought a few pullets (The extensive vocabulary that I had to learn and still learning!!) We have 7 hens, started with 13. Sold 2, gave 2 away and have lost 2 :(...
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