bantam coop

  1. 4yearsofchickens

    Sand vs shavings?

    I am thinking about building a bantam house next year and was going to try some new things with it since it will be smaller(I don't plan on getting many). My basic design that I'm tossing around is frame of pallets (we have tons) covered with painted plywood with a floor and just sit it on the...
  2. Daniel's bantam coop/chicken tractor. June 2020.

    Daniel's bantam coop/chicken tractor. June 2020.

    The Bantam Tractor. So the reason for this coop/chicken tractor is that I wanted a small easy to move coop for Japanese bantams. I believe it would be good for any bantam's needs especially those with feathered feet or very low to the ground and hard to keep clean. The design! I wanted it to...
  3. Sutherlandfarms

    Considering an A Frame design for my bantams.

    How do you like your a frame coop? My idea is to have the bottom as an enclosed run and put the roosts and nesting boxes enclosed I part of the upper structure. Seeking experience, advice, and maybe pics if you have them. I have 10 bantams right now in a brooder but they’re straight run so best...
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