bird netting

  1. Arbutus Peregrine

    Bird netting

    Do you use bird netting to protect your chickens from hawks? I’d like to cover my entire yard and have been watching some videos. I’ll attach one here: If you can offer advice or share photos of your netting, I’d be really grateful!!
  2. M

    Snake control!

    I caught the first rat snake today in bird netting! Yay! Thanks so much for this forum, where we can learn from others and care for our flocks! The bird meeting was wadded up under the nesting boxes and it took about 4 days. The rat snake is about 6ft long. We’ve lost 2 chickens it tried to eat...
  3. Soon2BChixMom

    Bird netting vs deer fencing vs fishing line over run?

    Hi! My run is 16'x16' cattle panel on 3 sides with a shed on the 4th side. I currently have welded wire around the cp to keep the chickens inside while out with them. They are housed in a prefab which has an attached run with an extension to use while I am not out there. We are building them a...
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