Bird netting vs deer fencing vs fishing line over run?


Herding ducks and Wrangling chickens
Jan 8, 2017
Hi! My run is 16'x16' cattle panel on 3 sides with a shed on the 4th side. I currently have welded wire around the cp to keep the chickens inside while out with them. They are housed in a prefab which has an attached run with an extension to use while I am not out there. We are building them a new coop. They will also have some duck friends sharing the run (But not coop).
I am adding electrical wire and an apron to the bottom of the run. They will be enclosed in a secure coop every night.
I need something to keep the hawks away as they survey my chickens even while I am out there. I know if something were able to scale the fence during the day we could face a loss. As well, the set up would not prevent weasels if they are out. So, I know the dangers of not having everything totally enclosed in hw cloth.
My question is what would be better over the top to deter birds of prey? Bird netting, deer fencing, safety fencing, or would fishing line Work just as well?
I have read that the spacing needs to be at least 2" to help with snow load?
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