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  1. B

    Chicken Genetics

    Hey, so I would like to know a bit more information about chicken genetics. I enjoy genetics, and I basically just want to share what I know with others and hear from others what I don’t know. Some of what I know (Just what I can remember of the top of my head): Egg Color: A chicken egg’s color...
  2. Jajika

    Two cute little rescues but don't know their breed?

    Hi all: Palo Alto Animal Services contacted me about two little rescues they have that needed a home. I'm flattered that they think well enough of me as a "chicken mommy" to ask me to take them. They are very sweet and chirp all day long. I'd like to know their breed or mix if possible.
  3. B

    Chicken Genetics

    (Post moved to proper thread)
  4. ThatGuy13

    Leg Island Reds??

    Ok so my first attempt at breeding has failed. I misunderstood and bred a Leghorn Rooster with Rhode Island Reds trying to make Golden Comets. I know where I went wrong but what do I have hatching. They are a combination of Black, whitish yellow, and brown chicks popping out of their eggs.
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