1. Adil_Ali

    Buff laced or white crested black?

    Hey, wanted a general opinion of the public, I am going to be selecting a color to breed (polish chickens). Which color do you think is better, white crested black, or buff laced? Pictures are attached. Cheers Adil
  2. LizzzyJo

    My first Cornish Cross arrive tomorrow! I will try to post weekly updates! Watch me fail my way to success? Follow if you want to see me goof up ;)

    I have my brooder (water melon box) set up in the shed. I am going to try (99% chance in vain) to get my broody to care for them before turning on the light. I hate electric in the shed as it is a tender box! It is already set up and is as safe as possible, but I am just extra paranoid. I have...
  3. NikksChicks

    DIY brooder for 30 chicks?

    Hi all! We are nearly finished constructing the 12x8 coop, looking towards completing a 30x20 run, and feel like it’s a good time to think about ordering chicks! We are planning on 30 chicks (assuming some casualties will occur) and I’m trying to find DIY solutions for a brooder (or 2) that...
  4. Sylvia0223

    Brooder heat plate

    My baby chicks are on their 2 week now, I use Producer Brooder Plate in a brooder but how can you control temperature with that ? I’m already on the highest height possible and even placed that on 2 inches of blocks. The temperature in a brooder still shows 96 degrees … and every week I suppose...
  5. M

    Brooder Maintenance & Chick Access

    Hi All, I’m new to raising chickens. I have 5 chicks (mixed breeds) from TCS that were a week old. I started in a 50 gallon plastic container as their brooder box. I’ve had them for a few weeks and transitioned them to a bigger brooder - a raised planter (71 in long x 36 in wide x 24 in high)...
  6. S

    Chicks aren’t under brooder

    I’ve got three week old chicks. They’ve got a brinsea brooder plate and have used it really well. The past few days I’ve noticed they don’t go under there very much and it’s at the highest height as their brahmas and are getting quite leggy 😂 I’ve just checked them now and they’re snuggled...
  7. Hannahnic14

    Raising chicks on grass, no brooder!

    (Edit: I did find 1 other thread about brooding outside) I can't seem to find many articles on this topic in the forum anywhere so I thought I would share my experience! This may be a no brainer for some but with everything and everyone everywhere talking about raising in brooder boxes this was...
  8. I

    Chicken Fencing

    Hi all, Raising meat birds for market, wanted to see if anyone knew of a fence that would be easy to set up. Biggest concern is the chickens slipping through small gaps. Current set up, any suggestions are welcome.
  9. U

    Greetings from the TN River Valley

    My son and I have raised chickens (and Guineas) off and on for about 5 years. Took a break after we lost our second flock to a pack of community dogs. We don't have any close neighbors and the dogs individually are all sweethearts, but when they get together like that and get that "pack"...
  10. BlueHorse17

    Chicks Dead After Hatch?

    Hello! So we incubated twelve Serama eggs and seven of them hatched. The last two that hatched randomly died after about five hours in the brooder. They were eating, drinking, and had clear butts. Maybe just not fully developed internally?
  11. CubbieFan88

    Indoor Chick Brooder

    In September we have 15 baby chicks coming in from Meyer's Hatchery. We aren't first time chicken owners, but a few months ago our neighbor's 4 dogs squeezed through our fence in the very wee hours of morning & slaughtered our entire flock (much to my daughters and my heartbreak). SO! Now we are...
  12. A

    How dumb are they really???

    First time chick owner here. They are four weeks old tomorrow. We have had a stretch of 90 degree days and so I moved their chicken brooder pen out to the coop (which has a window but it 100% closed off- dimensions are about 6x8 and 5 birds). For the last 2 days I have taken the pen away and...
  13. My Newbie Questions, 10 Years Later

    My Newbie Questions, 10 Years Later

    I was looking at old threads as far back as 2009 and thought it would be fun to revisit my newbie questions in light of what I've learned. So MANY questions -- some having turned out to be critical and some trivial. I hope that you will find my trip down Nostalgia Lane will be at least...
  14. Littlefrenchyinbigtexas

    Happy growing quails in the brooder | You now see the different breeds

    Update on our baby quails. Now 10 days old and growing so fast. Looks at these different breeds!
  15. akullian

    “Producers pride flat brooder/heater” question

    I do really like this brooder/heater for many reasons. But it’s discouragingly difficult to find answers to basic questions about it, from the manufacturer or basic flat plate dual-setting brooder/heater info. Silkies are 6.5 weeks. In a small dry (hopefully with adequate ventilation) coop...
  16. Amazons

    [Wanted] Brooder plate

    I am lookin to buy a brooder plate in good working condition to try and not make more plastic waste by buying a brand new one. Looking for around 40$ shipped. Thanks!
  17. C

    Duckling with chicks?

    This is my first time incubating eggs, and I made the mistake of accepting both duckling and chick eggs at the same time. Four chicks hatched 1 week ago. One lonely duckling is currently trying to hatch (and I think it pipped in the wrong spot unfortunately). If it hatches successfully, after 24...
  18. M

    Ducklings and incubator

    Hello!! I have duck eggs in my incubator from April 6th and April 10th. I was starting to get worried about my April 6th eggs as it is past the 28th day mark. However one of them just hatched today at noon!! YAY!! I just have a few questions! 1.) Is it too late for my other April 6th eggs to...
  19. M

    Baby ducklings and heat lamp help!!

    Hello!! I just got two beautiful baby ducklings that hatched two days ago! They want to be with me so bad. I’ll occasionally take them out of their brooder and they will climb all up on me and sleep in between my legs. I love when they do this however I have one main concern. My concern is...
  20. OfWolvesAndHen

    Heat plate too big for brooder box... Gah!

    WELL... this was not a calculated mistake! Setting up my brooder box and discovered that my heating plate---Producer's Pride brooder & coop heater from TSC---is way bigger than I had expected and doesn't leave much open space in the box. There is some, enough to squeeze in a feeder and waterer...
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