1. kelzey

    alternative to heat lamp?

    as the title says, i’m looking for an alternative to a heat lamp. i’m getting some baby chicks (less than a week old) again within the next couple days (only two or three to add to my current flock of three eventually) and i’m not quite sure where to get a heat lamp around here and i don’t have...
  2. chickenchicklady

    Raising meat birds outside

    At what point can I move my chicks from their brooder to their chicken tractor? They’re a week old right now. Out temperatures are 30s-50s at night and 70-80s in the day. They’re out growing their brooder faster than I had expected.
  3. chickenchicklady

    Jumbo Cornish X Vs. Cornish Game Hens

    I ordered Jumbo Cornish X and Cornish game hens. 12 of each. I asked hatchery to separate them or mark them so I could tell the difference, they did not. Will I be able to tell when they are older? I know Game hens are usually ready before Cornish X. That’s why I’m a bit worried. I don’t want to...
  4. K

    Help! Light fell on chick :(

    Hi, I have two 3 week old chicks. The lamp I'm using (40w standard desk lamp.. NOT heat lamp/bulb) fell on the chick and she was stuck inside for a second or 2. I'm worried it may have burned her. Luckily, the lamp is warm but not ridiculously hot (I can touch it briefly). And she is...
  5. Anjelly


    Hello! I'm Angie. I live in North Pole, Alaska. At the beginning of July, my boyfriend and I moved into our new home and decided it was time to have our own chickens. We currently have 4 Silkies and 8 Brahmas. They arrived on the 17th of July and have been staying in our guest room (in a...
  6. WallyBirdie

    Brooder Suggestion?

    For my single/surprise chick, I didn't run out and grab the tub I usually use for brooding. The chick was so small that I simply grabbed a spare bird cage. (I've acquired a few since I kept deciding my birds needed larger cages and travel cages.) So, my little chick has spent her days being...
  7. Quail brooder

    Quail brooder

    Coturnix quail brooder, with heat plate, feeder, and 2 waterers.
  8. WalnutTree

    Brooder Security | Predator Proof?

    I have a year till I get my new flock so I have a year to prepare. But I would like to build a brooder somewhere different this year, a permanent one. The only problem is I'm not used to raising them outside, because their is more predators to worry about. So I would like to have my...
  9. Cottage K

    A question about moving guineas

    I hope it's ok to post about guineas here! I have 8 3 week old guineas that are outgrowing their brooder. We dont have the coop finished yet, but hope to be finished in a week. The last few days we have been moving thr guineaa from their brooder to a makeshift outdoor pen to have more room to...
  10. ecwb12

    New to BYC

    Hi BYC community, I'm very happy to be a newly joined member! I have just brought home my first ever flock of chicks a couple of days ago. I have 5 golden sex link hens that are happy in their brooder, and I am currently working on their coop in my backyard. I have a couple of questions right...
  11. egibsch

    Pics of our first flock

    I appreciate all the pics here on BYC, so I thought I'd share our crew! The first group is currently 2 weeks old. Purchased 6 from Tractor Supply (TSC) June 4 (hatch date June 1). 4 Easter Eggers (labeled as Americana) and 2 Cuckoo Marans. We will be sharing 3 of these with friends in a week or...
  12. Our Tinycoop

    Our Tinycoop

    We have built a small chicken coop for our 4 chicks. The coop is 29" by 46" and the coop and attached run are 6 ft. tall, so we can walk into the run. The run goes under the coop as well, to add a little more space. The coop has about 9 square feet and the run has 15 square feet. I know this is...
  13. N

    Alone pullet and introducing new chicks.

    I have the worst luck. I purchased 6 chicks and ended up with only one pullet she’s now 8 weeks old. The 5 roos were sent back yesterday. I purchased 2 new chicks but they are only 5 weeks old (one speckled Sussex, and one golden sexlink), I didn’t want my female to be alone. I have yet to...
  14. bunandpancake

    Ducklings won’t fall asleep...please help me stay sane!

    I purchased two little khaki Campbell ducklings, 1-2 weeks old. They are lovely and when laying on top of me dozed off quickly. However, they are in their homemade brooder with the light, water, straw, etc and they won’t fall asleep! I can hear them chirping away and splashing around, but...
  15. mpmrla

    Brooder Bedding

    Over the last 50 years that i have raised chickens i have tried every type of bedding material for bedding and all of them require changing out almost daily to keep down odor moisture and the chicks clean and healthy. None of the traditional beddings are as effective as a 2" layer of very dry...
  16. J

    Smart Hen

    Have y’all seen this?
  17. April and Andy

    Taking Care of my Ducks (advice?)

    Hi everyone! I have two ~ month old Cayugas. They are still in the brooder in the house because my weather has been rather unpredictable and sporadic (days of heavy rain and very cold to sudden days of extreme heat). it seems to me the best thing to do to keep them inside until the temperature...
  18. B

    Humidity level goals in duckling brooder?

    Hey there, I’m getting 6 Rouen ducklings soon. I was wondering what a good range of humidity level is inside their brooder. I know it’s important that it cannot be too wet, otherwise mold will grow. Thanks!
  19. C

    Stinky ducklings

    I have four ducklings which are 5 days old I have been changing their bedding (newspaper to cardboard) every morning and giving them baths everyday, letting them dry out after the bath, and I have their water in a feeder so they can’t splash around and get wet but they still end up stinking and...
  20. April and Andy

    Another question. How long should my ducks stay in the brooder?

    Hello everyone! I’m new to raising duck babes and have been doing SO much research. Everyone says something different but I’m curious what you all think, when should my ducks be taken out of their brooder to live a more independent life style? They will be spending their days outside with a pool...
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