1. InlandOcean


    I have two ducklings (4 weeks) in a brooder box until my enclosure is built within the next week or two. I just ran out of pine bedding and had to switch to cedar but I keep reading that it's bad for duck respiratory systems. It's a fresh bag, about 2 pounds worth of bedding which would last a...
  2. $5 Brooder is ready to go

    $5 Brooder is ready to go

    Save up or scrounge some cardboard boxes ($0). One packet of zip ties and one roll of paper towels is all you need to buy. Afterwards you can still use the boxes again if you want -- in AZ we put cactus in them for wastepickup day. This is about 5'x'3'.
  3. chickenaskquestion

    Help deciding bedding for chicken brooder

    The reason I need help is because I live in a poor country and pine chips dont exist here. So I have a question that can I use a mixturue of coco peat, rice husk, a lil bit of sand, and just a bit of rocks and gravel for the bedding?
  4. M

    5 day old chicks sleeping away from heat plate

    My chicks are 5 days old today. Yesterday, I noticed a couple sleeping away from the heat plate but would eventually go in and out. Today when checking in on them on the camera I noticed they started sleeping on the opposite side of the brooder away from the heat plate in a big pile on top of...
  5. Dadanga

    New Arrivals (Few toe injury pics for those squeamish)

    Gday everyone, yesterday I went out country to pick up some fresh stock of quail. Being in the urban region makes me envious of those types that can run a large farm like this breeder had. I probably picked up a few more male quail than I was supposed to! I was distracted by all the quail flying...
  6. No nonsense old freezer brooder

    No nonsense old freezer brooder

    I've been meaning to do an article on brooders for a while but never got around to it. This is a brooder I've used since 2007. I've made fancier brooders since then but they've never worked as well as this old simple one. As you can tell from the pictures, there is not much to it. It's an old...
  7. Oob Child

    Keeping baby warm?

    Just had a quail chick hatch that needs separation from the others, and I'm not sure what to do in terms of heating. The only two heat lamps I have are either way too hot or too cold. Does anyone know how I could cool down the hot one or what else I can get? I can't afford another heating plate...
  8. Oob Child

    Does anyone use these?

    Does anyone actually use these in their brooders? Are they ok? (Sorry about the bad photo, it's straight off my computer😅)
  9. Bigbluefrog

    Building and designing our coop.Exciting right- yet…

    I waited a few years before designing the new coop. I wanted to be able to walk inside it. Egg access from outside. Poop shelves. Brooder built inside. The inside is almost done. And yet the birds keep going to old coop! Augh!
  10. J

    The Girls are here with Pictures and MHP!!

    Well, the Girls are here, and I am beyond excited!! I was only supposed to get 6 lovely girls but they shipped 9 to me so I am really happy I built and extra large brooder and a coop that could hold up to 10 ladies! Speaking of brooder you all are the best and gave great advice on my brooder and...
  11. Oob Child

    Heat Pad Reccomendations?

    Hi, I have three quail all younger than four days old, and I'm looking for a heat source for them that looks something like the pictures I included but cheaper. I'm on a low budget and can't afford much.
  12. hotmessmom

    Ducklings and heat plate question!

    Hey y’all! Long time chicken, first time duck owner here! We have five 1 week old mallards in our brooder right now, they are healthy and thriving! We are using a large heat plate instead of a lamp. I have the plate on a tilt so the ducklings can find the right spot to get cozy in but the last...
  13. M

    Need Advice - Haching Eggs 2 Ways

    First time hatching eggs. We have 11 large fowl eggs in and incubator and we have 6 large fowl eggs under our broody Silkie. We have multiple coops so we plan to let our Silkie and her chicks have a 6' x 4' coop all to themselves. I am assuming I cannot stick the other 11 chicks from the...
  14. C

    Help! Brinsea Ecoglow Safety 600 too hot?

    I bought the Brinsea Ecoglow Safety 600 chick brooder and it arrived yesterday. The heat plate is much hotter than expected. I can't hold my fingers against it for more than a couple of seconds. Touching the plate reminds me of walking barefoot on very hot sand -- you can hardly stand to walk on...
  15. D

    Chick hatched 1.5 days before others

    Hi all! I had a chick hatch 1.5 days before the others, now followed by 6 others and now another is just coming! I know I cannot open the incubator while the one is hatching out and drying But I am wondering if there is any concern of the one who’s been now without food/water since hatching...
  16. TheChickenFanatic

    BROODER THREAD! Pictures of your brooder!

    BROODER THREAD! I'm interested in gleaning tips and ideas from other poultry owners on how you all set up your brooders, and what you use. Post some pictures of your brooders! I'd appreciate any advice that you all can give. ❤️
  17. BokBokGoose

    Ugh, I think my new Silkie Chicks have MG

    I’m pretty frustrated and going back and forth on what to do with them. I purchased these chicks locally just for fun to add to my existing large flocks including layers, and several breeding projects I’m working on. The chicks have been isolated 100% in a metal brooder in my basement since...
  18. K

    Should I take newborn chicks away from broody hen?

    Hi there! I have four eggs under my Silkie naked neck hen. I have her in the laying box and put a separating wall away from the rest of the flock. She hatched one yesterday and I moved the chick to a brooder box inside. Now she has hatched two more, so one more egg to hatch. I have read that...
  19. S

    Chicks for show and tell

    We’re getting our chicks on Friday and my daughter wants to bring them to school and the teacher has approved. A few questions: 1. How old should the chicks be before I bring them to school? 2. Can they be away from the heat for 90 minutes? 3. If I have to transport them with the heat, do I...
  20. Stock tank brooder with loft

    Stock tank brooder with loft

    This is my third time raising chicks, and I just moved from using a dog crate to a stock tank brooder. Though the ability to view and handle chicks from the side was a huge advantage, it was also a mess: hard to keep the shavings inside and very hard to clean, in my opinion. The main con of this...
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