1. tarnte

    Is my hen broody?

    I have a 9-month old BO that has stopped laying for almost 4 weeks. She started laying when she was 6-month old and had been laying every other day. Now she would go into the nesting box, not laying but sit on others eggs for about 1-1.5 hours everyday. She would come out and sing her egg song...
  2. Codys_chickstagram

    Broody hatching eggs!

    I had a hen go broody and the eggs finally hatched! I am so exited to see how the chicks will do!! This is my second hen to ever go broody (both got 7 eggs)! I will add images to this as I take them!!!! (Also, if anyone else here uses Instagram, i will also be posting images with updates on my...
  3. electrycmonk

    Brooding age?

    Is there a generalized age different breeds will start to show "Broodiness?" Yes, I have another new experience to add to my 1st year with a flock..... One of our young Silkie's is showing the 'nesting' behavior over the last 3 days now. She was also keeping two eggs very warm as well till I...
  4. Megan_M

    Drakes beating up on my little Rouen girl..needing advice

    I have 4 Rouen females and 4 Rouen drakes. One of my girls (she’s the smallest) is missing hair all down her neck and she has gashes in the side of her face which are causing her pain. I have witnessed the drakes ganging up on her, while the other 3 females try to get them off her. She stays in...
  5. Quailobsessed

    Broody for the forth time in a row. Do I stop her?

    I have a king quail hen who has been broody since July. She went broody on eight eggs and hatched out three chicks in July. One chick was rejected the moment she hatched so we hand raised her. The other two were rejected at two and a half weeks old. One died, the other we found half dead but we...
  6. Alexandria_t

    How many eggs can a silkie sit on?

    My silkie has been broody so I decided to give her some eggs. I gave her 2 small standard size (a little bit bigger than a silkie egg) and 1 regular standard sized eggs. So far she has 3 eggs. How many eggs would you give a silkie? I was looking around and some people said 13-14?! I think that...
  7. Durelle

    Silkie staying inside all day.

    One of my silkies has been staying inside the coop. Yesterday afternoon she spent most of the time inside. I thought she may be trying to lay an egg. Another one went in with her and later came out. I checked and removed an egg. This morning she refused to come out again. I removed 2 eggs...
  8. F

    How Do I Get a Broody Silkie to Quit Brooding?

    I have two Silkies that have now been broody for 6 or 8 weeks. Is there anything I can do to encourage them to get off the nest and start laying again? If not, how long is this likely to last? Unfortunately, I have no way to restrict nest box access.
  9. Clappmeg

    Chicks snuggling with broody?

    Hi all, I have a broody silkie chicken sitting on 3 eggs which are developing great as far as I can tell.. they look to be about 11-12 days along. I have two older chicks in my flock (about 3-4 months old). Both of them but especially one in particular have seemed to take a liking to my broody...
  10. analyticalblonde

    Help Please...My Buff has gone Broody...

    Hi All, I have looked at past posts to try and figure out what to do...I'm a newbie in my first year of raising girls... Anyway, I am having a problem with one of my Buffs...she doesn't get out of the box at all! Not to eat, not to drink, not to dustbathe! She's been this way since last week...
  11. AnonPaperclip

    Do hens go broody after they've stopped laying?

    Another question about our odd little faverolle. All of our hens are past laying age (all the same age too) but when I went to go check on them, I saw the faverolle sitting in one of the nesting boxes (which they haven't touched in a while) Could she be starting to go broody again? Last time...
  12. L

    Broody no rooster can’t get her eggs

    my hen is broody and is aggressive, i cannot have any more chickens and as such cannot get her eggs or chicks (i really want to thought) how do i break her broodiness, and if anyone knows how to break a broody quail... that would also be helpful!
  13. Laurel09

    Infertile Rooster Issues, Please help.

    Hello everyone. I started keeping backyard chicken about 6 months ago.I started with already grown chickens 1 rooster and 5 hens.Since the chickens were already a breeding age, three of my hens started laying after in the first 2 months. My rooster seemed to be doing a good job until my first...
  14. N

    Chicks in East Tn

    I have been keeping a small yard flock of chickens for a couple of years. I want to have some regular breeds, heritage breeds and broody breeds. I dont know where to find them in East Tennessee. Any suggestions?
  15. mjvv88

    Bullying or pecking order?

    My 2 silkie hens grew up together and they are just over a year old now. This week the one started to peck and attack the other one. She is starting to get a bald spot on her head. Her feathers also seem to take long to grow out by her neck and torso. I assume she plucked some torso feathers as...
  16. L

    Wyandotte hen gone broody, and shes mean!

    my wyandotte hen has gone broody but she doesn’t have a man so how should i go about this!?
  17. ecb4156

    Broody Java Hen

    So my java recently started laying and has gone broody. My thought is either to let her try to hatch two eggs and hope that she will stop being broody once she has them or to try and break her from it. She barely gets up out of the nest. Thanks in advance
  18. LTreadwell

    Broody left nest and let eggs get cold day 19, HELP!

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but this is my second time trying to hatch under a broody, and the first time i tried it we ended up with only 1 of 4 surviving. I have a year old Buff Orpington that decided to go broody, so I put her on 7 eggs to see if she would raise some olive eggers for...
  19. V


    What does this look like to you dont be fooled
  20. Muscovy Wunda

    October-hatch-along 2019

    Hey all! So I can't believe no ones started this thread yet so I thought I would! I know the northern hemispheres heading into Autumn/fall/winter so things are getting quiter on the hatch front, but there's surely plenty of us southerners heading into spring to hatch!
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