1. G

    Other hens hanging out with broody hen and chicks

    So, my araucana has reached day 21 and so far 2 eggs have hatched (she had 4 left). My little pekin bantam (who is her friend and has also raised chicks) decided she’d sit in the coop next to her and just hang out..? When I went to check on the hen and eggs to see if anymore had hatched my...
  2. C

    My Hen went broody and hatched chicks in Freezing January... What do I do

    On of our hens (hatched this spring, out by a broody hen), was acting very odd last week. We were worried that she may be egg bound as she wasn't moving. Unfortunately, we observed her odd behavior as we were leaving for the airport for the week. We came back, nervously afraid to find a very...
  3. PancakesMom

    When should I break my broody Muscovy?

    New to this community! I have a 10 month old Muscovy named Pancake who is on her first egg laying/ broody cycle. We have a lot of Muscovys in the area and we found Pancake as an abandoned hatchling and could not bear to leave her behind so we took her in. She is mainly an indoor bird but we do...
  4. StarryBayFarm

    Multiple Eggs Fertilized at Different Times

    Hi all. It's our first time hatching eggs. We have two silkies that have been very broody. Over our snow fall we failed at removing eggs and have a rooster. By the time we went to collect eggs the one hen had 4 eggs that were all fertilized. We decided to let her have them and marked them...
  5. I

    Red stringy stuff in Silkie poop.

    New chicken keeper here. My little Silkie splash hen had some red stringy stuff in her poop today. Picture attached. Should I be worried? Some more info on my girl: I got her back in October. She is supposedly a little over a year old. She just started laying eggs for me in November. I’ve...
  6. B

    one hen trying to stop another’s bloodiness??

    Hello! Coming with an unusual issue I think- wanted to see if anyone has experienced this. One of our three hens (10 months old) as the days are getting SHORTER, no less, is going broody! Has been like this for a few weeks. We are actively trying to stop it. No rooster. Something weird has...
  7. E

    Broody mama not protecting

    Hi Everyone, I have 5 pure breed Light Sussex hens, this spring(last month) one went broody and i bought fertile eggs for her. Good day came, we had cute chicks in our coop. Happy moments finished here, now the very first day i let the broody mama out with chicks into the run with other flock...
  8. E

    Light Sussex mama not protective

    Hi Everyone, I have 5 pure breed Light Sussex hens, this spring(last month) one went broody and i bought fertile eggs for her. Good day came, we had cute chicks in our coop. Happy moments finished here, now the very first day i let the broody mama out with chicks into the run with other flock...
  9. Joyfillednomads

    It was all planned, but we are an incubator short. Ahhh

    So I had it all planned. Lol One incubator, one crappy Styrofoam back up and as lockdown hatcher. I had both set up to incubate eggs... then our eggs got the boot from the good incubator to make way for quail eggs. So... We debated about buying another Styrofoam incubator --> but in all...
  10. missmaqs

    Day 7 Candling - Should we be further along? Is this OK?

    My rooster is still getting the hang of things, but I've let my broody Silkie sit for about seven days and I am not sure that the eggs are doing much? I am letting her hatch naturally / no incubator as I live in the desert. Was just wondering if these look viable. I noticed the air sack is...
  11. DuckDuckJuice

    How to break duck of egg-laying?

    Hi, again. I have a new question, this time about our Khaki Campbell. She has laid an egg every single day for over a year, even during molts. Her first molt was incomplete and she looked terrible for the bulk of this year. She has been in her current molt for over two months now and it doesn’t...
  12. Diveks

    Anyone had hens that act like roos?

    So right now i have an older polish hen around 5 years old in with a bunch of younger pullets and cocks (the excess cocks already have new homes just waiting for their families to be ready to pick them up). Well this hen was suprisingly pretty welcoming when I introduced the others. As head hen...
  13. MrsKroo

    Need Help Serama Broody Over. Month

    My situation is so different. My in-house pet Serama is six months old and became a broody for the first time a month ago. She is allowed around the house, so she follows me around and sleeps on a blanket on a couch. I’m concerned about her well-being so I have tried everything to break her...
  14. SilkySilkie

    broody doesnt care for chicks

    so i bought this silver laced mix hen with her chicks and they hatched on the 13 of september and since yesterday she has been neglecting them she doesnt call them for food and she seems to like being in the nest box and i think she laid an egg i got 1 more than im meant to get when she sits...
  15. S

    My goose is sitting!

    My 18 month Embden goose has gone broody. She’s been laying for about 6 weeks now and started sitting yesterday. I have been taking her eggs but I have a flock of ducks and they tend to lay alongside her, somehow the last few days she has hidden a bunch of eggs and now there’s a stash of about...
  16. L

    Massive pop will my chick dry out

    Hi guys one of my eggs under a broody made a massive pip under my broody but I’m worried if she’s going to dry out. Will she survive under her overnight???
  17. L

    Chicken pip?????

    Hi guys my broody came off their nest today and I saw through a camera a little crack on one of the eggs is it a pop or a smash?? It’s day 21 It’s the egg that is closest to the broody
  18. Mummak

    Stop broody!!!!!!

    Hello All, Ok quick run down.. 5 silkies 4 of them are broody 1 of them for about 2 months!!!!!! Ive tried taking eggs away quickly Ive tried locking out of nest box Ive tried frozen bottles under nest area ( they just sat on them!) Ive tried crate’s for nearly 2 weeks Ive dunked them in...
  19. ninja333pirate

    Help with sick Broody hen.

    So I have a silkie I found yesterday that started with swollen eyes and some yellow gunk on the inside of the beak where the nares are. A few hours later the inside of the beak swelled up and the throat seems to be swollen too and she has mucus coming from her eyes and nose but it is not crusty...
  20. L

    Need help with getting eggs from a broody chicken

    Hi guys as you may know I’ve been trying to get our broody hen to become a strong broody but in doing so now she has a whole lot of infertile eggs under her and everytime I try take them from her she squeals and gets distressed at me, she is a bantam light Sussex cross and is only 8 months old...
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