1. UrbanHenKW123

    Bumblefoot healing

    Hey guys! So I have a question about bumblefoot - I originally treated it about 6 weeks ago (dug out the infection, foot soak, polysporin, wrapped the foot for a week etc). Two of my girls had it on both feet. Their feet no longer seem red or swollen, but the scabs are there on 3 of the 4 feet I...
  2. Tanya22

    Bumblefoot scab not coming off.

    Hi everyone! So, I had planned to remove Brownie's (my rooster) bumblefoot from both feet yesterday, but it was too hard even after half an hour of soaking in warm water! I tried to pluck it away using a pair of tweezers (I've done this before as well) but the bumblefoot scab was very firm...
  3. filmcmahon

    something growing on chicken foot!

    hello all. i have a year and three month old barred rock hen who suddenly has a limp. i picked her up and checked to see what was wrong and she has a black looking growth on her foot. i have attached a picture for reference. she was completely fine all week, not showing any signs. then this...
  4. L

    is this bumblefoot!?- desperate need for help

    My duck has been walking with a bad limp for a while now and it started off with the middle toe being swollen and a scab (I think it was black but with her dark skin it's hard to tell). I put her on anti-biotics (in her water) for a week. No effect. I went on holiday for two weeks and when I...
  5. themidnightmama

    Help! Is it Bumblefoot?

    I have a young hen who is suddenly not putting weight on her left foot. She has been this way for a few days now. She is eating and drinking but not putting any weight at all on the leg. Yesterday I did not notice anything on the foot that might indicate an injury or infection but today I do see...
  6. JensHens1987

    Bumblefoot frustration

    I know there is a wealth of info on bumblefoot treatment so maybe I’m looking for advice and maybe to vent a little. My chickens are basically my families pets. The poop in their coop is scooped out every morning. They have a soft sandy run and are let out a couple hours every day to free...
  7. L

    Early Bumblefoot or just fat toes?

    I'll try to get some photos a little later - I tried earlier with my husband's help but he wasn't really sure what I wanted/needed so what I have isnt super clear and they're a little too skittish to keep trying over and over, I'm trying to tire them out a bit with a big swim. I have two...
  8. G

    Bumblefoot - how to help easily.

    I got 6 new layers in April. I would say 3 were robust, but lots of green and vitamins and extra protein seemed to help them all. Anyways, we've had a few issues, that are sorted, mostly poopy vents and lice that came with a vengeance in the spring, first time for that beauty. But today, I...
  9. H

    Need help diagnosing severally swollen ankle/ top of foot pad, pics included!

    Hey there friends! I need some help with one of the girls in our flock. Yesterday, we noticed our 4 month old orpington has pretty swollen ankles/ foot pads. She is getting around ok, still eating and drinking, but more calm and docile than normal (fell asleep in my arms today! Due to the size...
  10. xXChickenXx-

    [Help please] Is this just a burn? Or bumblefoot?

    Hadn't noticed it but my girl usually had nice feet and now this is what I saw yesterday. Please let me know if you have any idea thank you~!
  11. henfriend1998


    my meek little Agnes (a seven month old silver laced wyandotte hen) has had a persistent case of bumblefoot and a limp for a while. she was separated (still in the coop, just in a hutch with straw and water, they could see her the entire time) to heal and rest. unfortunately, now that shes being...
  12. NYPouletparent

    Our alpha Wyandotte hen has a swollen face, no eggs, and bumblefoot!

    Hello all! Seeking hive mind advice for our silver-laced Wyandotte hen, Pepperpot. We noticed yesterday that the left side of her face is swollen and pale (see first pic). This is a new development that we didn't see last week. Upon further inspection, we also see that she has a case of...
  13. DuckNana207

    Lameness in Pekin ducks

    Hi all! We have had several bouts of lameness go through our Pekin ducks. It started with one a while back, then a second, and now my husband noticed a third this morning. The first 2 have had a swollen digit (toe) that has spread to the ankle. I haven't checked the third yet. The first 2 I was...
  14. Haileebird

    Doktor doom lice spray?

    I’ve been trying to treat one of my guineas for suspected bumble foot and come to the conclusion that it’s mites. There’s no bumble foot root and no scab anywhere and it’s both feet that are affected. She’s not easy to catch, so I’ve been periodically epsom salt soaking her feet and then...
  15. HappyFluffButts

    Rescued Hen with Bumblefoot... and Gout? Tumor?

    A couple weeks ago we adopted three hens from a rescue group. They were rescued from a retiring farmer who was keeping several thousand hens in poor conditions, including insufficient food and water. About a week after adopting them, one of them started hiding, was lethargic, and had reduced...
  16. H

    Suspected Leg Mites

    Hi I'm new here. I have a 3 year old rooster Since last 2 weeks, his shanks are growing red and been swollen and is increasing. I've given him reliflam spray for redness and itching but it's not working I've also been treating him with honey by soaking his leg in warm water and epsom salt...
  17. Qquails899

    Is this bumblefoot? Please help!

    Today when I picked up one of my quails I saw that one of her feet is swollen. I soaked her feet in warm water and I took the photo afterwards. I've already seen bumblefoot on a chicken but I have no idea what to do. Is this even bumblefoot? What should I do?
  18. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    Recurring Bumblefoot? Early stages? (Photos)

    I've posted before about my ~1 year old GLD who had severe bumble foot on the bottoms of both feet a few months back. She had surgery, and had since healed beautifully. Sadly, the last few days we've been getting abnormally torrential rains and it's been next to impossible to keep her run dry...
  19. A

    Black spots in duck foot, please help!!

    Hey guys. I have a Pekin Duck that’s 5 weeks old he hasn’t been able to walk very well and we figured it was a niacin deficiency so we started adding niacin to his diet. Just today I was getting him out to let him go for a swim and noticed 2 black dots on the top of his foot. I’ve looked it up...
  20. Lola1609

    1st duck bumblefoot injury! Help!

    Hi BYC duck/bumblefoot experts! My rescue girl, Jemima, started limping. When I looked, I noticed it was a little swollen. I followed a great thread on here about treating bumblefoot without surgery, simply soaking and eventually removing the hard kernel of infection to allow new growth (I had...
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