1. K

    Bumblefoot or callous or something else?

    I have two pekin ducks that are eating/drinking/laying just fine but I noticed these dark areas /callouses on their feet. I've been doing Epsom salt baths the past few days and spraying/wrapping with blu kote antimicrobial but seeing no change. Wondering if any of these dark spots are bumblefoot...
  2. A


    I check my Muscovies weekly to maybe bi weekly at most for foot and other issues and never noticed anything out of the ordinary until today. Is this Bumblefoot? Is it possible for it to happen in so many spots on both feet so quickly? She was holding one foot up a little at one point when...
  3. Kerya

    Duck foot injury / illness, need advice

    Recently the humidity has been harder to control in my duck house than usual, and now my boys feet don’t look good. I’m assuming the humidity + cold has done it, or helped do it ? I don’t fully believe it’s bumble foot as some of these cut like things have a scaly / ridged sort of texture. I...
  4. OutbackQuackers

    Curled foot - pls help

    Male call duck hops around on one foot while his other is curled up. His eyes are also watering, making his face crusty. It started a week ago and at first, I thought it was bumblefoot but now I'm not so sure. I've been soaking his foot in salt water every day for the past week and it hasn't...
  5. Katakornchicks

    Experimental Bumblefoot removal success!! (The Easy Way!!)

    Hey folks. So bumblefoot is one ailment I've always struggled to treat within my flock, and I've never been able to find a way to do it successfully after many difficult (and mildly traumatic attempts) but finally, I've discovered the secret. A, dare I say it, EASY way! I've done this on 3 feet...
  6. Flutterbudget

    Anyone able to help? Second opinion on Clyndamicin dosage!

    Hi all, I’ve just taken my male Pekin to the vets to get some antibiotics as he has bumblefoot (again😭). He was weighed at 2.7kg and the vet has prescribed him clindamycin 88mg. She’s put it down for him to have a tablet and a half twice a day, morning and night. Does this seem an excessive...
  7. Dixie0831

    Bumblefoot Question

    Yesterday, I noticed one of my hens more stationary than usual -- not limping but still less mobile. After looking her over I noticed she had two small black spots on her feet, which I believe to be bumblefoot. This is my first time dealing with bumblefoot in my flock. I soaked her in an...
  8. lmadeline146

    Bumblefoot with no pus?

    One of my hens has two marks on her feet that resemble the brown scabs that look like bumblefoot. I’ve been soaking both feet in epsom salts and doing normal treatment and always making sure to wrap the feet carefully. Whenever I remove the top of the scab, theres no pus underneath. I saw...
  9. Lola Chick

    Is this bumblefoot? Please help

    I have a 3mo old Salmon Faverolle who is limping and has a black circle scab on her foot. I am a first time chicken mum, should I take her to the vet? It looks like she’s in pain and I’ve been spraying the vetericyn on her injury twice a day and cleaned out her bedding area. What should I do?
  10. DaynaLynn

    Metacam dose for rooster

    My rooster is 2.6kg or 5 lbs He was in the vet today for bumblefoot, as we haven't been able to fix it ourselves. The vet prescribed clavamox 375mg once every 12 hours And metacam (1.5 mg/ml) She prescribed the metacam at 13ml every 12 hours - that seems super high to me? My 37 kg dog gets 37 ml...
  11. willandstacey06

    Severe bumblefoot?

    So a few weeks ago, we noticed our rooster, Hugo, had a large swollen area on his foot/ankle. It didn’t appear to be bumblefoot at first because it was higher up on his foot and didn’t have the “scabbed” area. He was still getting around okay, so we decided to watch it. As time went on, we...
  12. M

    Rooster limping

    My Rooster, Redd has been limping. His legs felt warm when I picked him up and I'm not sure what the problem is. Also he is roosting at the other end of the roost away from the rest of the flock.
  13. R

    My Treatments for Bumblefoot are not working. Are there any alternatives?

    My duck, Honky, has bumblefoot on the soles of both feet. Her left foot has a significant scab on it, but her right has only a small dot. Since August 23rd, I have been soaking her feet twenty minutes at a time, twice daily, in half a gallon of water with one cup of epsom salt, and a few...
  14. A

    Duck bumblefoot help

    Noticed my duck limping today and noticed her foot swelled up and this was on the bottom of her foot this is clearly bumblefoot right?
  15. pajuxi

    Roo sitting a lot- bumblefoot?

    Hello! I have noticed that my cockerel, Goose, has been doing a lot of sitting recently- he eats, drinks, gets up and walks around/scratches, etc. just fine but it’s a new behavior that seems worrisome, im unsure if his feet look normal or not, could be be in the beginning stages of bumblefoot...
  16. M

    Need advice on bumblefoot

    A few days ago, I discovered my favorite chicken, a 5-year-old female buff Orpington, has bumblefoot on both her feet (stage 3 or 4). I don’t think her feet are swollen, but she has 2 dark scabs. I’ve noticed she walks a little weird sometimes and might be sleeping a little more than usual...
  17. chickenhawaii

    HELP!! bumblefoot gotten worse??

    Hi all!! This is my first post on BYC but i have been using the site for some time to look up concerns etc. We recently adopted 5 production reds and one of them came to us with a droppy comb and watery droppings. I had no clue what was wrong, she was laying fine, eating fine. A couple weeks ago...
  18. G

    Important!! Guinea badly limping, bumblefoot cure not working/ is this bumblefoot?

    My male guinea started limping recently and his legs started shaking, getting worse quickly. When i checked his feet, i noticed these big black scabbish things in his toes. My first thought was bumblefoot, but after soaking in very warm water with epsom salts for at least twenty minutes and...
  19. Harun

    Trying to remove bumblefoot from rooster. No kernel or anything—what do I do?

    My family and I have tried to remove our rooster’s bumblefoot, but the scab is so thick, and no matter how dig we deep, there’s no pus, no kernel, or anything—just blood and only blood. I’m honestly at a loss and stumped on what to do. Anything would help at this point. Thanks — Harun
  20. AuntieMim

    Is this Bumblefoot?!

    Hi, I was wanting some advice- this is our black cochin bantam. She's 1 year old and in great health. She has not been limping or acting out of sorts at all. I make it a practice to check our flocks' feet every few weeks as they are free range and I want to head off any problems. Everything is...
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