1. Chicken poppy

    Chick Hut

    I thought this might be a intresting thread. Feel free to share some photos/Videos/Stories of your chicks (0-3 months) because id love to see them! ^Vanilla our lovely male.
  2. chickmamat

    WORMS week old chicks??

    I have chicks that are exactly a week old and I just found this incredibly long poop, but it’s def connected by some sort of string or something. I’ve read other posts about instestinal lining but it’s about 6-7” long…which seems to long to be lining or a worm in such a tiny chick? they have...
  3. C

    My Hen went broody and hatched chicks in Freezing January... What do I do

    On of our hens (hatched this spring, out by a broody hen), was acting very odd last week. We were worried that she may be egg bound as she wasn't moving. Unfortunately, we observed her odd behavior as we were leaving for the airport for the week. We came back, nervously afraid to find a very...
  4. ThatChickenLady708


    I posted yesterday asking about some eggs & never got any replies, but I really need some help! I need to know when I should take the egg rotation device out of my incubator. How far along are these eggs? What am I looking at in the first picture? Any help is appreciated! 💕
  5. Lindseypunch

    Broken Wing - Week Old Chick

    This morning I noticed my hen’s week-old chick was being dragged around by her wing. I think somehow while they were sleeping, mom and chick got stuck together by something (poop maybe). The underside of the chick’s wing was stuck to the feathers on the hen’s chest and I had to carefully cut the...
  6. ThatChickenLady708

    Is this guy a gonner?

    Is this egg a tosser? I marked earlier in the week how far along they were (the silver line). Is it too early for it to be hatching?!
  7. ThatChickenLady708

    Help! MEAN chick!

    I have fresh chicks that are days old (one was born 2 days earlier than the other 2). The oldest chick is MEAN! She keeps grabbing the other chick's beaks & shaking them around! 😭 Their beaks were totally normal.. but now they're damaged! Should I isolate the mean one? They're still with mama in...
  8. StarryBayFarm

    Multiple Eggs Fertilized at Different Times

    Hi all. It's our first time hatching eggs. We have two silkies that have been very broody. Over our snow fall we failed at removing eggs and have a rooster. By the time we went to collect eggs the one hen had 4 eggs that were all fertilized. We decided to let her have them and marked them...
  9. Cannibal

    ISO Bantam Chick/Pullet WA

    I'm looking to buy one female bantam to equal out my flock. Not looking for any bantam in particular just any kind ^^ I'm located near Seattle and I am more than happy to drive out a couple hours to pick up! Let me know if you have any peeps you're looking to rehome or part with!!
  10. A

    Broken toe on chick

    I have a two month old chicken I purchased with what appears to be a broken toe. What is the best way to splint, if needed?
  11. ScratchScratchPeck

    Lethargic chick gasping for air?

    I have 6 seemingly healthy 2 day old chicks that I left alone today to go run errands. I come back 2 hours later and one is in facing the corner, laying down with eyes closed, seeming to gasp for air or choking with her head up. I thought maybe she was cold bc it was an unlit part of the...
  12. Alex the Chicken


    I gots my junior flier Alex the Chicken. He's real snuggly and tame. I couldn't find bantams so my parents bought me this instead. It's the traditional Malaysian "Kampung Chicken". It's male too, just like I want it. He's gonna grow up to fly in the skies. Hope I'm in the right thread tho...
  13. jabou29

    Sour Crop?

    Hello guys, I’m new to raising chicks and one of my Ameraucanas has an enlarged crop. The other chick does not and I noticed it enlarged yesterday afternoon and I believed it was because he or she is a bit of a fast eater but today I’ve noticed when I got home that it hasn’t gone down. I did...
  14. ChloeSilkie08

    Helping chick out of egg shell

    When do you guys decide to interfere with a chick hatching? I have one that pipped last night and hasn’t hatched yet. I know this is normal but it hasn’t been chirping or moving like all it’s siblings did. I’m afraid it’s week or something. I can see the beak moving but not doing anything.
  15. Diveks

    Lethargic/shy 2 month old not wanting to eat much

    So i’ve just gotten two month old chicks last night. When i picked them out, they were very lively and active. Its a 10 minute drive home but they seem to be very stressed from the new environment. This is the first time im getting 1-2 month old chicks (usually older or younger) so bare with me...
  16. Joyfillednomads

    Ducks pipping!!! Day 32

    Omg. Day 32. Had given up hope. Thought I heard tiny chirping I saw piping and slightly louder chirping. YAY...
  17. Mdico19

    6 week old chick looks greasy

    I currently have 6 week old chicks and one of them for the past 2 weeks has had different looking feathers. Feathers almost look wet or matted. Does not look like she is missing any feathers they just do not look nearly as full as the other chickens. I do have 6 different breeds so I am...
  18. Joyfillednomads

    Christmas Chickens & Santa

    I want this.... inflatable Santa. From tractor 🚜 supply
  19. Joyfillednomads


    Quail. We actually wanted quail first. But as things evolve and happen, quail hadn't. We got fertile hatching quail eggs as a gift. Shipped in the mail. We were so over joked and excited. When I pulled the tiny carton from the box the little eggs were so cold. Of course it's winter. My heart...
  20. MishellPz

    Need help!! Chick injured!

    Yesterday I had came back to my home to see that my chick wasn't peeping (we let it be outside but inside a cage type of area, we couldn't keep it outside with the rest of the flock since a hawk or bird of that kind took it's two other siblings before). It was injured, and very badly at that :(...
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