1. Myavia

    Wry Neck In Day Old Chick

    Hi I have a silkie chick who just hatched a day or two ago. Today, when I took the chicks out of the incubator, I noticed that one of the chicks has wry neck. It wasnt super bad at first, just a bit crooked looking off to the side, but it’s already progress so much that the chick can barely...
  2. DuckDude II

    When to start feeding chicks pellet food.

    Hello, everyone! We own 50, six week old White Leghorn/RIR chicks. When do we start feeding them pellets instead of crumbles? Just wanted to pick your all’s brains. Thanks, DuckDude II
  3. J

    Brinsea Mini ii Advance

    Brinsea Mini ii Advance Incubator $175.00 Condition is used; i used it for 3 hatchings. It will do 7 chicken eggs, or more smaller eggs if you get a different tray . Unit works great. Message if any more info needed . I will ship at your expense .
  4. Yabadabadoo

    Help with Aggressive chick (or picked on chick, I am not 100% which)?

    Help with an aggressive chick???? New chick momma here... Yesterday we got chicks. We’ve had mature chickens for years, but this is the first time we have raised them ourselves. We brought home nine chicks yesterday afternoon (from a feed and tack store), some barred rocks, australorps, black...
  5. N

    7 week old Lavender Orpington

    Please help sex this little 🤞 hopefully🤞 hen, thank you :)
  6. LightedPrism

    7 week olds, Molting or something else?

    these are the first ones i have growing up. is it just me or are they scraggly? Or is it just a ugly molting since they are only 7 weeks old. ones my rooster and other pullet.
  7. G

    Rhode Island Red? Pullet or Cockerel?

    11 weeks old, got him/her from Atwoods
  8. MamaGer8ty

    Sapphire Gem: Roo or Hen?

    Hey all! So I know this is a sapphire gem but I’m not sure if it’s a Roo or hen. I was thinking hen but then I noticed the red comb and wattles...what are your guesses? Thank you for all your help! 😆 He/she is about two-three months old
  9. E

    Can anyone help identify these bantams?

    Hi there. I've hatched bantam chicks from eggs from random breeds; could you help me identify them? I've included numbers to help, the picture on the left is when they were less than a week old and on the right at a month old. The black one has feathers that spread outwards. I am also unsure of...
  10. Broncos52

    1 wk old baby chicks - is my set up okay?

    Hello i have a new flock of 4 birds.1 week old. Ive posted a pic of my set up below the thermometer says about 91 degrees is this good? They seem okay but in all the other photos the lamps seem so close. Mine is about 2 feet about the brooder. Any advice would be great or anything different u...
  11. B

    Roo or Pullet?

    Hi, I have a Plymouth rock chicken. I thinks he’s a rooster but he’s not crowing like the others and he’s much calmer and is never involved in any of the pecking. I know some hens of this breed have combs and wattles so I’m unsure. What do you think?
  12. Spicegirlfam

    New to Hatching Eggs

    hi all, In spring I am thinking about buying and hatching fertile eggs due to losing some chickens in the previous year. This will be my first time hatching eggs. I currently have 3 laying hens. I haven't decided if I should hatch them with an incubator or with one of my hens. what do you...
  13. B

    Help with chicken breed and sex!

    Hi, Have what I think are 3 boys - grey, black and white and two girls - white and brown. Have no idea on breeds, and would like to know if my assumptions on the genders are correct! What I think is a rooster (the black one with white bits - doesn’t crow like the other two and is VERY calm so...
  14. Duck_Lover_101

    Hopefully Not Roosters, but Acting Like Roosters...

    Hi! So I'm not a newbie to chickens, I've been raising them for around 6-5 years, but there is always new stuff I'm learning. I recently got 4 Delaware chickens for a show I'm raising them for. Now, they come from a hatchery, which is supposedly a good one (though the guy in charge never said...
  15. L

    6 day old chick with sore leg :(

    Hi everyone. I have a 6day old chick who has a limp, she rests a lot, she still eats and drinks and can move around but is obviously in discomfort. I checked her leg and she is swollen at the joint :( how can I help her? I have isolated her but she gets sad, I have one other chick who is calmer...
  16. benjaminzygs

    Foxes issue

    Bad news that a fox killed 4 of my hens, 3 remain left (2 girl,1 boy) this is a tragedy to us so please respect our loved hens which we tried to raise them. I am so sorry for announcing this. and now Stephanie and Peach the remaining hens are so traumatised they are cowering in the shrubs. Got...
  17. LizzzyJo

    Choose my bantam chicks for me!!! 😃🎊

    Hi BYC!! I will be ordering bantam day old pullets from Meyer (local for me 🙃) and I would love your input! I will probably get 4. I am not a bantam expert, so I need help! 1. I currently have all social/docile breeds and no rooster. 2.They will NOT have supplemental heat or light and I live...
  18. tielie135

    have you ever seen a chicken with blue eyes?

    because i have now! this chick hatched out and i knew there was something special about her. her mom is a freak all white chicken (from my flock with no white chickens) and the dad (who i got after her) is a splash Americana. from them i got this girl who is lavenderish splash (i have no...
  19. KiwiChickenGirl2020

    Do you think the 6 week old white and buff chicks are male?

    Does anyone have any idea if any of these chicks are girls? I think that the Sussex ( I think that it might be a cross though because it's legs turned grey) might be male. It has red wattles but a tiny tail. They are all six weeks old today. ...
  20. F

    Ruptured egg sac?

    I usually had one chick in each batch with this condition, but this batch I had 2 so far. The chick will hatch covered in a gooey yellowish substance, when it dries it’s very hard to get off and pullling it off really hurts the chick. I’ve had chicks that let this substance dry when hatching so...
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