1. RainyDayChickens

    Chick with Lazy eye?

    I've already established that this is no emergency, as the chick shows no signs of distress, pain, or lethargy. Plus she is already 3 going on 4 weeks old, I'm just curious if anyone else has ever had a chick like this, and knows if she'll grow out of it or if I should expect anything wrong in...
  2. N

    Sick Babies?

    i had eight 3-day-old baby guineas and i check them nearly every hour, sometimes more than that, and theyve very suddenly gotten sick. One has already passed very quickly. they all have very swollen poopy butts, and when i go to wipe them very gently, it seems to let out a waterfall of poop! so...
  3. Njames1963

    What kind of bantam?

    I got this chick from an assorted bantam bin at Runnings and I'm just wondering what kind of bantam y'all think she might be? Legs are not feathered.
  4. C

    Impacted crop(?) and chick not eating properly

    Hi all, I've got currently 4 chicks in the brooder. This one in particular is a buff orpington, about 3-4 weeks old. She's pretty well feathered, almost fully. Recently, I've noticed that she's been eating a lot of the shavings that land in her feeding bowl, but not really interested in the wet...
  5. M

    Chick eye won’t open

    Hey. So I just hatched a little chick and its eyes won’t open. I think I saw one crack open a little bit but not sure. Is there anything I can do?
  6. Skibum

    Polish X Chicks

    Before I let my white crested black polish roo cross with my mixed flock I desperately was looking of photos of chicks. It was hard to find!! So I am attaching pics of the 3 chicks my broody is raising. One is an EE cross, Wellsummer, and I think the last is an OE cross. Can you guess which is...
  7. C

    Wing issue with my chick. Possible deformity?

    I have 2 lavender and 2 chocolate Orpingtons right now and one of my lavender’s just stands out completely. Its poor wings… i have no idea what is wrong with it. Perfectly healthy and honestly its much bigger than the rest of them. Has anyone ever experienced a chicken with wing issues before...
  8. M

    Vaccinated chick with drooping wings, need Corid?

    I have a chick with runny, pink stool and another with drooping wings. There are 6 total, 4-5 weeks old, and they were vaccinated at the hatchery for coccid and Marek's. They are getting non-medicated feed and electrolytes + probiotics in water. Per the hatchery's instructions, they have had...
  9. N

    Help sexing 4 week old class chick

    We have three chicks (jubilee orpington, salmon faverolle, and barred rock) from a local hatchery, and we feel pretty confident that they are all pullets as they all conform to what pullets of those breeds should look like. We also have a random fourth chick that was hatched in one of my kid's...
  10. D

    New mother hen

    Hi everyone! While I am not completely new to chickens, I am new to having my own. That being said I have 2 Americana, 1 silkie bantam, another bantam and 3 other "mixed bag" members. 10 guineas, which I got mainly for the pest control and they free range. 4 ducks. 2 pekin and 2 black...
  11. K

    Any guesses at what breed my chicks are?

    I got them at TSC. The first two were labeled at Bantams. The last two were labeled as Orpingtons but they have feathered feet. They actually all have feathered feet except the first one.
  12. starlabantam

    Help! Impacted crop?

    This morning I woke up to my 1 month old chick lethargic and with a giant crop. It was semi hard and lumpy so all day I’ve been slowly feeding her coconut oil, massaging it, letting her rest for thirty minutes, repeat. I’d let her sip water with a bit of rooster booster inside. It definitely...
  13. V

    Mystery Bin at Peavey

    I ordered 6 chicks (Olive Eggers and Lavender Orpingtons) and then I picked out 3 chicks in a bin with 9 different varieties. I picked all grey/blackish ones. The grey ones could be Sapphire Gem, Americauna, Barred Rock or Specialty Brown layer, or maybe I actually picked more lavender...
  14. Ashemichelle

    Chick: Silver laced wyandotte x cuckoo marans

    This is my first experience with hatching chicks at home. My one cuckoo marans decided to go broody, so I let her and this is the product of her and my silver laced wyandotte rooster. Does anyone know what breed it is, if anything other than a random mix?
  15. MamaPoult

    Why is my brahma not growing anything??

    Hey guys! So I have this really weird thing going on with 6 week-ish old my brahma chick. He isn't growing up and he's bald!! All my other ones are thriving and fully feathered. I am 100% positive he is getting food and water. What's going on here? I feed Alaska Mill and Feed chick crumble and...
  16. Gladysandfriends

    6 Week Polish Chicks

    I have two buff laced polish chicks. They are both 6 weeks old and from the same hatch. Curious if there are any opinions on roo vs pullet? First two pictures are of the lighter one, third is the darker one with the bigger crest. Last picture shows both. No signs of wattles yet!
  17. J

    Black hard Spot under chicks vent

    I have a lavender Orpington two week old chick that has a black spot under her vent. The spot is hard, but she’s eating and drinking just fine as well as very active. She’s also pooping normally as far as I know and doesn’t seem to have trouble with that. I’m worried that this is something that...
  18. C

    What is this chicken?

    What is this chicken? 5 week old chick. My husband bought 12 chicks a few weeks ago. 4 olive eggers, 4 barred rocks, 4 “lavender Orpingtons”. When he got home with 8 black chicks I told him none of them were lavender orps unfortunately lol So we just didn’t know what they were, but looked very...
  19. teachchickmi

    Becky the Chicken… Pecking the Camera

    One of my favorite past times is to take photos of the goofy things my little flock does. Today after I got home from work, I needed some happiness and I spent sometime in their run. Enjoy this photo of her coming after my camera. 😂
  20. C

    Please help! Slipped tendon too far gone? this baby is about 24 hours old. I fear she has a slip tendon or rotated femur. She constantly gets stuck on her back and has lots of trouble eating and drinking without complete assistance. I’m worried she’s in pain as she...
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