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  1. SoftSilkie

    Post Stories of Your Flock

    More like "Pictures & Stories of Our Chickens"! This is a chat thread for both beginner and expert chicken owners. If you want to brag about your favorite chicken or let us sympathized with you for your lost ones. Funny and interesting stories are always welcome. Any pictures of your poultry...
  2. annaBsChick

    Case Story: Goldie the Hen's Predator Attack

    Thought that this was a really cute story about a hen who was attacked by a dog -
  3. Soy Milano

    Belinda the Chicken Therapy Hen - SOOOO CUTE!

    This isn't about my bird, but it is a really adorable story I found that I thought I should share with this forum section for it seems very appropriate and is so cute! There is this story about Belinda a chicken therapy hen - It is one of PoultryDVM's...
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