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Sep 4, 2019
More like "Pictures & Stories of Our Chickens"! This is a chat thread for both beginner and expert chicken owners. If you want to brag about your favorite chicken or let us sympathized with you for your lost ones. Funny and interesting stories are always welcome. Any pictures of your poultry will be loved!

I'll start us off with one of my favorite stories; when my chickens literally crossed the road!

For weeks our flock of 5 pullets and 1 cockeral had been flying out of the coop and scratching around the backyard. (We tried to clip their wings once, but, not knowing any better, we clipped both their left and right wings. They could still fly just fine and we couldn't re-clip their wings correctly until they molted and grew back their feathers several months later! :gig)

They also liked to climb the woodpile and jump up on the fence that separated the front yard from the back. Whenever they did this we gently pushed them back onto the correct side of the fence.

Well, one rainy day when we were just sitting around the house a member of my family said, "are those our chickens under that tree?" Our whole flock had crossed the street and huddled under the neighbor's trees to escape the drizzle. Who knows why they preferred the neighbor's trees vs. ours, there are some mysteries we will never find the answer too.

Thankfully not many cars go through our neighborhood, and none of the chickens got run over. Because there were only two of us it took us three trips to take all six of the rascals back to the coop. I guess one adventure was enough for them because they never tried to cross the road again.

It reminds me of a funny quote I see around, "I dream of a world where chickens can cross the road without getting their motives questioned." Too true! I love that quote.

Anyway, please share some of your own stories! Yes, you can share more then one! But there are two rules, "be nice" and "have fun"!


Jun 24, 2019
New Hampshire
Well, I'll start:

The True Story of the Ghost Chicken.

Several years ago we had some Leghorn chickens and one had a very bad respiratory infection, so my husband broke its neck, its comb turned purple and everything. He didn't feel like disposing of the body so he dumped it in Witches Brook, which is right across the street from us. End of story right? Well, the next night our neighbor was driving across the aquifer(Witches Brook leads to the aquifer, it's about two miles away) when he saw a white chicken perched on some branches, he stopped by our house to see if we were missing any. We said no, but my husband went and checked anyway turns out it was the chicken we "killed" the day before, the same band number and everything. We assumed the chicken had passed out??? and the cold water revived and it somehow floated to the aquifer. A couple of weeks later my husband killed it again and chopped the head off and disposed of the part separately. This is a true story, feel free to share any other theories you have as to how the chicken "came back to life."


Apr 16, 2019
Centre of Italy
Ok, here is another story from me! 😍

Well, some years ago, i was 12 o 13 yy old, when i had my whole First Flock, i was sitting in front of the run of my hens, watching them scratching quietly in the ground, eating stuffs.... When my chicken Panta began to shout very loudly, and all hens began to shout and run near me!!! So, i saw a....a fox!!!! oh my god!!!! i get terrified. she was watching my chickens with "yummy" feeling, i think, she was perfectly in front of me. I've never seen a fox before that day.
I was alone, my dad was in a sort of clearing far from me. I didn't know what to do! I turn a little my head and shouted "DAAAAAAADDYYYYYYYY"!!!! My dad arrived in just few seconds scared by my yell and i said "There is a fox!!!!!" fox has just ran away, because of my scream!!! But i didn't created all in my mind! Hens were screaming out loud again and their hearts were beating so quickly! I feel so lucky it happened when is was there....:fl
Happy ending :) Let's see to the next story ;)
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