How I started my farm.

This is about how I got my farm going.
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  1. FluffTheDuck
    March 15, 2017.

    So my story started the day I went to TSC. I went by myself, going to buy 15 Barred Rock chickens. I had done plenty of research on which breed I wanted for eggs. Turns out, Barred Rock Chickens were the best. They had lots of cages in the chicken section. White Rock, Rhode Island Red, Orpington, Brahama, Dorking, and Silkie. Looking around, I thought they had no Barred Rock chickens. Still, I looked and looked until I finally found Barred Rock, unsexed. Why it was so hard for me to find it, I don't know, but there was exactly 15 there, just for me. I asked the lady, who was named Lynda to get me all 15, and while she was getting them I started looking around. Why there wasn't only a chicken section, but also ducks! Oh, they were so cute! However, I live by myself and I didn't know that ducks could be kept as pets! If I had a husband (which I still don't!) who knows how my story would've changed. The big sign right above the cage said "M R LARGE DUCKS $5" I thought that was funny. But, five dollars! That's so cheap! I had to turn myself down, and I thought to myself that I should do some research before I bought them. So I resisted the ducklings and the lady handed me the box with the chickens in it that said "TSC. Please come back again!" And then on the other side, it said in handwriting, "15 BARRED ROCK CHICKENS" from a black sharpie. It was probably from Lynda. So, in total, the chickens were $20. Not bad, not bad! So I drove home with the chickens in the passenger seat, that way I could watch them just in case. I had already gotten the brooder set up, so I quickly set them in there with their nice, clean water, the warmness from the lamp, and the nice clean starter food as soon as my dogs greeted me and I unlocked the door. The chickens were really happy in the brooder. They cheeped quietly. I started building the chicken coop with the help of my dad. We built it using a carport and some wood. We made a little window for it. It was very hot out, like 90 degrees Farheniet, but then it cooled down a little bit to 85 degrees. I was so excited after we had finished, it was 120 square feet by 100, very huge for only 15 chickens. I thought about that for a while. We started painting it, white on the top and red on the bottom and sides. It was beautiful. Well, now that we had finished we had to put the tiny chicks in it, just to test. They looked like little bugs when they were in there. Well, I obviously had to decide that I should get 5 more chickens, just to give more company. But that was my excuse to cover up why I was really going back to TSC. It was to get 2 adorable ducks. So I drove back while my dad picked up all the chickens and put them back in the incubator. I was deciding on names, but none of them fit. I went to the store. I hurriedly walked towards the ducks' cage. What was that?? They were all gone! I couldn't have believed my eyes. Who would buy over 30 ducks? Well, I had another plan, but I didn't think it would work. While I was in TSC, I picked up the 5 more Barred Rocks. I bought them, then left. I went to the other TSC we had nearby. Anxiously looking around to see if my future would have ducks in my life, I found the chicken area. Losing hope, my ears heard something. I turned around, following the noise, and there was the duck section. With a big sign on it said "LARGE DUCKS $10" It was five dollars more, but it was worth it. There was a lady named Ferhn and I asked her for 2 "large" ducks. They were yellow, with soft down. They cheeped quietly. She picked up two and said to me "I picked out the healthiest looking ones. Nobody buys ducks here, anyway!" she laughed, and put them in a box. She asked if I had been in another TSC because I had a TSC box with 5 chickens in it. I replied the truth, that yes, I did. She made sure, by scanning the number and searching it up on the register. She asked what my name was, and I replied Kya because Kya is my name. She wrote numbers on the TSC box with the ducks in them. She handed me them and said, "twenty dollars, please." I gave her the money and my new pets cheered and so did I as we walked out the door. I drove home with my new babies. I was thinking of names, again. I thought Donald. Why, yes, Donald! So I chose Donald as the dark duck, and then I chose Aflac as the light one. But I didn't like it. So I kept on thinking, and I thought Quackers. Why, yes, it's a common name. So I discharged it. I thought Waddles, Aflac, Quackers, Puddles, and Quakers. I liked Quakers. And so he was named Quakers. And that was final. I came home and put the 5 chickens in the brooder and the two precious ducks in the brooder, too. I had read (actually on BYC!) that ducks could eat starter chicken food. So I took care of all of them and then, with the help of my dad I made a new brooder for the ducks. It was made right by my bed. I put them in it and slept right next to them. The new day began. I had bought little diapers for the ducks in TSC. I put it on and placed them on my bed. I knew that they couldn't sleep with me on my bed because I would squish those precious ducks. But I played with them, for hours and hours, and finally, I had to take care of the chickens. I placed the delicate ducks in their brooder and took care of the chickens. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a delicious recipe for dinner and started cooking. I made Mac 'n' Cheese, quickly ate, did my chores, and went back to the ducks. They were softly cheeping for me. I set them on my bed, again; and then on the floor, and I, cautiously walking, looking at the floor, went to shut the door. I looked back and, oh my! They were following me! How wonderful. When I introduced my dad to my new ducks, I think he loved them more than me! I told him, well, actually, he told me, that we would NEVER eat them. And that was what I thought. Soon, they were big enough to swim! I will never forget that day, ever. I filled up the bathtub, enough where they could swim, but not drown. They were so cute. We took them out after 5 minutes and dried them. Soon, we found out that Quakers was a male, and Donald was a female. Yes, yes, the name Donald for a female is a bit strange. I taught Quakers how to do LOTS of stuff. Open doors, close doors, lock doors, and, well, he kind of taught himself this, but he learned how to jump off a waterfall into the pond! He's a good boy. At that time, feathers grew in! They were so pretty. But even before the feathers, an accident happened. The chickens had feathers already. We had 14 hens, and 1 rooster. The 5 others died. Big "roo" we called him, and boy he was mean. He attacked Quakers one day. Quakers wing was torn up. But he healed very easily and then feathers started to grow in.

    ~~I will work on my story every day! Stay tuned!~~

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  1. ButtonquailGirl14
    "Nice story!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed May 18, 2019
    PS... 100sqft in the run is actually considered too small for 15 birds. Its the size for 10.. but a coop that big is huge!
  2. WannaBeHillBilly
    "Beautiful story"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed May 4, 2019
    Your story reminds me of my story to duck addiction! - I never wanted to have animals, responsibility, shoveling poop... But the ducks convinced me quickly that its worth it!
    Four stars for the article as of now and one star as a credit for the pictures, i hope you will add.
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    1. FluffTheDuck
      Thank you! I certainly will add pictures. Glad you liked the story!
  3. ronott1
    "Good Article"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Mar 8, 2019
    Formatting the text-- adding paragraphs and etc along with pictures would make the article better
    1. FluffTheDuck
      Thanks! By formatting, do you mean italic or different fonts? I certainly will add paragraphs and pictures after I finish it.

      Thanks for your opinions!


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    If any of you get confused by "barred rock chicken" it's also called a "Plymouth Rock".

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