1. Adil_Ali

    Bantam cochin fertility issues

    I bought a trio of bantam cochin chickens. And the hens are laying eggs, and I have hatched a few of their eggs in the past (6), but the fertility is extremely low. Their age is about 3 years, and I feel like the problem isn't with the age, I think they face difficulty in mating. The male does...
  2. Chicken poppy

    Chick Hut

    I thought this might be a intresting thread. Feel free to share some photos/Videos/Stories of your chicks (0-3 months) because id love to see them! ^Vanilla our lovely male.
  3. M

    Central Oregon- 22 week silkies (1 roo, 1 pullet) in need of a new home

    We are not allowed to have a rooster in our area and must part with our lovely black Silkie roo. We thought he was female when we bought him but he started crowing last week. His best friend, a buff Silkie pullet will go with him if his new home wants 2! We are flexible to drive to drop off...
  4. Mcmchick

    Looking for new coop suggestions

    Hi ! I'm looking for suggestions on chicken coops. We were given a coop for free, between moving it around so much last spring and winter weather, it ended up only being good for the year. I have an attachment off of my garage, kind of like a very large shed, I keep the coop in there for extra...
  5. ninja333pirate

    chicken noodle soup

    So I am looking to make a chicken noodle soup with 2 small cockerels I butchered, one is a Sebright and the other is a Silkie, they were a little older so figured soup is the way to go with cooking them. I currently have them defrosted in the fridge soaking in a brine. what I am looking to do is...
  6. G

    Lost in genetics...please help with chicken pairing

    Okay. I've searched threads and just can't find definitive answers. I have 7 hens and 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte rooster. I want to incubate eggs that will produce sexlink chicks. What hen will do this? My hens: 2 Silver laced Wyandottes, 2 white leghorns, 1 Plymouth barred rock, 1 Australorp...
  7. piggyinthepink

    Best incubators as of 2022 ?

    Looking for a quality QUIET(no humming or ticking) incubator that can hold at least 20 eggs. Any suggestions?
  8. cottoncandys

    Septic water safe to drink?? Ducks/chickens/geese

    Soo.. our septic tank is acting up and is leaking water from the access point. I don't know if the water is cleaned or not before it gets to the access point 😐... My chicken run is a few feet away from it and of course down hill from the water 🙄. It's going into the run and I'm afraid the ducks...
  9. Joyfillednomads

    Looking for Twentse Kraienkoppe

    Anyone know of any Twentse aka kraienkoppe breeders?
  10. i_only_listen_to_dgd

    Is this an Ameraucana?

    I had made an account here to ask about my sick hen (who is doing very well now, I really appreciate these forums!), and I got to questioning what breed she really is. The guy running the feed store who sold us our chickens said that he had Australorp, Rhode Island Red, and Ameraucana chicks...
  11. Puddingtheamericana

    Chicken non stop sneezing and trouble breathing

    our americana, pudding, has been sneezing non stop straight for almost ten minutes now. she’s some what stopped now but she’s still doing it just with longer gaps between sneezes. she seems active and it feisty when i was checking her other symptoms. so far it’s just the sneezing, some mouth...
  12. G

    I finally took the plunge!

    Hello! As a long time seeker of knowledge on all things chicken. I have found myself drawn to BYC for ages, I really mean ages, it could be years!! But this year I finally took the plunge and decided to join! When I saw everyone having a blast on hatch-alongs, when that baby fluff butt...
  13. chiki1

    Injured leg?

    We have another chicken, whose leg is injured. Its been injured for around 2 months and the chicken is half a year old. We have had him separated from the rest of the flock ever since we noticed, and he's been inside. His leg has been getting worse recently. She used to stand with one leg...
  14. Katix7

    Jan 16, 2022 Hatch-A-Long

    New to the site but saw several hatch a long threads - so fun! I plan to collect some eggs this week and get them in the incubator on Sunday. Would anyone like to join? Most of mine will be barred rock and Buff orpingtons…some will be mixed…i have 5 very busy roosters and 50 hens My first time...
  15. Countryhippie

    Chicken Comb Issue - Possible Frostbite

    I am completely new to chicken keeping, I have 4 hens and two roosters. All my chickens are a little over 5 months old and acting completely normal. Still eating, laying and running around like normal. Over the past few days I noticed one of my roosters developing these scab things on his comb...
  16. LukasChickens

    My young chicken is very sick... please help :( (eyes, belly)

    Hello everyone! I need help with one of my chickens. Three days ago she started to be very sad, her belly was swollen so we thought that she had "water belly" and also her poop was really weird it was white and much like liquid, it wasn't normal. The next day we got syringe and a 18G needle we...
  17. eclectic-em

    chicken breathing like she’s purring

    this is a leghorn mix who looks like a chimney sweep because of vaseline i put on her comb when we had some sub zero temps over the weekend. i don’t know if it’s the weather or some other respiratory issue. she sneezed a couple times this morning which is why i grabbed her for a health check and...
  18. R

    Scab on my roosters beak

    This is the first time I have seen this in my flock. My roosters beak is dry and has this scab on it. None of the others in his flock have it. It does not appear to bother him. He has minimal dry skin and feather loss on his neck, too. Any ideas what it could be and how should I treat it? Thanks!
  19. RosyChickens

    Christmas Card

    It's a bit late, but wanted to share my christmas card this year - taken of 3 of my lovely ladies
  20. DuckDuckPromise

    Please Help, Sick Chicken!

    Hi, our Easter Egger is about 5 years old and Thank The Lord, has always seemed really healthy. Today when we went to feed them, she was extremely lethargic, and very puffed up. We thought it was strange, but went about what we were doing. Then, tonight, she wasn’t on her normal roosting spot...
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