1. EmmaGRS

    What breed of chicken is this?

    What breed of chicken is this? I bought her at tractor supply but can’t remember. I feel like it was something that started with an A? Not an amaracauna. Thanks!
  2. D

    Hatching chicken and duck eggs - declining rate

    Hi all, I hatch duck and chicken eggs for a local farmer when he needs to increase his flock maybe 2 times in spring/summer, have done for the past 5/6 years. In the past, I’ve usually put 6 eggs in a small incubator and got at least 5 if not all of them out successfully. However, this year...
  3. K


    Hey would any of you guys know any stores or websites that ship fertile eggs internationally specifically the middle east (ASIA) Thanks!
  4. C

    Early stages of bumble foot? No scab

    Hey all, I’m a new chicken owner and one of my ladies started getting a noticeable lump on top of her foot a few weeks ago. It doesn’t seem to bother her at all. She is still running and digging around. The swelling is also only on the top of her foot and I haven’t seen any sort of scab yet...
  5. K

    Roosters in Niles, Michigan

    Roosters near Niles, Michigan. I am willing to drive for a good home, I really would love to give these guys a good home before the morbid alternative this weekend. We are not allowed roosters in our area. Most likely EE, some kind of silkie mix, and one I’m just not sure. They are all nice and...
  6. J

    Rooster suddenly lethargic, sleeping standing up, tail feathers down. HELP!

    My young rooster (about 4 months old) is suddenly very lethargic, falling sleep standing up where his head will just tilt into the ground, and his tails feathers are down. His comb and wattle are also pale. He ate food this morning. I had this happen to another rooster about 4-6 weeks ago but...
  7. R

    Rescue Hen

    Hey everyone!! I volunteer for a chicken rescue charity, I got asked to take in a young chicken as was found in someone’s garden. Nobody had chickens around so not sure where it came from. I just wondered if anyone has an idea what he/she could be? Also is it is a he or she..? 🤣 It’s very...
  8. RonWeasley

    The tale of Honey, the wayward hen.

    My sister keeps some chickens on a homestead in the rural USA. Last night, her favorite chicken did not come home, which was worrisome to all of us. This is her story.
  9. TaylorGlade

    How do you keep your chickens entertained

    Guess what? My pullets are having a blast thanks to this chicken toy. A bright yellow ball with holes on each end, it's like the neatest snack dispenser ever. I loaded it up with treats - some BSF larvae and regular pellets - and let the chicken games begin! These young hens are now on a peckin'...
  10. Quacking ducks

    4 week old chicks. Roos or hens? Breeds?

    Any idea what gender on breeds my 4 week old chicks are? Thanks 1. Hen? 2. Hen? 3. Hen? 4. Hen? 5. Roo? 6. Roo? 7. Roo 8. Roo
  11. E

    What are these critters all over our coop???

    I’ve been spraying them with water/dish soap/oil every morning and the next day there seem to be even more. The chickens are showing no signs of being bitten. And I have never seen one that is a different color/looks like it’s been feeding. They don’t seem to fit the description of red/northern...
  12. A


    Hi, I have a chicken that was recently attacked by a coyote a few weeks ago. Shortly after the attack I noticed them limping and a minor lump forming on their leg. I didn’t think much of it until recently the lump started to get very large and she could barely stand on her foot. I’ve given her...
  13. Mattie15

    Any guesses on breed?

    I got this hen today, but I don't know exactly what she is. The lady I got her from had a LARGE variety of chickens. She's a honey-golden color with green legs. (And don't worry, she's sleeping in that one picture, lol.)
  14. O

    Maggots please HELP

    My chicken OJ who is 6 has maggots and can’t move her left leg much. It seemed like she couldn’t move her left leg back and can’t walk on the leg, she is still walking sometimes but does it on her other leg. It seemed to be a hip dislocate or brake, but after looking closer I saw a large coin...
  15. T

    Temporary Fencing ideas?

    re Temporary Fencing Ideas for Bantam chickens? Hello Everyone, I need some suggestions for a temporary fence or netting, three foot high by forty to fifty foot long. 40ft - 50ft x 3ft . ~~ Ideally this would be made of a non-rigid material, something II could easily put up and take down...
  16. CluckingLucky

    The Rockin’ Roost by Cardinal Acres

    Introducing an evolutionary step forward to help the fight against Chicken-Boredom! What is The Rockin' Roost? It is a free-standing, 3 - Row, Chicken roost, that really ROCKS! The Rockin' Roost is the answer to SO many issues facing Poultry-People of today. Does your coop have little...
  17. Quacking ducks

    16 week old Hen or roo?

    Is this a hen or roo? It’s a lot bigger than my other young hen that’s the same age Any idea? Thanks
  18. A

    Egg eating chickens

    I have in total 15 chickens. They are all fed 16% protein feed and given ground egg shell frequently. We recently noticed our egg production dropped drastically. I figured one of the chickens was eating eggs. I put mustard filled eggs into the nesting boxes and now they’re eating those too! They...
  19. Y

    Why does my chick walk and stand weird?

    Hi my chick has recently started walking really weird, it wasn’t like this when it hatched and idk what to do about this situation, will my chicken get any better?
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