1. C

    roo or hen silkies 11 weeks

    Silkies 11 weeks old can anyone tell me there gender
  2. J

    Brinsea Mini ii Advance

    Brinsea Mini ii Advance Incubator $175.00 Condition is used; i used it for 3 hatchings. It will do 7 chicken eggs, or more smaller eggs if you get a different tray . Unit works great. Message if any more info needed . I will ship at your expense .
  3. J

    unknown chicken breed

    can someone please tell me this breed?
  4. E

    Hen can't walk or move leg

    I have a seven month old gold top hen who I noticed 3 days ago was lame. However she was able to walk with her limp slowly and jump up to the roost but I decided to remove her from my flock as she is relatively new and is at the bottom of the pecking order and I was concerned the older girls...
  5. C

    Concerned that a person attacked chicken - see pics

    Hi Everyone I have 6 hens and one rooster and have had them for almost a year. They all behave very friendly. This past Sunday morning we discovered one of our chickens had a brutal wound to the back of the head. The picture doesn’t do full justice, but there is a large gash of a hole that...
  6. G

    Chicken with possible broken toe...what to do?

    I think my 2 YO hen has a broken toe (photos below). I noticed a hawk had gotten into their run area the day of the injury and I wonder if it tried to grab her by the foot or she may have just landed on it wrong. Anyway, I checked for bumble foot and don’t see any signs of that. She keeps...
  7. G

    Are we SURE this is a pullet?

    I posted picture of "her?" about a week ago and everyone said pullet. But she has started mounting my laying hen every chance she gets. She's about 25 weeks and not a single egg yet. I thought White Rock chickens were supposed to start laying around 20 weeks? My laying hen is an Easter Egger...
  8. A

    Unwell Chicken- Help!

    Hi everyone - We have a 2 yr old Isa Brown who is not well and has survived a fox attack. All of the other chickens were taken by a fox/es unfortunately. There are no obvious injuries to her, she was found hiding, and has not moved much since the attack about 4 days ago. She will not eat, she...
  9. M

    What breed are my rooster & hen?

  10. Misty and Ginger

    Misty and Ginger

    1st cristmass. Eating garlands
  11. Chirbuls

    HELP!! Chicken making weird noise and gasping

    I have a one year old hen which is making weird coughing like noises and gasping occassionly. She is drinking and eating just fine but i am very concerned since my other hen who was of same age died earlier this year. She also was completely fine except for the coughing like noises. She died...
  12. J

    sick chicken

    today i have noticed my daily layer seemed to have lack of energy. i decided to put food out because she normally runs to the food but she stayed still and she stood sleeping i did see her walk around the backyard normally she was perfectly fine yesterday can someone tell me what is wrong and...
  13. divineangel94

    Help me please.

    Ever since it was built we have had a leak problem. But it got a lot worse. I have no money so I need advice on how to fix this leak problem. As quickly as possible. The leak reaches all the way to the floor.
  14. Manahil Asad


    Hi there everyone! I'm a first time chicken owner and new to BYC. I have two lovely silkie hens, who are 4 months old. They live in a room inside my house but play outside each and every morning until dusk! I recently found out that there were mites crawling around them. (Yea, disguising, I know...
  15. A


    Pretty sure it’s a boy but the comb hasn’t grown very much so now I’m not sure. I’m also pretty sure it’s a lace wyandotte
  16. B

    Roo or Pullet?

    Hi, I have a Plymouth rock chicken. I thinks he’s a rooster but he’s not crowing like the others and he’s much calmer and is never involved in any of the pecking. I know some hens of this breed have combs and wattles so I’m unsure. What do you think?
  17. B

    Help with chicken breed and sex!

    Hi, Have what I think are 3 boys - grey, black and white and two girls - white and brown. Have no idea on breeds, and would like to know if my assumptions on the genders are correct! What I think is a rooster (the black one with white bits - doesn’t crow like the other two and is VERY calm so...
  18. C

    Hi there.

    Just moved to Carrollton GA. Bought a small farm. Cleaned and renewed the chicken coop yesterday. Very excited. Have 2 young kids that can't wait
  19. JamieMcClain

    Late molt!

    Ok my speckled Sussex has decided to molt. Problem is it’s less than 30 decrees F outside and there’s snow on the ground! I’m afraid she will get too cold! Is there anything I can do to help her? She’s a very skittish chicken so the least stress the better.
  20. C

    how often do you candle you're eggs??

    Hi, Im hatching 2 eggs (only 2 of them were viable when I candled day 10) and I was just wondering how often y'all candle you're eggs and what you're hatch rate with how often you candle you're eggs is. I have candled mine on day 2 day 10 and planning to candle day 13 (today) and then right...
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