1. vreed

    2 chickens free to a good home - Kitsap county WA

    Hello, I will be moving soon and am looking for a new home for my 2 chickens, Roxanne (cream leg bar) and Rhonda (Rhodebar), they are both almost 6 years old so past their egg laying prime though they still lay occasionally. I would like them to have a happy retirement.
  2. C

    Dont know what breed chicken this is. Help!

    So i have this chick 6 weeks old and As a week old chick it was yellow with a grey line on its head. I thought it would be a Delaware but it has alittle brown and grey on it. What breed is it?
  3. Hello


  4. whome


  5. Girls


  6. Just doing my thing.

    Just doing my thing.

  7. One foot forward

    One foot forward

  8. Did you say my name?

    Did you say my name?

  9. Just snacking on some fresh lemon balm

    Just snacking on some fresh lemon balm

  10. Why hello there!

    Why hello there!

  11. Girls taking a dust bath in the sand floor indoor coop

    Girls taking a dust bath in the sand floor indoor coop

  12. R

    My chicken is crying help!

    So I bought 3 chickens and was told they were all hens. Well yesterday 2 of them started to crow and unfortunately where we live my neighbor won’t allow us to have a crowing rooster. So I contacted the Breeder and she said no problem! Bring the roosters back - I have a buyer looking for roosters...
  13. CHlCKEN

    I need help with a DIY chicken run separator!

    My littles are growing up so fast! The three big girls have met them through bars and although don’t think much of them now, they will when the 4 chicks move into the big run with them. I want to make a temporary diy run separator for my omelet run, one with a door so there is simple access. How...
  14. H

    My baby chick have a swollen eye

    I seen a day before the the chick was squinting her eye then I put Silver in her eye and this morning it’s fully close please help
  15. Petchickens123

    Broken leg

    Hello, I don’t know how, but my polish chicken Ginny broke her leg. And now she can’t move, and she doesn’t want to eat. I put food just in front of her, and she still doesn’t want to eat. (More details on my instagram Pet_chickens123) please help me.
  16. Catbutts

    My chicken puke!

    So I got my hybrid chicken 2 weeks ago 1 of them is fine. But the other one is kinda weird. She often stretch her neck and I use to saw her vomit (only 2 time) and today she make a wheezing noice. Despite those symptoms, she is fine. She eat and drink normally and don't seem depress. Any idea...
  17. The Cider Shack - Home to 17 hens and 5 ducks

    The Cider Shack - Home to 17 hens and 5 ducks

    THE CIDER SHACK An Appalachia / Cider Shack inspired dwelling for 17 chickens, 5 ducks, and occasionally our daughter. --- Build Time (to move in the girls): Approx 5 weeks working a few hours on average every other day. Build Time (to "finished"): WIP Probably 8 weeks total Build Materials: a...
  18. M


    We saw these hawks swoop down almost to the coop! They are those small white dots circled in yellow. I missed it but luckily we caught it on the cams. We had one chicken that was on the outside of the coop, thankfully she didnt get picked up. Our chickens are getting pretty big so we hoped the...
  19. DeanBaugh

    The brutal love of backyard and show poultry

    I'm a bit worried and the reason is I am starting up at trade school this coming up school year and I am worried I will have problems keeping up with my 30 chickens 13 ducks 3 rabbits 3 quail so I am thinking about selling my flock I know what I can manage but I don't want to get in over my head...
  20. O

    Help: Hen with Green Poop and Cold.

    My Hen looks tiresome after laying egg yesterday. This morning I observed her poop/feces is color green with white. Could somebody give some recommendations on how to treat her? Please. I'm just a beginner in raising free-range chickens, your recommendation will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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