barred rock

  1. S

    Help! Cockeral or Hens?

    Hi this is my first time posting. The last couple of days by bigger barred rock has started to crow, so definitely must be a male, but I got a second chick at the same time and I just want to get some confirmation as to if they are both males.... they should be about 12-14weeks old.
  2. ChickaChickaChooCho000

    My Pullets are nearly 7 months old and haven’t begun laying yet, weather or diet maybe?

    Heyo hope everyone’s doing well. Just curious as to why my 3 pullets and also other pullets from the flock haven’t been laying at all but they’ve already reached 6-7 months old? Understandably my older hens have taken a break especially due to cold weather lately and just overall egg productive...
  3. katie_94

    Finally have eggs! Breed of chickens and who laid what?

    I have 8 chickens in which 4 are 5-6 months old and the rest are 4 months old. I'm pretty sure the younger 4 are easter eggers but I'm a bit confused as to what the 4 older ones are especially after I found some eggs this week. My mom got them all randomly from TS a month or so apart. In the...
  4. Barredrocker99

    Egg with no shell at all?

    Hey all! With the colder weather approaching, a couple of my girls are going through some pretty gnarly molting. One of my Easter eggers hasn’t been laying for the last couple weeks(I know this because she is the only one out of 16 chickens who lays very light brown eggs) due to her molt. Two...
  5. corvid

    How can you tell the difference between Barred Rock egg and a Black Sex Link egg?

    Is there any definitive way to tell the difference between BR and BSL eggs? I would like to sell fertile eggs or chicks once my chooks start laying but I only want to hatch and sell Barred Rocks. I only have BRs and BSL and the only rooster I have is a BR. They should start laying in January of...
  6. xochristo

    6 Week Barred Rock - pullet or cockerel?

    Do you think this barred rock is a pullet or a cockerel? I was convinced it was a cockerel because of its coloring, and it developed a comb before the rest of the chicks. But, now the comb looks similar to the others, and it's about the same size, if not smaller. The last pic is of the pullet...
  7. TheChickenEnthusiast

    When is a Barred Rock Hen Fully Grown?

    I know that it can take up to a year for hens to fully grow…But I was curious if my breeder bought Barred Rock Hens (born in June 2021) will be smaller than my TSC Barred Rock Hen (born in April 2021)? My TSC hen is very large, and her tail is almost completely upright. My breeder bought hen...
  8. Neighbors hen, unnamed

    Neighbors hen, unnamed

  9. neighbors hen, unnamed

    neighbors hen, unnamed

  10. Neighbors hens

    Neighbors hens

  11. Neigbors hen, unnamed

    Neigbors hen, unnamed

  12. Neighbors hen, unnamed

    Neighbors hen, unnamed

  13. SeaChickens

    Pullets or roos? 10 week old EE and others

    Hi, Looking for some opinions on my chicks, they’ll be 10 weeks old in a couple days. Got them from My Pet Chicken as pullets. Daffodil - an Easter Egger Cookie - Speckled Sussex Blueberry - Barred Rock and Lavender - lavender Orpington What does everyone think? I am thinking all are...
  14. 3KillerBs

    7-Week Pullets in Central North Carolina (Inquire in re: blue males)

    10 Welp Assorted Brown Layers, Sept 21st hatch. $10 each. 10% discount for buying at least 5. I bought Blue Australorps and Asst. Brown Layers. You can see their development thread here: Among the available chicks are: 1...
  15. B

    13 week old Barred Rock mix — pullets or cockerels?

    Our broody hen hatched 4 chickies and while we thought 3/4 were cockerels for awhile, is there any chance we could have a couple pullets in there? So far no cockadoodling and after a few pecking contests, everyone gets along. Asking because we are going to take on a few additional laying hens...
  16. Smartbomb71

    Need help identifying skin condition!

    My barred rock Tanya Harding has a dry patch just north and to the side of her tail feathers. She’s laying, eating, and drinking. She’s top of the pecking order and no one messes with her ever. I have six hens, no roos and I’ve sat out here hanging out and observing them so I know she’s not...
  17. TundraFang

    Barred Rock?

    This is a Barred Rock, right?
  18. Austinb1395

    Does Anyone know if this is a leghorn or a Barred Rock egg?

    Besides my Rhode Island Reds my Comet Lays reddish/orange eggs well. Either my white leghorn or barred rock started laying . What chicken do y’all think later it?
  19. Great_Strides

    Integrating Salmon Faverolles and Barred Rocks 🤔

    We got three Barred Rock pullets (maybe 10-14 weeks old) recently and I spoke for two Salmon Faverolles from the same place to be picked up later. I only researched breeds that would be good with children. Not with each other 🤦‍♀️ We brought the 6 week old Faverolles home last weekend and...
  20. Great_Strides

    Barred rock pullet or cockerel??

    Got these barred rocks yesterday and the larger of the three seems a bit different. These are our first chickens so I’d like to see what you guys think! Does “she” look different because her legs are a different color or maybe a couple weeks older?
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