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  1. C

    Barred Rock Rooster and Leghorn Hen cross

    I wanted to show everyone pictures of my Lemon Swiss who is a cross from a Barred Rock Rooster and a Leghorn hen. she mostly looks like a leghorn but has some black patches. In my research I discovered they call them California whites sometimes.
  2. chickenmomma1108

    new/old chicken owner intro

    Hello BYC, thought I'd finally drop in and say "hello". 1. Yes, I'm new to raising chickens (got our first flock members in March of 2022), but old to raising chickens since my family & I did when I was a kid like 20 years ago. 2. We (husband & I) have 20 chickens right now. 2 roosters & 18...
  3. E

    Hen or roo? 10 week old Barred Rock!

    Bought her from our local farm supply store advertised as a pullet, she’s slightly bigger than our Astralorp (also 10 week old). Thoughts?
  4. S

    Sick 1.5 year old hen help—what to do next?

    My lead hen who was sick a few months ago is acting odd again; I treated the flock with corid and VetRx back in September but for the past few weeks Salt has been slower, eating less, and while she can walk normally has lost her balance and fallen when we put her down from being held and when...
  5. S

    Help identify eggs?

    Can anyone post pictures of their barred rock eggs and of their bantam eggs we have a dark brauhma bantam and a porcelain that could be laying Trying to figure out if the brauhmas could be laying early by chance or if our barred rocks are just laying smaller and way lighter eggs compared to our...
  6. 2

    Definitely Not Important …

    Just a note. I have a Barred Rock and a Cuckoo Marans in my small flock. Everyone is 11 weeks old. I was calling the Cuckoo “Stumpy” because her tail is very short, always has been. The only differences between the two are the tail feathers and that Stumpy’s pattern has been more muted the...
  7. L

    Roos to a good home in Kentucky. (Barred Rock/Green Egger mix

    My hen just hatched 9 beautiful chicks. I know some will be roos and I already have three, one going to a nice home already. Their father is an absolute gentleman/gentle giant and their mother is a great layer. Mom and Dad both love 24/7 fallout radio. Message me if youre interested and I will...
  8. M

    BR hasn’t laid in two weeks??

    My 6 month old BR was laying about 4 eggs/week. She just started laying at the beginning of July despite the hot temperatures here in the dessert. (110+) I am currently feeding them scratch with oyster shell on the side. I have rooster booster in their water for the extra nutrition and...
  9. Exhibitionhouse

    2 buff orpington hens + 1 barred rock rooster - 8 mo old

    Last night my husband rescued 3 chickens from some not so great conditions. Two buff orpington hens and one barred rock rooster - 8 mo old.They're all a little skittish after being cooped up for their entire lives. Looking to re-home them to more humane conditions. I would integrate them with my...
  10. maringirl5

    Rural King Chicks - What are they?

    So once again I feel like I have been duped by the hatchery that Rural King uses! These are my "teenagers" that are about 3 months old (born in April) I picked out and bought 4 Cuckoo Marans, 2 Sapphire Gems and 2 Easter Eggers. One of the EE died after a week so that is why I only have 1 now...
  11. crystalsc

    New in Greenville SC

    Hello. First I’d like to say thanks to this forum for existing. 😄 Every time I Google a question this forum seems to have the best answer. I have some more questions and know I will continue to do so for awhile since I’m a 1st time chicken mom so I thought I’d come out of lurking. (1) Are you...
  12. 2


    Good morning! I am a chicken newbie of one month. My mother raised ducks but I never liked them because they were mean to me as a toddler. We have three single-comb, brown leg, three Columbian Wyandotte, and two Barred Rock. The Wyandottes are the calmest. The three brown leg remind me of the...
  13. alektorophobia

    Unsure of what I ended up with - please help!!

    Hi all. First-time chicken owner and after a lot of lurking, I decided it was probably time to make an account and ask the experts. The long and short is that I got seven chicks back on 4/12/23. They were supposed to be: three barred rocks two speckled sussex one "mystery white" who was a week...
  14. T

    Barred rock buff rock cross

    So I’ve seen a lot of barred rock and buff Orpington crosses but I’m curious about a barred rock and buff Plymouth Rock cross. I’m sure someone has done it. Are the results about the same as the Orpington cross or are they slightly different. Just trying to satisfy my curiosity.
  15. S

    Barred Rocks?

    Hello, I am brand new to chickens and picked up some barred rock pullets about a week ago. The seller said they hatched on April 3. Before we picked up the barred rock chickens, I committed to adopting a friends cockerel. The new cockerel is now home with us, and is separated in an adjacent...
  16. V

    Vincentville Farm saying hello

    I am new to the world of backyard chickens. My first flock is now almost 19 weeks old. I started with 18 Barred Rock chickens. I lost one during the first hot day in their big coop. I was also gifted a Barred Rock/Easter Egger rooster (about a year old) and an Easter Egger hen (5 years old)...
  17. K

    New chicks- hoping for all pullets!

    Hello everyone! I am a first time chicken owner and recently picked up my first 3 about a week ago. I got a Speckled Sussex, Barred Rock, and Red-laced wyandotte (however i've only seen it written Blue-laced, so i'm wondering if that was some sort of typo?) Anyways. They were estimated to be...
  18. S

    Barred Rock pullet or cockerel?

    Hi everyone, New to backyard chickens and I need your help identifying the gender. Some feathers are getting thinner/longer, especially around the neck and tail. Its about 13-14 weeks old. It's also growing a few green/copper feathers. No crowing yet. Could this be a rooster? Thank you.
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