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  1. Barredrocker99

    What’s wrong with my hen?

    This is all regarding my last couple of posts about a sick(?) BR: I still have no idea what’s wrong with my hen, and I’m afraid of not finding out until it’s too late. She’s been relatively lethargic...
  2. Barredrocker99

    Botulism.. Marek’s disease?

    So, I posted a few days ago about a five month old BR that seemed to be getting sick. I thought she was getting better.. thought maybe she was just adjusting to the cold temps or maybe was just about to start laying and was in a bit of pain. That’s definitely not the case. I went out to give the...
  3. Barredrocker99

    First snow

    Hello! We just had a pretty bad rainstorm... about 2 days straight of an absolute downpour. For whatever reason, the two heating lights I have in my coop went out in the rain. My dad thinks it’s a ‘gfi switch’ in which case we’ll just have to wait until it dries then hopefully it’ll come back...
  4. Barredrocker99


    I’m going to attach pictures tomorrow and post something a little more descriptive, but wondered if anyone could help me at the moment. I’ve got a Barred Rock that seems to possibly be getting sick. Not 100% sure about that, but the last few days she’s been a bit lethargic. she’s been the very...
  5. M

    Lavender Orpington Rooster offspring

    Hey Everyone, we are pretty new to chickens and were wondering about breeding. We have a lavender orpington rooster. We have heard that a lavender would produce black offspring. Our hen breeds are golden laced wyandotte, silver laced wyandotte, rhode island red, butf brahma, gold sexlink, and...
  6. LondonKallie

    Barred Rock/Ameraucana Cross

    I have a Barred Ameraucana Cross Rooster, (I'm making this post late at night and don't have a picture so I looked it up) -- which this image is from cackle hatchery and it's classifying this as a Black Sex Link. My two hens are Ameraucana purebreds and I wondered what I'd get if I crossed them...
  7. Barredrocker99

    Love my girls!

    My chickens started laying eggs!
  8. Samilou

    Help! What gender is she/he

    I am new to the backyard chicken life. I got some pulleys and this barred rock I am concerned may be a roo. Can someone possibly help? It is the lighter one.
  9. Chickie friend

    Any guess on gender?

    I have three 10 1/2 week old chicks. I was wondering about gender because we aren't allowed to have roosters. There is one each of a barred rock, a Cuckoo maran, and a buff orpington. They were all bought as pullets but the maran and the Orpington have been kinda chest bumping? The maran is...
  10. Noxious

    Help with sexing my young birds

    Hey everyone. I am new to chicken keeping and have unfortunately run into too many roosters and so I really need opinions on what sex these buff orpington and barred rock birds are so I know if I can keep them or not. Here are my 2 buff orpington chicks, they're about 11 weeks old: And here...
  11. M

    Roo or Hen

    I bought this barred Rock being told it was a rooster. But as it ages, I am not to sure. Does anyone have an idea?
  12. B

    Vet is stumped. Roo or Pullet

    So, My wife and I are new to this whole backyard chicken thing. We did a research, picked our chickens, got approval from the city of Columbus, and even had our chickens checked out for gender by our vet. Three of our chickens came back as ladies. However, one rather big Barred Rock was left...
  13. Smileking0505

    Opinions on gender please! Kinda guessing on breed as well...

    I purchased three random grab-bag day old chicks to put under a broody hen that I had. One of them looks like your typical Easter egger, the other two are kind of a mystery to me. I contacted their breeder and she said they found out a couple of weeks ago that their chicks had more genetic...
  14. 5

    Rooster not crowing and pullets not laying

    Hello all, I have 2 Plymouth Rock pullets and a PR rooster in same coop as 3 Gold Laced Wyandotte hens and a GLW rooster. The GLW hens have been laying for about 3 months but the PR pullets haven't started laying and are a similar age. The PR rooster is huge and crowing but i haven't seen him...
  15. R

    Broken or Bent Toe??

    I have had this barred rock from newborn to now (2 months). Her toe has some kind of odd form that I didn't notice until now which she never had this problem before. Does anyone know if it will affect her/ broken/ or just bent? Thanks
  16. AlphaLupa

    Sexing Barred Rocks

    I have 2 barred rock chicks I really think are pullets but wanted some more opinions. Here are pics of their heads, wings and feet.
  17. BB Hood

    So... I bought a straight run of australorpes....

    Since I wasn't expecting barred rock, (I think)? I am not sure if this is a roo or pullet. All chicks are just under 8 weeks. There are 2 barred rock. Look the same to me. Both a little bigger than my australorpes and leaders of the pack. Any thoughts on genders? Any confirmation on breed...
  18. Plymouth Barred Rock

    Plymouth Barred Rock

    4-5 week old pullet.
  19. Sahraschweiss

    Barred Rocks that feet changed color.

    @MysteryChicken suggested I make a post about my leg color changingbarred rocks. So, here's the story: I have 4 barred rock pullets that I got as chicks from Rural King (Hoover's Hatchery) on May 13th. These chicks still had their egg tooth on them. When we got them, all four had dark wash...
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