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  1. A

    Chicken sick, maybe Ascites

    One of my chickens is apparently really sick - I'm out of town, so my mother is taking care of them, but a hen started to get sick last Friday. She wasn't moving much, and seemed to have trouble walking. At this point, it's apparently progressed to where she can't stand, won't drink water, and...
  2. treebabys

    Update on mystery chicks breed? Gender?

    I have some strong ideas on breed and gender but I wanted to see what you all thought about it. Pretty sure I’ve got a barred rock, White Cochin, golden laced wyandotte, black copper marans, and a mystery brown chick. They are all supposed to be rare or brown egg layers and they came from Murry...
  3. Crazy Pet Lady

    Gender party! Brahmas and Barred Rocks

    6 and a half weeks old! Okay so I have done ALL OF THE RESEARCH. Hours upon hours of reading, looking at the birds, reading some more, and drawing my conclusions. From what I can tell, my Dark Brahmas are all pullets. None display any white patches on their wings, none have solid black feathers...
  4. J

    Hen has dark spots on crown

    Hello, This isn’t incredibly urgent, I’m just new to chicken keeping and am a bit worried. I got 3 hens from a local keeper with a large flock less than a week ago, and one of the barred rocks has these dark spots on her crown that none of the other ones do. I looked up something on it but...
  5. 5-week old Chicks learn to forage for bugs in garden pots

    5-week old Chicks learn to forage for bugs in garden pots

    Chicks love their new 4x8 Chick Tractor, but they do attention need shade and breeze protection, poo scooping, and regular food and water checks. AuntieBellum (Julie Mikalson) goes live often on Fcbk with the growing chicks, Spring 2020. Please just ignore the politics, if your views differ. tyvm.
  6. Delp

    New to Backyard Chickens Website. Excited & Need Help/Opinion:) :)

    Hi Everyone! We brought home pullets 4 years ago and have enjoyed the experience without much drama or challenges. We've decided to grow the family and just brought home two little baby chicks and are quickly realizing, they need A LOT more specialized care than our pullets did! They are so dang...
  7. M

    Help sexing RIR and Barred Rocks

    I’ve gone back and forth on gender. They are four weeks old. Can anyone help me? Four barred rocks and two Rhode Island Reds.
  8. K

    6 Barred Rock Hens Available

    I have 6 barred rock hens available. They are less than a year old. They are currently laying. They are very friendly and well taken care of. I just have too many chickens than I need at the moment. Asking $20 a piece. Located in Stephenson, MI.
  9. Sparklesms

    Jersey Giants? Barred Rock? I'm not sure on a couple. Pullets or Roos?

    I ordered 5 straight run Black Jersey Giants from the local feed store, which ordered from Welp, I believe they said. Got them on May 21, so they're just over 4 weeks old. They all looked pretty much the same when we got them, but as they got their feathers in, one started looking much...
  10. JMarieEclectically

    Hi from Middle Tennessee

    Hi everyone! My name is Jodi. We have a small urban homestead in Middle Tennessee. We've had our Pekin duck (Dandelion) for the last year and recently decided it was time to add some chickens. We currently have 6 baby barred rock chicks and depending on how many are pullets/cockerels, we hope to...
  11. mandymcg05

    Blue Copper Marans x Barred rock

    Just for shits and giggles, what would a blue copper maran hen and A barred rock rooster make? Any pictures? I’ve tried looking it up and only find black copper maran mixes.
  12. Littlesquare

    The Happy Hart Chicken Flock: Meet the Flockers

    Hello! I've been on here not quite so long, but I feel like I've been asking so many question about my chickens, so I figured I'd join the discussion and introduce them to you! I also thought it would be nice to document our first flock so that we can come back and look at our starting point and...
  13. B

    Hen or roo?

    Hello! First time posting here....I live in a smaller neighborhood that does not allow roosters. Sadly I had to give away what I thought was a hen this morning...he was definitely a rooster (longer tail, crowing in the morning) and when I got back from his new home my little lady in the pic, to...
  14. Nendei

    Barnyard Mixes!

    If this isn’t allowed here, feel free to remove and such, I’m not really sure where to post this. I have some barnyard mixes that I’d like to sell! They are 4 days old. Straight run. Barred Rock / Jersey Giant mixes. We also have two 5 - 6 week young friendly roosters available as well. Pick up...
  15. T

    New to Barred Rocks-Gender check

    These sweeties are around 3 months old. My belief is that I have 1 hen and 5 roos. I had them pulled from a straight run and luck/knowledge wasn't on my side. One is definitely full roo and beginning to crow. One is a definite hen. The other four I'm almost positive are roos, but not sure. Can...
  16. S

    Need help identifying!

    Hey! so my favorite babies are growing combs and one has wattles pretty much overnight! I live in Philly and my neighbors are cool with hens but roos will be a real problem-real quick lol. They are 8 weeks old and are sweet as can be. In the coop and run they get along perfectly! As soon as...
  17. M

    Are these males? Or just different feathered females?

    Hi I have 6 barred rock chicks and noticed that two of them have different feather patterns than the rest of them. I hope they aren’t Roos but if they are is still love them. I’m just trying to figure out if they are or not!
  18. MamaGer8ty

    Oreo or Johnny Cash?

    I have another one ladies and gentlemen! This is my 6 wk barred rock. I have another one but the comb and wattle aren’t anywhere near this red color which makes me think this barred rock baby is Johnny Cash instead of Oreo. Your thoughts?
  19. thekeetlady

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello! After many years of going onto this site to troubleshoot and learn, I decided to join the community! I’m a chicken and guinea owner from New York and we’ve owned chickens on and off in the past years. However, this year our flock is bigger than ever and I’m very excited to watch them grow...
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