1. K

    Ameraucana Hens x Buff Orpington Rooster

    I’m planning on hatching out some chicks that are out of a white Ameraucana and two wheaten Ameraucanas, they are being covered by a buff Orpington rooster. What would eggs look like and has anyone tried this combo and have pictures of grow outs? Thanks in advance!
  2. Little Chicken Lady

    What breed laid this egg?

    Hey guys! We got our first egg today! I have five hens that are of laying age and I can't figure out which one laid this giant egg! We have a barred rock, a blue copper maran, a production red, a silver laced wyandotte, and a light brown leghorn. I think I have narrowed it down to either the...
  3. J

    Quail eggs day 4 dont know if theyre making progress

    Hello, so usps delivered my quail eggs late and the 10 days high fertility rate passed, i got the eggs on the 11th day so i wanted to put them in the incubator as fast as possible so i let them set for like 1 hr, today is day 4 candling and im not sure if the egg is making progress.
  4. sjhart18

    Brown spots on quail eggs seem to be rubbing off

    I'm day two incubating coturnix quail eggs (off white with brown spotting) and some of the brown areas, especially around the blunt end, are kind of flaking off in tiny particles?? it happened just from turning them, and out of curiosity I rubbed a spot a little and it was very rough. I’ll...
  5. WolfLady

    Air pocket huge size difference?

    Hi! I'm currently incubating 12 eggs, some white eggs (from mosaic chickens), some blue eggs (wheaten ameraucana) and some brown eggs (red hen with legbar roo). The air pockets on the white and blue eggs are growing about the same. On the brown eggs... they're suuuuuper tiny. Is it normal to...
  6. Anime2lover

    Double yolker hatching

    Our newest currently laying hens have been laying these huge double yolkers that we decided to try and hatch with our silkies. We put six in their all together and four out of six have significant growth. Their mothers are the supposed Cali whites that look like amberlinks. Their fathers could...
  7. Jetfisk

    What is this? (inside an egg)

    Hello everybody One of my young Maran girls gave me this egg today. It was very small and had this on the inside. Does anybody know what this is?
  8. egibsch

    Who laid this egg?

    Egg in the lower right corner of pic: We have 7 chickens. We have 3 easter eggers (2 green layers and 1 blue). We have 1 silver laced wyandotte, 1 speckled Sussex, 2 Buckeyes. We've been keeping a chart of our eggs and notices that we have a light brown egg (we suspect the Sussex) and a brown...
  9. J

    Brinsea Mini ii Advance

    Brinsea Mini ii Advance Incubator $175.00 Condition is used; i used it for 3 hatchings. It will do 7 chicken eggs, or more smaller eggs if you get a different tray . Unit works great. Message if any more info needed . I will ship at your expense .
  10. LizzzyJo

    Long-term winter egg storage - how long?

    I haven’t had an egg laid since October 11!!! Hard molt + lessened sunlight has put my whole flock on strike. I have 1 dozen left unwashed in the fridge from October 11. I am still floating and shaking each one before cracking and then using my senses to be sure of freshness. What’s your long...
  11. M

    Deformed egg

    Hi there! This deformed egg was in the nesting box this morning. It had blood on the outside and when I picked it up it was soft and yolk came out of if. It was quite small as well. Is this a corrugated egg? It’s the closest I can find but am not sure. Thank you!!
  12. HorsesRMe123

    Massive Egg!

    A few days ago we got a massive egg from one of our RIRs Cinnamon. It turned out to be a double yoker! My first ever double yoker! Just thought I’d share. 😁
  13. ChickenMasta1105

    When do I start feeding my pullets eggshells?

    Hi! My pullet chick is 9 or 10 week old, and I am wondering when I should start feeding her eggshells for calcium. Also, before anyone points out, yes , I know I will mash it so it is not recognizable as an eggshell. Also please tell me the quantity I should feed them per day, and how many days...
  14. Agam

    How much day after of chicken noisy lay first egg

    How much day after of chicken Get noisy lay egg? First egg
  15. amynw

    Chicken is just dropping out soft eggs?

    Hello, I have a 21 week old Midnight Majesty Maran along with 12 other assorted chickens. Theyve been laying for a few weeks now. Recently, I have watched her have 3 soft eggs. When I say she has them, she just drops them out. Whatever shes doing, they just drop out. She doesnt squak and make...
  16. BigSkyDreamer

    WTB Red Bourbon Turkey eggs

    I am looking to buy a dozen fertilized red bourbon turkey eggs for hatching. I know it's out of season now but I am trying to reach out now so when it IS season, I have a contact... I really would rather buy quality from a local bird lover/small time farmer/homesteader rather than a big...
  17. Catbutts

    When my Brahma going to lay egg?

    Hello. I got two 4 months old light brahma on July 6, and it's been a while now but they didn't show any sign of egg laying. (They are around 33 weeks old now) Ps. The chicken that in the picture is not the same chicken
  18. NotNHChicken

    26 weeks old BA first egg!

    Hello all, I posted a couple of weeks back about our first time, 10 BA pullets, 25 weeks old not laying yet. Well our day arrived! Our first egg! :wee:woot The whole family is super excited! Thank you all for being supportive and helping us be patient. Now we wait to see how many more...
  19. Suburban-nite

    First Copper Maran Egg

    We got our first speckled dark brown egg from our Alchemist Farm Copper Maran today! We got her this past May. The egg is so pretty.
  20. NanaB15

    *Pictures* 2 year old Dominique with RED but/vent! *HELP*

    I noticed yesterday she was acting odd. Still eating, drinking a bit more than usual. Today I looked at her bum, because she's been acting broody and is also molting, and seen her butt/vent looked as it did. I sprayed some Medicine on her bum and vent area. She's just chilling in her spot right...
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