1. Blue egg.jpg

    Blue egg.jpg

    Cream Legbar egg in center, Easter Egger egg at the 5 PM position.
  2. R

    Ducks quit laying eggs?

    Hello all this is Rebecca and it is my first time raising ducks. We have five cayucas in total four females and one male. They seem to all be getting along well after integrating my older 3 ducks with my younger two ducks born in May and August respectively. The new transition together was late...
  3. cluckmecoop7

    The Clucky Coop Adventures - 2020 CHAT

    Hello, :frow Welcome! Want some mealworms? This thread is called "The Clucky Coop Adventures". This is my 2020 chat/updates thread. I'm hoping to update it daily. I will be sharing **LOTS** of pictures and stories + updates and questions. I'll start with my pets: I have a small flock of six...
  4. G

    Brown chicken eggs

    What chicken breeds lay this kind of colored egg?
  5. SBFChickenGirl

    Shipped eggs, Air cells, and Hatch-a-long

    I recently bought 18 eggs from a Dutch bantam breeder. I have never hatched shipped eggs before. Some of the air cells are "saddled" and others are not attached. I have read that you have to put these eggs in egg cartons on day 18. But what about beforehand? Do they need a different humidity...
  6. T

    Incubator question

    Hey everyone! I'm new to emu and I'm trying to source an incubator with an automatic egg turner. I really only need to hatch 2 (maybe 4 if possible) so would rather not go for a huge cabinet incubator. Thanks!!
  7. servpolice

    2020 Gosling Hatch-A-Long

    So, I was waiting for someone to make this thread but I got a suprise this morning on the 1st of January 2020 which forced me to start the 2020 Gosling Hatch-A-Long :) I've never had a goose egg this early and everyone here is suprised but yet again not suprised because the mating, fighting and...
  8. C

    *warning graphic, deceased bird* question about cause of death. Solid eggs inside

    Hi all, we lost our Bridget Jones last month. She became lethargic and her tummy was full of a syrup-like liquid. Eventually she couldn't jump and she was struggling to breathe. We thought we found a tumour inside, but we're quite alarmed to find two solid/cooked eggs inside her, see pics. Does...
  9. emmagat

    Soft-Shelled/Shell-less Eggs

    Hello All! I have a bantam easter egger that is a year + a few months old. She seems very healthy and isn’t picked on or bullied by anyone else in the flock. However, I notice that every once in a while (which is too common for my liking), she’ll lay a soft shelled or completely shell-less egg...
  10. M

    New layers, confused on where to lay?

    Hi all! So i have a mixed flock of 8 chickens and 4 ducks. Everyone just started laying and a lot of them are doing so good laying in the nesting boxes. I have two that will not which is odd. They all share a coop and backyard. One (I think my sapphire gem) likes to lay on the floor but only...
  11. M

    Who laid this morning?

    So I know it was one of my 4 ducks! It was a small white duck egg. My silver appleyard has been laying her big eggs and my runner just started up her greenish eggs. My last two are muscovy and magpie. I'm thinking it was my magpie since she's 7-8 months old and my muscovy is 5-6 months old and...
  12. isabellaaddison

    FOUND 8 Muscovy duck eggs! 2 are turning dark need advice please.

    My favorite muscovy duck was killed by a raccoon close to my front yard. I was thinking about it, wondering why she was always hanging out by the front of my house and not by the water. I thought maybe she had a nest. Sure enough, I took a look around and found her nest. I recovered 8 eggs in...
  13. M

    How to determine who is laying?

    Hello again I'm back at it with my wacky questions! So I have 4 ducks, a runner, silver appleyard, muscovy, and magpie/pekin (we think?), how can I tell who is laying based on behavior or looks rather than picking them up and feeling pelvic bones? I don't like to have to chase after them and...
  14. BeccaDoe

    First Egg Hype!!

    I was not expecting them to lay until next year because of the temperature and dwindling light. But I found the first egg in the coop they don't sleep in!! It's beautiful! I'm not sure which of the six laid it, but woo!! Feel free to add your first egg pictures too! (And because I'm a...
  15. MasterZii

    Duck died suddenly... Any idea what caused it?

    We had a ~6 month old Swedish Black (possible cayuga mix, she was pretty green) and a very large duck. Up until last week, we thought she was a he because oh her green feathers and large size. Then she began to lay eggs and surprise! She's always had a lot of energy and the day before she died...
  16. M

    New layer... Frequency?

    Hey all! So my sweet ancona laid her first egg yesterday! We didn't get one today, how often should we expect to get eggs from her? One of our ducks is laying daily so we're a little spoiled.
  17. C

    6 healthy, 1 year old layer hens need a good home, SF Bay Area

    We love our ladies, but we are blessed to be having a second child and it's turned out to be too much work for us to handle our next transition! Beautiful hens, healthy, all good layers, fed all organic feed since we raised them from chicks. Pickup or delivery if you're close. We live just...
  18. M

    New layer behavior

    So we think our ancona layed her first egg earlier today! She's our only white egg chicken and there was a small white egg in front of their coop. She's been making a loud sound I've never heard her do before. She made a little nest spot and sat for a while and did what we thought was egg song...
  19. M

    New duck egg production

    So I'm getting a new duck and she's going to be laying age (all my other girls are about to lay), will I see a pause in production during the transition between farm and adjusting to her new home?
  20. Angileen

    Pictures of eggs and what breed of chicken laid them.

    I would like to start a thread for people to upload pictures of their eggs with the breed that laid them. I think it may help some people to decide what breeds to buy for the kind of eggs they would like in their egg basket. I wanted a variety of colored eggs just because it's fun! Here is a...
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