1. G

    New and Need help!

    Hi! New and need help! My name is Gemma and I have a very small flock of sweet chickens. We are currently in the process of hatching a gosling egg too but are having some difficulties. We can not see through the shell. No matter what light used. is the shell too thick? The egg smells fresh and...
  2. I

    Chicken slitting on eggs and eating them

    Hello, This is my first time raising chickens... A few days ago, the hen laid 11 eggs. After 7 days, I found only 6 eggs and the egg shells. I think the hen is eating her eggs while she is incubating. What is the solution? Thank!
  3. C

    Brown stuff in egg?

    Hi, not sure where exactly to share this post, but I was wondering if anyone has an idea about what this brown stuff is in this egg? I’ve gotten a few like this before.
  4. M

    What in the world is on my egg?

    My girls are out on 1 acre pasture for the summer. Found this egg in my horse hay, definitely laid today by my Midnight Majesty Marans. Hen is just over 1 yo, has been laying since last fall. Have yet to see anything like it. The weirdness is question is not attached to the egg.
  5. PeaEggThief

    Serial Perch Bomber - Any Suggestions?

    I have a 6 year old hen who seems to be making a habit out of perch bombing her eggs this year. Three have bit the dust so far. She's never had a perch bomb other than her first year laying, so I'm not sure why she has decided to go rogue now. - She has a grass privacy screen up against one...
  6. M

    Half dark half light

    I have an egg that’s half and half. When I move it a small amount moves. Like fluid the size of my pinky but the black blob is almost stuck. Is this a dud?
  7. SolarDuck

    Soft egg binding

    Hey all long time no see, 4 days ago my ducko pipsqueak laid a pretty nasty looking soft shell egg in the pool so I've been giving her daily calcium supplements since, but the next day I noticed it looked like another egg was in her chamber and after feeling it through her it is clearly another...
  8. GlicksChicks

    What are Your Go-To Recipes for Using Up Eggs?

    I have an abundance of eggs and I have been looking for egg recipes and most are the same recipe just add a different vegetable or seasoning. So, what is everyone's go-to egg recipe? Let's discuss recipes that you have found that use up eggs, recipes you enjoy, and ones you find yourself...
  9. WaterfowlsPoultry

    Hen became a mom, First time having chicks, any tips?

    Hello everybody, I have a black australorp hen (I think) that layed eggs, sat on them for a while, we thought they would not ever hatch, and we were having issues because my cousin decided to grab random eggs and stuff them inside the nest where my chicken was, so now we don't know what's a...
  10. G

    (EMERGENCY) Hen with broken egg inside body

    I noticed she was lethargic and had a penguin stance. When I picked her up I immediately saw clear egg yolk-mucus goop out of her vent, which looked enlarged. She was quickly declining so I soaked her in epsom salt and tried to feel around for an egg with a lubricated gloved finger. I couldn't...
  11. M

    Matching the chicken to the egg

    Hey guys!! My girls started laying and this is the first year for some!! I purchased a couple olive eggers last year. And I think one ended up laying blue eggs. I heard somewhere that the earlobes of your chicken can help dictate what color egg they lay (is this true?) Here is the color...
  12. J

    No vent holes on chinese incubator

    I have a 35$ cheapo incubator for my first hatch, 10 out of 12 eggs have embryos and I'm on day 18. I've seen reviews of this one with fluffy chicks running around inside that also had ducks in the same batch so I think I'm good but there's no obvious ventilation. Unless the lip around the dome...
  13. E

    Duck died

    Hey, I have five ducks and haven’t had any issues with them, really. They are about a year and held old. A few months ago one became egg bound and it took a few hours and she was fine after laying. Then the other day I had another one become egg bound and she was fine within an hour. I just went...
  14. xKaitlin

    Identifying Fertilised Duck Eggs???

    Hello everyone, my duckies are turning 1 year old soon and started laying a month or two ago, they have been building nests so I am going to let them go broody. Although I am having trouble identifying if the eggs are fertilised or not. I have 1 drake and three ducks shown below. My drake...
  15. lancasterflock

    What is this smell!!??! Ahhhh!!!

    I just got a message from my aunt saying that one of my eggs smelled like bleach. She sent me a pic of the shell and it looks lightly brown on the inside. I have never ran into this before so naturally I am kind of freaking out as I do sell my eggs. I use no chemicals around my flock, coop/run...
  16. JustAChickenMom4

    What do I do with all these eggs?

    Lots of eggs, we have tried selling eggs and there’s no hope for that (we don’t live in a neighborhood) what can I do with all these extra eggs?? SO MANY EGGS, we have ducks and chickens and not even that many so why do I have so many :jumpy🥚🥚🥚 also is that what an egg attack is..??
  17. Papaye

    Indian Runner Ducks - Colours of eggs

    Hello. I have some questions about genetic, but ONE in particular... and maybe stupid, but I'm curious, and actually really hoping something very specific... So... Out of my four first Indian Runner ducks - all of them being born in Spring 2022 -, two are females... One of these females is...
  18. Melko

    What should I do with all these eggs?

    Eggs n' toast, scrambled, sunnyside, boiled, steamed, Shakshuka, cooked into pancakes, waffles, pastries, eggnog, pickled in a jar... We're a family of seven and we're getting more eggs than we can eat. It's reached a point where I'm the only one eating any. I love eggs, I can eat them for...
  19. DovesFlock

    Yet Another Hatch-a-long (December 2023)

    I just a got an incubator and with the new additions to the flock and a new layer I ended up collecting 31 eggs. (The incubator can hold up to 41 for future reference) That being said it’s time to pick an egg! Here’s how it’ll work: - I will give the numbers that’s on each egg. - I will...
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