1. Puddingtheamericana

    Is this duck egg fertile?

    i recently made a post about a duck egg i found on uc davis campus. so i have been incubating the egg for 7 days now, a week, and based on duck egg incubation progression charts i’ve seen there should be some noticeable veins by now. i cant really see anything, the egg looks like this when...
  2. U

    Strange egg from my 2 year old Buff Orpington

    So I checked my girls eggs yesterday and found this. Anyone understand how this happens, Looks crazy with that almost perfect line cut all the way around it. Thanks
  3. ThatChickenLady708

    Please help!

    I have a hen that's had some trouble with laying eggs lately. Today I went to check on them since it's been raining & give them some mash. She was up on a perch by herself with her wings dropped (touching the branch). She is a weird one who will lay ANYWHERE! So I took a second to see if I...
  4. Puddingtheamericana

    Abandoned egg found on UC Davis Campus

    I found a mystery egg on UC Davis campus, I’m fairly sure it’s a duck egg. I was recently at the UC Davis campus because my class was going on a camping trip and we stopped at a park/garden area for lunch on the campus. I noticed a lot of smashed and crushed white eggs along the paths in this...
  5. H

    Eggs with holes

    Hi everyone. One of my Golden Comets has been laying some strange eggs lately. She often lays ones with bumps (calcium deposits) and I don't really mind. I still eat them. But lately, she has laid a few with these strange holes/divets in them, and I don't know what this is. I tried searching...
  6. Chick_Crazy

    Soft Shelled Egg Daily

    Posting this again on injuries forum😊 Hello! I have a hen who has been laying soft shelled eggs for awhile now, but since recent she has been laying them everyday. What I notice is, that she is fine in the morning once I let the flock out, but when evening comes, she slows down...she goes to...
  7. Tiltom

    !!!!Baffled! Broody duck had eggs, now none!???

    This is day 4 of broody duck Tater Tot and maybe broody duck Feather Locklear. I went to go mark her eggs this morning bc she has not been off of her nest only to find NO eggs!! There were 5 or 6 eggs that I could see on day 1 & 2, I'm sure she had more buried. I am baffled. I feel bad bc I did...
  8. Chick_Crazy

    Soft shelled eggs daily

    Hello! I have a hen who has been laying soft shelled eggs for awhile now, but since recent she has been laying them everyday. What I notice is, that she is fine in the morning once I let the flock out, but when evening comes, she slows down...she goes to bed, then passes the egg. The next...
  9. chunandsnuggles

    What the heck is in this egg?

    My 3 year old california white hen laid this in a soft shell this morning- What's inside??? Looks like a white rock, and a blood clump with tissue in it. My main concern is her safety, her reproductive system has always been a little funky which I know can turn dangerous real quick.
  10. rjmyooper

    Not new to BYC. New to birds.

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Many of you know me a little, and I'm grateful for your help and friendship. I've never done one of these interviews, so I feel as if I skipped a step. New to Ducks. I'm getting 12 Khaki Campbell Ducklings on June1st. Already...
  11. maarijke

    Weird egg white splat found a second time

    One time I found a wet splat, no yolk, no shell, inside a nesting box. We have pellets and straw in the nesting boxes. Some golf balls. There are two laying hens who live together. One gifted to us who is a leghorn and another rescue black something who knows? Australorp Marans? The black hen...
  12. ThatChickenLady708


    Earlier one if my hens was acting sort of sleepy. She is usually a little jerk & tries to attack me (to the extent of spurring me) or "shuffles" around me. I thought it was odd that she wasn't being rude, instead she came & sat on the arm of my chair. A bit later she moved to a tree they all...
  13. B

    Muscovy duck egg in incubator: turning or tilting? What about weight loss of the eggs?

    Dear muscovy duck owners, after several successful batches of chickens, I will try to hatch muscovy ducks. However, I am not sure if I can put them in the automatic egg turner which only tilts the eggs 45 degrees or so. Does this work with muscovy duck eggs? And so far a have not found anything...
  14. OrlandoMama

    Is this a new egg type or just random speckles?

    I went to collect eggs and found two eggs that were speckled. I currently do not have any adults that would normally be laying speckled eggs yet I have two girls that are 12-13 weeks old. One I’m not sure exactly what she is and the other is an easter egger but I know it’s highly unlikely that...
  15. NubbyRyuu

    FouMy First Soft-Shelled Egg This Morning

    Pretty sure it was my Leilei. I snapped her out of being broody in the past week, and she's been back-and-forth having a full crop at night. She has good weight on her, and she looks and acts fine. Contents of the egg was a normal egg white. I've been giving my babies a teaspoon of Rooster...
  16. Snowy Canadian

    Hen lays rubber eggs every night while roosting

    Hello, I noticed one night a few weeks ago when putting my chickens away at night that one of my hens was acting strange and looked like it was squatting while roosting. I was a little confused and then it just layed an egg right there on the roosting stand. She had laid a shell less rubber egg...
  17. The chicken nurd

    Is it normal for an adult hen to lay tiny eggs

    I have one maybe two 1 year old hens who still lay tiny “pullet” eggs it’s not a big deal but anyone have any idea why Photos: The white hen I know lays these eggs the other two are suspects
  18. S

    Pulled a membrane from vent

    I went to check for eggs and disturbed my barred rock. When she was done I noticed a stringy thing hanging from her vent and she was struggling to get it out so I put on a glove and helped her. Yesterday she laid an egg with a thin shell and blood inside not just a speck but streaks throughout...
  19. BookThief

    Quail eggs stopped developing, what could be wrong?

    My partner and I got 12 quail eggs to hatch, and 6 chicken eggs. Of the quail eggs, all but 1 began to develop, then they all stopped. They haven't been growing for a while, then we realized they had all died. The chicken eggs are still doing perfectly fine, with no issue. We have the chicken...
  20. Chrifister

    DIY Incubator Advice

    Hey everyone, We were on the lookout for a cabinet incubator this year (because you can't have enough incubators!) and couldn't find a professional one for a reasonable price so we decided to make one. Got the wine cooler second hand for cheap, most other parts came from Amazon. -Danby...
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