1. G

    I don't want to get rid of my rooster!

    I am new to chickens and have a small flock of 7 hens and 1 rooster (started with 8 non-sexed chicks). My Rhode Island Red rooster "Eric" is fairly tame. He has chased my boys, but they are learning to stand up to him, plus my German Shepherds protect them (non-violently and semi-hilariously)...
  2. MizzHen

    Oops, Two Roosters- need advice

    Hello, when one of my hens became broody, my kids convinced me to get three chicks to make her happy. I ended up with a straight run and two grew up to be roosters. They’re about seven months old now and crow back and forth nonstop. They get along with each other as brothers and rarely...
  3. J

    Brinsea Mini ii Advance

    Brinsea Mini ii Advance Incubator $175.00 Condition is used; i used it for 3 hatchings. It will do 7 chicken eggs, or more smaller eggs if you get a different tray . Unit works great. Message if any more info needed . I will ship at your expense .
  4. H

    Rooster with a broken leg

    Hi, I'm new to posting here, though I've been reading this forum for a while now, and it's always so helpful! Now I'm looking for a bit of guidance/support, as our beautiful Buckeye rooster broke his leg somehow this past weekend. We were away when it happened, and our neighbor was tending the...
  5. aarchambeau

    Handmade Chicken Figurines

    These are handmade chicken paperweights. They have a weighted ball-bearing inside. Clay sculpted and painted. Some breeds include: • Rhode Island Red • Plymoth Rock • Lavender Orpington • Buffalo Orpington • Leghorn Message me for other images or if you're interested.
  6. G

    Rhode Island Red? Pullet or Cockerel?

    11 weeks old, got him/her from Atwoods
  7. Rabi Gabriel

    Update on : New to BYC. Desperately in need of Advice/Guidance

    Pepper (his name) wounds are healing in speed whereas the huge patches at the back and under the wing are goin to take time. What should I feed him/her to not just heal but gain strength quickly & be warm during this cold. [I'm grateful to all those who reached out to guide me.]
  8. alknoll

    Do Barred Plymouth Rock roosters have blue tail feathers?

    I am deciding which breed rooster to add to my flock and saw a beautiful photo online of a BPR roo that had some blue tail feathers. Is that common or did someone cross BPR with another breed to achieve that? thanks!
  9. delectablegal

    Beautiful Bantam Rooster in Orange County, CA - 5 months old

    Not sure of exact breed but we were told he was a bantam hen. My daughter raised him from just a couple days old and named him Lilly. Just found out Lilly is not a female. Have renamed him Bob. We live in the city and cannot keep him unfortunately. We are devastated but he has to go. He's very...
  10. Run cycle behind poppies.

    Run cycle behind poppies.

    Rooster run cycle behind poppy flowers. Simple, and kinda pretty.
  11. A


    Pretty sure it’s a boy but the comb hasn’t grown very much so now I’m not sure. I’m also pretty sure it’s a lace wyandotte
  12. B

    Roo or Pullet?

    Hi, I have a Plymouth rock chicken. I thinks he’s a rooster but he’s not crowing like the others and he’s much calmer and is never involved in any of the pecking. I know some hens of this breed have combs and wattles so I’m unsure. What do you think?
  13. Gwyllen

    What breed is this rooster?

    This is my rooster Captain Milo, I hatched him and 5 other chicks from eggs which was given to me. He is about 6th months old, a very gentle boy and so handsome! Thing is I have no idea what breed he is. The other 5 chickens I have already identified, but not him. The farm which I got the eggs...
  14. B

    Help with chicken breed and sex!

    Hi, Have what I think are 3 boys - grey, black and white and two girls - white and brown. Have no idea on breeds, and would like to know if my assumptions on the genders are correct! What I think is a rooster (the black one with white bits - doesn’t crow like the other two and is VERY calm so...
  15. lavenderforluck

    Re-homing advice (Black Copper Maran cockerels)

    We have three beautiful Black Copper Maran cockerels who were hatched in September who are getting ready for their own flocks. They free range and have been raised on non-GMO feed. Does anyone have advice on finding them good homes? I recognize re-homing roosters can be tough as not everyone is...
  16. A

    Frost bitten rooster

    I’m sorry this is probably a common problem among northern chickens but my rooster has a blister on the top part of his comb and the entire comb is looking quite pale. We had a night that reached 3F the other day and last night maxed out around 10F. I’m assuming it’s the start of frostbite. What...
  17. Saaniya

    Added Two Baby Chicks With My Pet Roosters But They Are Not Accepting Them

    Hi I rescued two baby chicks (males) maybe 1-2 day old with my indoor pet Roosters but they probably not liking them and not accepting them one of my rooster tootoo is actually behaving like " Quite , Sad Or Nervous Seeing The chicks " What should I do to let them accept as their kid or...
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