1. fuzzi

    Were You Attacked and Injured by YOUR Rooster?

    For those who were attacked and injured by their own rooster, please respond. My rooster attacked me in the face, just missed my eye. I'm not keeping him, but would appreciate input from others.
  2. Papaye

    BRAHMA : How many hens per rooster

    Hello. So... I know this person who is going to cull some beautiful roosters on the weekend... and he did ask me if I wanted to buy one of them. And after thinking about it : if weather allows me to get out of my area in the next days, I plan to buy 1, maybe 2 one-year-old Brahma roosters - so...
  3. A

    Silkie roosters needs a forever home!

    Meet Pickles. This handsome man is an 8 month old silkie roo looking for a forever home. He is such a sweet boy I hate that I have to re-home him. Rooberty hit my flock hard these past few weeks. Pickles and my big roo have decided they are no longer friends. It never went beyond feather pulling...
  4. TheHerbs3

    Rooster with very swollen eye? Help!

    Hi. I'm not sure what's wrong with this rooster and I would greatly appreciate some assistance. FYI this isn't my rooster, he belongs to the rescue I work at. The rooster is of unknown age, and is probably a barnyard mix. He lives with a mix of other farm animals (chickens, ducks, geese...
  5. C

    Too Many Roos - How to Best Cover Them for Cold Temps?

    I had some hens go broody last summer and sat on the eggs for a while. Then they abandonded them so I put the eggs in a brooder. Of the nine that survived, I got five roosters hatched this past August. I have a coop/run large enough for them all, but the roosters aren't getting along any more...
  6. Cheetah Chicks

    Molting from over 6 Months or just Hen Crazy

    My rooster is a rare pure breed Groninger Meuween from Netherlands. His name is Tiger, literally a pet nearly two years.Follows me on the street ,we go out on a morning walk even went on a road trip from London to Scotland. Also travelled in a train. Now his molting situation is worrisome. He...
  7. M

    Need help with options for over eager rooster

    We have 2 roosters. One small and one large one. Both the same age. We have 10 hens all about the same age as well. In November my big rooster got ahold of one hen and when trying to mate with her bit her neck too hard and broke skin. When we noticed it had been a couple days and the other...
  8. MegTheHenEggQueen

    Who am I and what is my gender :-)

    Smaller 3 (2 brown and 1 black) are just shy of 5 months old and all the others are almost 7 months old. Ok we will have photo overload today in this thread. I typically know 100% the sex of the chicken. But when it comes to Easter Eggers I sometimes am clueless. I will post some Easter Eggers...
  9. cluck queen

    What are we? Feather legged purebred something from TSC.

    I bought this guy from tsc. Not sure if he was an andalusian or black copper maran but I swear I bought him as a black copper maran. Attached is another rooster I was gifted. Not sure what he is either. And he also has feathered legs. What are they lol the last one I believe Is a giant hen. She...
  10. A

    Rooster and large red bump

    Our rooster recently started to get slower. He originally began to have troubles walking and now he just can’t walk on his own. Pleas help ! I have no idea what this is other than possibly a feather cyst but I’m not so sure
  11. KerriChick

    Ancona hen with HUGE wattles and comb...

    She is my only white egg layer, and has been laying last year and just started up again. I know Anconas are supposed to have big floppy combs but hers are gimongous with super big wattles(see photo) and she looks like a rooster! She has also started to boss the other chickens around more. She is...
  12. W

    Rooster circling a previous sick hen

    A few days ago we removed, what we thought, was egg bound hen. We took her inside and did all the tricks that we were told to do. She never passed an egg but she was pooping and looked better so we put her back in the coop. Immediately my rooster started to circle her. We left her in there...
  13. Y

    Possible Easter Egger Cockerel

    this is my first flock, and i’ve identified this “hen” as an easter egger due to the green legs, however the tail feathers are starting to make me think “she” is a “he”. Comb and wattle say hen (IMO) but like i said, first time raising chickens since i was 8-10 years old, so could use the expert...
  14. Tanya22

    Rooster has runny nose and slight heavy breathing.

    Hello everyone! My rooster Brownie is 5 years old and today I observed that he was opening his beak a little bit to breathe (not always but from time to time though right now it has stopped) and was making light sounds while doing it. It sounded alarm bells in my head so I'm posting this. I put...
  15. O

    Infertile Roosters

    Hi I have barred rocks and I would like a rooster to protect my flock. However, my wife won’t eat or use fertilized eggs.. no conversation here or options “it is what it is”as my boss use to say! Is there any type of Rooster you can get that won’t or can’t fertilize a hens eggs? Thank you!
  16. M

    Rooster not aggressive to me but sometimes mean to hens

    I have a rooster who is 20 months old. He is not aggressive with me. I'm able to come into coop and run and he doesn't attack me.i have seen him not be nice to some of my hens so much that some of my hens rather stay crated up. But I don't want to raise chickens all crated up; I want them to be...
  17. gwells1980

    The majority of my flock killed in one night

    I had 1 adult speckled Sussex rooster, 1 adult speckled Sussex hen, 1 adult sapphire gem hen, 1 adult buff orpington, 1 adult sapphire gem / speckled Sussex cross, 1 adult orpington / Sussex cross, and 6 nearly fully grown wyadottes bullets. They free ranged in my yard and get put up at night...
  18. 16 and me

    What does your Rooster say?

    Call me naive, but I used to think all roosters would sound the same. And then I got chickens 🤭 I was surprised to hear different variations from each of 3 boys. It got me wondering how many variations are there? I'd love to know what your roos and cockerels say! Here's my 3 boys: Pedro, my...
  19. H

    Prairie Bluebell Frizzle cross???

    Could this guy indeed be a frizzled prairie bluebell cross? I took him in yesterday for a standard frizzle project pen. The lady said he came from Tractor Supply in April and was an Easter egger. I know Easter Eggers are mixes but I always am curious what those mixes are when I get new birds...
  20. I

    My 7 month old Cockerel Cuckoo Maran Comb Black

    His comb has a strange black thing on some of the tips, I’m not sure what it is. It is very cold outside, but he is a cold hardy breed, so I am not sure.
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