1. M

    Could I have a unicorn?

    Recently (yesterday) adopted a small flock (currently no birds) and everyone is doing great! A sweet rooster came with the 4 hens who is about 5. The previous owners are friends and are VERY good pet owners! All birds are healthy and have had no issues. The roo has been here for 24 hours and has...
  2. D

    Can you have a silkie rooster with average sized hens?

    Hello! I was curious... can you have a silkie rooster with average sized hens? Here's a list of hens that we have: 6 Buff orpingtons 1 Swedish Flower hen 1 Bielefelder 2 Jersey Giants 1 Barred Rock 1 Black Star 2 Easter Eggers 3 Wyandottes We have never had any problems with our hens. They...
  3. Sylvia0223

    How to stop rooster from jumping on a hen

    I just want to know how to stop a young rooster he is only 19 weeks old from jumping on my hen who is also a 19 weeks old, is there a way to stop roosters from jumping ? I don’t want to get rid of him cause he is so sweet but I don’t want him to hurt my hen ( I guess they can injure hens pretty...
  4. tinydinos

    Rooster rough breathing, painful pooping

    My 3 year old Japanese bantam rooster presented with a limp about a month ago, right around when the weather turned cold and wet. I brought him inside, found when bathing his undercarriage in an effort to find the (invisible) source of the limp that he had a breast blister which looked painful...
  5. mybackyardhobbyfarm

    Polish rooster - what colour would you call this ?

    Hi, so I have this guy… supposedly a white crested Cuckoo Polish but he obviously has another colour tone mixed in. My questions: Is their a name for this colour pattern ? If I breed to a standard white crested cuckoo hen am I going to get gold colour leakage ?
  6. ThatChickenLady708

    Possible frostbite

    I have a bantam rooster (I'm not sure what breed he is) that may have possibly gotten frostbite this morning. 🙁 His brother that is the same breed had black tips on his comb ever since he was a baby, but this just popped up today. We had a cold morning, under 20°. Is this permanent damage? Or...
  7. GryphonXV

    My sweet roo Pepeto sometimes makes this crying noise - Help?

    Sooooo, these little cute babies are my pets and they frequently come to visit me on my room as you can see. They both like to sleep near me, that's what was happening in the video (and that's why they look sleepy). So, Pepeto (my rooster) did this weird noise (please, check it). Can someone...
  8. S

    How to treat shock?

    My rooster was attacked by another rooster, no injuries on the body but his head is in bad shape. Eyes are fine, however his comb is torn up and bleeding and missing most of his feathers on his head/neck area. I took him to an emergency vet immediately, however their exotic specialist was off...
  9. Alex the Chicken


    I gots my junior flier Alex the Chicken. He's real snuggly and tame. I couldn't find bantams so my parents bought me this instead. It's the traditional Malaysian "Kampung Chicken". It's male too, just like I want it. He's gonna grow up to fly in the skies. Hope I'm in the right thread tho...
  10. L

    Our 4 yr old Rooster, Rodney isn't walking 😥

    We have a 4 yr old rooster that can't walk at all. It seemed to started a month ago; he was limping so we were soaking his feet in Epsom salt. It seemed to get a bit better until paralysis developed in both legs. He is eating and drinking and very alert. He was poopy cause he can't move out of...
  11. D

    Young roosters raping hens :(

    My big australorp roo Pecker is a gentleman but his two sons are not. I’m thinking of making one Chris-Chan because he is… “enamored” with his mother and she isn’t reciprocating those feelings. The other has targeted one of my RIR hens and refuses to even flirt with other hens and mates her...
  12. L

    Completely black French Black Copper Maran

    So I got these chicks from a private breeder of French Black Copper Marans. Of the seven there are 3 roosters. 2 have beautiful coloring and one is all black. Is that normal for a Marans Rooster? Or is he just a really masculine hen? Attached are some photos of the boys. Sorry, it was hard to...
  13. S

    HELP, chicken arthritis? Rooster has a wobble walk…

    My rooster started doing this wierd thing, it’s like his legs don’t work and he starts flopping around, but when I go to get him he jumps up and takes off running like it ain’t no thing. He’s getting worse from once a week to 2/3 times a day. I took him to my local vet and they said it looked...
  14. PeriwinkleChickens

    Re-Home/Adopt (Olympia, WA) - Ayam Cemani Rooster

    We need to re-home this boy (Twinkle Star). We are located in Olympia, WA. He is about 6 months old and is a very sweet and intelligent rooster. VERY virile and needs a good flock to attend to. Unfortunately, he doesn't get along with our 3 year old Silkie roo and they are fighting for the top...
  15. N

    Free Blue Americuana Rooster - North Port, FL

    We started out with chicks and one turned out to be a rooster. My city doesn’t allow roosters so I have to find this beautiful boy a home. He’s about 20 weeks and we believe he’s a blue americuana. He is used to being handled and is very sweet.
  16. R

    Rooster in need of new home

    I have a 7 month old rooster that was supposed to be a chicken from Tractor Supply. I live in a subdivision and need to find it a new home today.
  17. Mr Oviraptor

    How Do I Introduce Rooster Together?

    Hi I have a Old English Game Rooster Bantam in a pen with several Hens and I have another Old English Game Bantam In a separate pen by himself, How do I introduce that lonely Rooster to the flock?
  18. zachcpierce

    Available for Rehoming - 6x Male F1 Crosses in Beaufort, SC

    I am aware that cockerels are a dime a dozen, but I wanted to make these boys available to anyone willing to rehome them. They were hatched out by a broody hen in our backyard, but the eggs came from a mixed flock of all pure breed hens and two roosters. There were two roosters in that flock...
  19. D

    Rooster and ducks living together

    So a rooster came from my neighbours 2 months ago and I’ve tried to bring the rooster back but he just kept coming back, him and my 3 ducks (2 gals and a drake) all get along super well, they are together all day and he even hangs out in their house with him. we all love him being around now...
  20. G

    2 Roosters in Granville, OH

    I have 2 Ameraucana-mixes (I'm not sure what the mother/s was/were as there were several different breeds in the flock) that I'm looking to re-home. They hatched 6/21/2021 and were hand raised, so they have been as decent as a rooster can be with people so far. They are really beautiful birds...
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