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  1. Flora and Sweetpea

    Flora and Sweetpea

  2. Foghorn


  3. Sweetpea


  4. Foghorn


  5. S

    Any help identifying breed/ gender of 5-week old chicks

    Hey guys I have 8 mixed backyard straight run chicks that I need help identifying gender/ Breed. The possible breeds are (Barred Rock, Orphinton, Australops, Easter Eggers and less likely (Polish and Brahmas) Pretty much ruled out none or polish or Brahmas.... Chick number 1 Guess Orphinton...
  6. blriley

    Rooster comb issue

    I am not sure what is going on with my Buff's comb. I'm not sure if I need to do something or keep watching at this point. We live in Alabama but it was 23 degrees last night and 32 the night before. I don't know if this could be frostbite or some type of bacteria. He is closed in our coop...
  7. chinjon

    Buff Orphington suddenly lethargic and periodically opens mouth

    Hello all, First time poster, long time lurker. Unfortunately for my first post here is a pressing health question. I'll list the general symptoms on top with her other bio/common chicken stats stuff List of symptoms Opens mouth occasionally Not as social - moves away from flock Has begun...
  8. chickennuggt

    What bread are my chickens ???

    I wasn't told the bread when I got these three i think the one in the front is a buff Orpington but not sure and idk about the other two does anyone have an ideas what bread they are ???
  9. T


    *photo is the first night we had them, they now have an in ground pond. We recently acquired 3 adult male Buffs in great shape! Purchased the same feed they were on previous BUT they won’t touch it! Even worse is they won’t drink water unless I run the hose (we’re in the middle of a week long...
  10. vanillachai

    Older Hens, Rooster, Duck, and Drake (4-5yrs) Looking for Homes (Bozeman, MT)

    Located in Bozeman, Montana. We will deliver them to you or meet you in town. I have 4-5 year old chickens and ducks in need of homes. Unfortunately I'm not sure who is still laying, but some of the hens are still laying some eggs. Any of them anyone is willing to take in would be a blessing...
  11. urbanMike

    Second Buff Orpington Randomly Dead

    I'm now concerned. So, about a little over a month ago, one of our Buff Orpingtons died randomly after she was out ranging with the flock and I had put them away back in their run and coop. She had always been a weird one. She was the last one to lay, and took longer than everyone else to...
  12. amynw

    Buff orphington chick, sick?

    Hello again everyone! On todays adventure, I added four baby chicks to our family. All babies are happy and healthy right now for those who have been on my other posts. I got these 4 chicks around 3 today. I have one little girl who just seems much more lethargic than the others. She hasn't been...
  13. M

    Buff Orpington growing black feathers

    It’s my 1st time raising chicks and we bought 4 from the local feed store. One was supposed to be a Buff Orpington but she is growing black feathers on her neck and wings. Is she really a buff Orpington, a cross breed, or something different? So curious to see what she ends up looking like!
  14. Littlefrenchyinbigtexas

    A bit of warmth and sweetness for Valentines’ day

  15. A1CD6438-3120-4C0E-A57D-FC37506C5C46.jpeg


    Rooster cogburn
  16. R

    City dweller with free-range backyard micro flock

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I raised chickens in rural Connecticut in the late 1980s, but stopped when I moved back to Chicago. I restarted the chicken obsession in 2017 when one of my daughter's school friends had baby chicks but had no idea how to care for...
  17. O

    Emotional support poultry :)

    Hi. My name is Missie. I've been lurking a lot here tending to my flock.. Im a first year owner. I have currently: 3 ducks. A drake rouen, a female rouen and a female peking And way too many other chickens. In Nov 2020 I got 4 isa browns that are currently my only layers. The guy i bought...
  18. L7 Farm

    Howdy from L7 Farm

    Heighdy ho We are a micro farm in upstate New York, surrounded by the suburbs but adjacent to about 1000 acres of open space. The town we are in, despite having been predominantly a farming community for most of its existence, banned chickens a couple of decades ago as the suburbs took over. We...
  19. K

    Questions about my White Cochin

    Morning all I was wondering if someone could help me as I’m a first time chicken owner and I’m a little worried about my White Cochin GC. I have 4 ladies - 3x Buff Orphingtons and the 1x White Cochin and the buffs seem to be growing fine - I weighed the smallest one out of the 3 this morning and...
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