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  1. L

    Howdy from L7 Farm

    Heighdy ho We are a micro farm in upstate New York, surrounded by the suburbs but adjacent to about 1000 acres of open space. The town we are in, despite having been predominantly a farming community for most of its existence, banned chickens a couple of decades ago as the suburbs took over. We...
  2. K

    Questions about my White Cochin

    Morning all I was wondering if someone could help me as I’m a first time chicken owner and I’m a little worried about my White Cochin GC. I have 4 ladies - 3x Buff Orphingtons and the 1x White Cochin and the buffs seem to be growing fine - I weighed the smallest one out of the 3 this morning and...
  3. Noxious

    Help with sexing my young birds

    Hey everyone. I am new to chicken keeping and have unfortunately run into too many roosters and so I really need opinions on what sex these buff orpington and barred rock birds are so I know if I can keep them or not. Here are my 2 buff orpington chicks, they're about 11 weeks old: And here...
  4. M

    Rooster or hen?

    First time chicken mama here! Our 9 Buff Orpington are almost 7 weeks now. Not sure if this little lady is maturing faster than the others or if she’s possibly a rooster, any votes?
  5. MadBob1360

    Introducing the duck, Bill

    Hello, let me introduce myself, I am the duck, Bill. I live on a small acreage farm west of Portland Oregon. I live with my keepers MadBob1360 and Cher_Azure. I blew in to the farm one day in January 2019. Since I am a domestic Buff Orphington, I don't fly much. So it is a mystery...
  6. D

    1 month - Too early to tell?

    Ok! It's been a month. We are anxious to know what gender our Buff Orpingtons and Barred Rocks are! Is it too early to tell if my Eagle is a hen or a roo? And what about Honey? And then Pepper? Thanks for any help!
  7. T

    Unsure of Chick Breed/Age

    I received 3 chicks, to a day ago and one three days ago. As I didnt buy them directly I'm not quite sure their ages or breeds. Wasnt exactly a planned chickenhood. The first one is the one I got 3 days ago and the other are only from a day. Any help is appreciated!!!
  8. Lenflo

    Advice on stopping a broody hen

    Hello all We've had 2 chickens since last year and this is my first time dealing with a worrying situation so please forgive my ignorance. We have an 8 month old Buff Orpington. She has been broody for about 2 days now. As this is my first time experiencing a broody hen I have been unsure on...
  9. Aryetheral Waalburgus

    Just got baby chicks! Pics!

    I got 3 little female chicks from Southern States yesterday to add to my flock of 5. They are doing quite well! One Ameraucana, I think I'm gonna name her Tzipporah: One Buff Orpington, I'm gonna name her Sappho: And one Blue Plymouth Rock, name as of yet undecided:
  10. RidleysRoostingLadies2020

    Beginning a Backyard Layers Coop

    Hey! My name is Breanna, I'm 27 years old. I grew up and still live in a small country town in Northwest Georgia. Between four kids and school, I decided that I also needed a hobby. This hobby just so happened to involve my husband dumping his time and money into building a brooder for a small...
  11. BuffBrahmaDramaMomma


    Sesame and Goldie hanging out
  12. L

    can I give my chicken human amoxicillin?

    My buff Orpington is 7 months old, she became sick a few days ago. One of her eyes was swollen and had bubbles in it. But we have started treating her with Neosporin and saline twice a day. But now it seems like she is unable to breathe very well. She raises her head and takes a long breathe...
  13. vanillachai

    8 Chickens, 2 Ducks. 3 1/2 years old. Bozeman, Montana Area

    Location: Bozeman, Montana area. We will drop them off or meet you in town. My schedule is a bit unpredictable so we'll have to discuss a date and time. General info: Been trying to hold on to my flock for as long as I can, but time is up and I can only keep a few. I have 8 hens and 2 ducks...
  14. J

    Buff Orpington isn't walking after missing for 10 days!

    My Buff Orpington is about 4-5 years old. She went missing one day and we couldn't find her anywhere in our yard. We checked everywhere and ended up assuming she must've jumped the fence and took off. About 10 days later our son was doing yardwork and found her stuck behind a shed, wedged...
  15. kristeninprogress

    The Flower Flock

    I thought it would be interesting to keep progress pictures of my chicks, since A.) I'm obsessed with everything they do, and B.) I'm curious about how my Easter Eggers will change. :D I bought the first four flower girls 4 weeks ago, and the second group 2 weeks ago. Excuse the double...
  16. HoppinTurtle

    Black spots on comb

    My 4 month old Buff orphington pullet has these black spots on her comb. I’ve searched this forum and google but am not clear on what this is and would like informed opinions. These chickens are well cared for. Just popped up recently. Have 3 pullets total and “Dixie” is the only one with this...
  17. kateskookychooks

    Week by week pictures

    i have Just raised my first batch of 9 chicks a mix of pekins, Wyandotte and 1 buff orpington. I took a photo of them every week and thought you may like to see the results. I kept the two pekins named Jody and Iron Man, the rest all went to new homes around 7 weeks old. Please ignore the...
  18. sofiagrace901

    injured chicken has green poop

    So my chicken that was attacked by a raccoon (see previous thread), pooped green. the white part was also yellow on some of it. i’ve only seen it once but i just need to know if this is a dangerous sign of something.
  19. B

    Help with light Brahma and buff orphington 15 weeks old

    This is my first time having chickens I bought all pullets but some of my chickens are starting to get a bit red, could you please help me determine their genders. Light Brahma 1 This one had more waddle growth, it's comb get much paler when it's laying down. Light Brahma 2 Buff...
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