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  1. KweallCeypur

    Advice for Two Old Quail Hens with Health Problems

    I've got two old quails (both are no longer laying), Octopus and Tsapa, who have quite a few health problems and I was wondering wether anyone has advice for some of their issues. Octopus has -what we believe is- gout on her feet and we've been giving her chopped salad and buckwheat in addition...
  2. Lock stock and Barrel in tiel cage_Dec 23 2021.jpeg

    Lock stock and Barrel in tiel cage_Dec 23 2021.jpeg

    Please forgive the disgusting state of the upside down food cups. I forgot to clean the the last time I cleaned cage. Ugh. But anyways, here are my first coturnix hens in 16 years!
  3. Lock stock and Barrel in tiel cage_Dec 23 2021.jpeg

    Lock stock and Barrel in tiel cage_Dec 23 2021.jpeg

    Please ignore the messy cage. It's normally not this messy, LOL. This is a temporary enclosure for my quail. Getting a bigger one soon.
  4. F

    3 free coturnix quail in Las Vegas, NV (URGENT)

    Hello BYC, I urgently need someone to adopt my 3 pet coturnix quail as soon as December 29th. (Wed) If anyone is interested and lives near Las Vegas, NV, please reply. I will gladly provide further contact info. (My family is in a financial situation where keeping the quail would sadly not be...
  5. B

    Quail all found slaughtered!?

    This morning I went out to check on my button quail and all but 1 were dead, they are housed with a chicken and a rooster and a larger coturnix quail and have never had any problems until this morning where there was a pile of them in their little wooden house on the bottom floor I don’t know if...
  6. lexilewis2001

    Basic Coturnix Quail Questions

    Hi, it's been about 2 years since I've used this site to ask questions or to post in general so forgive me for any errors in this thread.. but I just added 5 baby coturnix quail to my homestead. I had a couple questions about getting started with a breeding program more designed towards egg...
  7. Jessica Lyn

    Coturnix coloration

    They are three weeks old now! Any idea on colors yet? And if not how old do they have to be, I'm super curious what I have 🥰 This is my first hatch and I was not expecting anything other than a 'normal brown' from these eggs that I picked up at a reptile expo! I know I'm going to have to vent...
  8. S

    Sick Coturnix, swollen head

    6mo female Coturnix quail with swollen right side of face, top of head, and slightly around left eye for 3.5 days. No known trauma. Separated and under a heat lamp with food and electrolytes. Using VetRx some but it gets stressed when I mess with it to put it on (normal for my quail). Pooping...
  9. P

    Quail Cuddles [Video]

    A little update on my wry neck, Plum, who I can definitely now say with confidence that she absolutely adores being pet and held.
  10. P

    Hybridising Chinese Painted Quail and Japanese Quail

    For a while now I have had two Chinese painted (CP) quail (assumed a pair) living with my Japanese Coturnix (JC) hens. Surprisingly, the CP roo has not once mated with his CP hen. Instead, he took a fancy to my JC hens. At first it was a futile attempt, he would climb on their necks and sit...
  11. Q

    Sexing coturnix quail chicks?

    Hi, I am new here (and new to raising birds in general!) my family is on our first coturnix quail hatch and we’re a bit confused as to how to sex our quail. I was wondering if any of you could help me with sexing and figuring out the color of our quail? Thanks. They are all three weeks old...
  12. P

    Meet the Peepers

    All stress aside, my stunted quail may have put me through hell, but they’re so sweet and cuddly and have made so much progress. They’re almost completely ready to leave for the farm (sans a few head feathers), but here’s everybody now: Chip: Cookie: Rocky: Plum: Peach: Dot: The...
  13. P

    What Colour is my Coturnix Quail?

    Hi all back once again. this is my third (and HOPEFULLY final) post regarding Cookie, one of my stunted quail. He’s pretty much gotten all of his plumage sans for a few around his eyes, but I’m hoping that’s finally enough to determine just what exactly he is. Diluted pharaoh, german pastel...
  14. P

    Quail Getting Cosy on the Bed [Video]

    Back with more cute videos featuring Rocky, who still loves his daily snuggles and also has an appreciation for my dog hair covered bed sheets.
  15. P

    Quail Genetic Guessing (part 2)

    Hi all, My stunted quail chicks have finally been growing, it was definitely the food brand that was the cause of all our past problems, so the quail are now getting much rounder and feathered. They’re a month old. Now I’m trying to figure out what a couple of these colours could be. I thought...
  16. P

    Quail Baby Demands Snuggles [Video]

    All of my quail cry for my attention most of the day, but Rocky is by far the most persistent. He always wants to be held all the time. Here's a lil video of him being a cutie.
  17. P

    Foul Smell?

    Just wondering as a first time quail owner what’s the norm regarding quail smell? I know it’s important to clean frequently because they are known to smell, but I somewhat assumed it’d be from the faecal matter build up, like in chickens and ducks. My quail chicks are starting to develop their...
  18. P

    Expected Sleep Patterns of Quail Chicks?

    Hi all, I feel like I've been asking a lot of questions but every time I think I'm set more thoughts arise, so sorry for the spam. My new baby Coturnix quail (first time quail owner) are now 5 days old. They came out of their incubator super fast and rearing to go this morning, it was beloved...
  19. P

    Clingy Quail Chicks [Video]

    Just a silly video of my new quail chicks tonight. Fortunately all 6 have gotten attached and friendly to me, currently love being picked up and snuggled with. Rocky has been proving himself to be the clingiest haha.
  20. Y

    How to help curled feet on a Coturnix Quail

    Hi there, I just got done with my first quail incubation. We had a guy hatch late, last night. All eight others were born with normal feet. This last guy though, not so much. I was hoping by morning they would have spread out like the others did, but no cigar. I'm reading and seeing a to of...
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