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  1. E

    Help! Identifying Coturnix Quail

    We brought home week old coturnix quail and were told they were jumbo wild and pharaoh. Doing more research (because now I’m obsessed!!) I am not quite sure. I have several darker colored and white colored ones who don’t seem to fit the profile of jumbos/pharaohs. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. T

    Coturnix Quail Hatch - A - Long

    We just wrapped up a quail hatch a long and figured I'd share for those interested in following along. I used to love watching these things before I decided to jump into it. I've added them all to a playlist so you can see them in chronological order. I hope you enjoy.
  3. BrahmaMom1797

    Coturnix female struggling to walk! Help!

    Hi! I’m brand new to quail keeping as I inherited a batch of 31 chicks from a friend who was victim to the recent fires on the coast of Central California. I’ve been having a great time with them but I’m not very learned on them yet. Today I sold and traded some birds, happily so as I ended up...
  4. Qquails899

    Quail with swollen eyes

    Today when I got home, I took a look at my quails and found out that one of them has swollen eyes. I immediately took her to the local vet but the problem is that he is known for misdiagnosing animals. He said it is an allergy and gave her some kind of injection. I hope he was right, can someone...
  5. B

    Young quails pecking each other

    Hi, recently i noticed that one of my two 3 week old coturnix quails suddenly just started pecking the other quail who is a few days older than it, I let them out of their box for a hour or so to let them roam free but the younger quail chased the other trying to peck it. But sometimes they...
  6. Qquails899

    Weird droppings

    Today I realized that something is wrong with one of my quails. Her droppings were quite unusual. Very watery with urates and foam. She also poops more often, like every 4 or 5 minutes. She has a problem since January, she started drinking excessive amounts of water and I think it was because of...
  7. FortCluck

    Hatching Coturnix Quail with Broody Chicken

    I jumped onto BYC today and the lovely Kdogg (Kelsey) decided she would share a video with me about a broody chicken hatching quail chicks and raising them so that they could free range with the rest of the chickens. Mrs. Tweedy one of my favorite broodies has gone broody AGAIN for the 2nd...
  8. GoldenFlight

    Broody coturnix quail

    This picture is for everyone who said one in a million coturnix quail go broody. This was my first attempt at letting a hen(9 week old) go broody. She started sitting on 8 and then laid one more egg. She’s been sitting for 6 1/2 days now. Her mate (who is also in the picture) is very protective...
  9. orloffer

    New Member!

    Hello! I am from the Bay Area in California, I am excited to be joining Backyard Chickens to learn more about raising healthy and happy chickens. 1) Our family first hatched coturnix quail two summers ago, and we acquired chicken chicks last year. A couple of months ago we hatched 8 quail (100%...
  10. Qquails899

    Is this bumblefoot? Please help!

    Today when I picked up one of my quails I saw that one of her feet is swollen. I soaked her feet in warm water and I took the photo afterwards. I've already seen bumblefoot on a chicken but I have no idea what to do. Is this even bumblefoot? What should I do?
  11. AkinliAdventure

    Eggs?? Crowing???

    So my male coturnix has started crowing, and has been for about 1-2 weeks. A lot today I’ve noticed. Should there be eggs soon because of the crowing? How are the two related? Thank you :D
  12. AkinliAdventure

    New Member

    Hello! New to BYC and am getting 3 female and 1 male Coturnix Quails soon. I will love any advice about raising quails! I would also like to know what your animals are named! BYC is a great option to keep me occupied in this quarantine. Introduce yourself! Thanks For Reading!
  13. Phillisy

    Plants for Quail?

    I swear once you start getting birds, you can’t stop. Chicken math doesn’t just apply to chickens, in my case it’s pretty universal across all poultry and fowl 😂 Because of all the extra time I’ve been spending at home (ha!) I’ve decided now is the time that I would like to add Coturnix quail to...
  14. Qquails899

    Help, my quail broke her wing!

    My coturnix quail flew out of the cage and I found her on the floor all fluffed up, gasping and with a broken wing. I think she is in a shock so I put her back into the cage and put a hot water bottle next to her. What else should I do? Please help!
  15. Qquails899

    Quail becoming aggressive

    I have two female coturnix quails. They were good friends and they were always next to each other until yesterday. One of them started to act really weird, she suddenly attacked the other one and now she's screaming at her as well. She is also losing feathers and panting all the time, which is...
  16. Qquails899

    Water coming out of beak

    My quail is drinking a crazy amount of water and eating less. She's been doing this for a long time but now I see that water is coming out of her beak more often. She shakes her head before that. What can I do to stop this?
  17. Qquails899

    Is it possible to potty train a quail?

    I keep two quails as indoor pets so I'm curious if I can potty train them. If it's possible, how do I do it?
  18. Qquails899

    Quail drinking a lot of water

    I just dewormed my quails and now one of them is acting very weird. She is more active than before, but she drinks a lot of water and her droppings are very watery. I also saw water coming out of her beak a few times. She has been like this for like 5 days and I don't know what to do. Please help!
  19. Qquails899

    Quail stopped laying eggs

    One of my quails laid a thin shelled egg about 15 days ago and she hasn't laid since. The other one is screaming every time it lays an egg, and tonight the one who stopped laying screamed two times the same way but there is no egg. What should I do?
  20. Qquails899

    My quails look ill

    I got my first quails about two weeks ago, two female coturnix quails. They were seven or eight weeks old at the time. When they arrived, they were not eating enough, standing with ruffled feathers and eyes closed almost all day. I thought it was because of the recent change of home. They became...
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