1. DeanBaugh

    The brutal love of backyard and show poultry

    I'm a bit worried and the reason is I am starting up at trade school this coming up school year and I am worried I will have problems keeping up with my 30 chickens 13 ducks 3 rabbits 3 quail so I am thinking about selling my flock I know what I can manage but I don't want to get in over my head...
  2. Thenino

    Pure Breed Cockerels (Lavender Marans, Ameraucana, Lavender Orpington)- Metro Atlanta

    I have roosters for sale in Atlanta GA. I have a few pure breed roosters between 1 and 2 months old. Lavender Marans, Ameraucana, Lavender Orpington. Lavender Marans, 1 Month old (Dark Chocolate Egg Layer): The lavender or "self blue" color is new and highly prized in the world of chickens and...
  3. R

    Where to buy duck/waterfowl/all flock feed?

    I have some juvenile ducklings, and even though I have search every poultry or pet store, I have not been able to find their actual feed, and have been giving them things like some chicken feed mixed with fruits and vegetables. I was wondering if there was a store that shipped that kind feed...
  4. Clappmeg

    Looking for Silkie hens in CNY!

    Hi all, I'm struggling to find Silkie hens for sale in central NY. I would really like some nice show quality birds but would be willing to purchase pet quality as well! Please let me know if you have any resources. Thanks!!
  5. R

    Picky spoiled duck behaviour?

    My parents have been feeding a lot of vegetable to my juvenile ducks, and it has come to the point where they ignore their feed. If they're not given their veggies and fruits treats, one of them, a khaki campbell drake, start screaming till he gets what he wants. I've tried ignoring them and...
  6. R

    Non-layer chicken feed?

    As i mentioned in another post. I have invalid chicken. She has layed two eggs in her 2 years of life, not because she is not a layer hen but because I don't want her laying. These two eggs came after we started a mealworms diet, and they almost caused her death, my mom had to literally pull the...
  7. R

    Putting chicks with a disabled hen?

    My family and I have had a rescued hen that was permanently injured as a chick while she was on the streets. We raised her, and since then we have always considered her a family pet not an animal with an actual purpose. Currently she is in a comfy cage inside the house, and she cannot walk at...
  8. C

    Sick Duck

    Hello all, I have a sick duck I think. It is a 8-9 week old white peking duck and it won't extend it's neck even while walking. I should add that sometimes it will extend its neck but only about half way. It has whitish diarrhea, eye discharge and can get around but struggles it looks like...
  9. sean_wonder

    Poultry & Mental Health: Possible TW

    Hey there! I'm trying to gather stories and resources of all kinds of poultry and how they aided people's mental health. I know mine certainly have... a story which will be shared in my synthesis essay for my English class this year. What I ask of you is to tell me your name (or any name you...
  10. R

    Does my duck have lead poisoning?!

    In my previous post ( https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/sick-duck.1363581/ ) , I talked about how my weeks old duck was acting weird, she looks extremely anemic and pale. After some research, I noticed that all her symptoms point to lead poisoning. I have a video of her seizure in this...
  11. R

    Sick duck?

    2 days ago my rouen started acting weird, it stopped being loud and it would gag. Now, it's starting to have seizure like movements, like falling down and then act like nothing happened seconds after. I read that it is possible that a duck does that when they have something stuck in their throat...
  12. aSoftsilkie

    Online poultry show! Ends April 22nd 2020

    Ever since corona infested the states, poultry shows have been canceled left and right, and I can't seem to get my smelly chicken hands on any shows that are possible to go to! So this is why this thread is here!!!! I will attempted to keep this show as close to APA and ABA standards and...
  13. R

    My juvenile khaki campbell fell while running away from me and now she can't stand up correctly

    This happened a few minutes ago, after letting them swim for a while it seemed too cold so I tried taking them back to the crate where I keep them. She suddenly started running and tripped, thankfully the floor didn't touch the neck but she fell on one of her paws. There's no blood, twists or...
  14. R

    New chicken and waterfowl coop ideas?

    I plan on building two coops, one for chickens and one for ducks. I've been googling some ideas but most of them seem to have the wire too thin, which can be very bad for me since there's predators here. We don't have raccoons, foxes, etc. We have mongooses and rats, therefore they can get in...
  15. M

    How do you worm your poultry?

    We would like to worm our poultry (chicken, turkeys, and guinea fowl) but don't know what to use to worm them?? What do others use to your poultry??
  16. TheChiggens

    Red Feathers! (5 Minute Challenge)

    The challenge is to go out to your coop and in FIVE minutes snap as many pictures of red, rusty, reddish feathers and then post them on here! You can only take ONE picture of each of your birds. Any poultry is fine! EXAMPLE NOT MINE~ The challenge: Get the most pictures in five minutes. This...
  17. TheChiggens

    Vintage Poultry Ornaments! (Date?)

    I was digging around in an old box of ornaments when I found these oldies. Anyone know how old? I know they have been passed down for several generations. Anyway, here they are 2 chickens and a pheasent~
  18. TheChiggens

    Thanksgiving~What your thankful for in poultry!

    I am thankful that my flock is healthy and happy. I am also thankful that right now I am getting lots of eggs!
  19. Gypsy77

    Peacocks Anyone?

    So, my aunt is rasing Peafowls (peacocks), well I decided I'd like to try. I've never really eaten one, but the eggs are great! So I have to ask, anyone else have peafowls that they sell or raise? I thought about going into that business now.
  20. Chickologist

    The Roost

    This is a version of the BYC Cafe thread, But this one is more for talking about and telling stories of your chickens and other animals. Please follow all the BYC Terms and Rules in this thread.
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