1. Ozarkhomesteader

    Anyone else have LGDs?? I am in serious need of advice!!

    There is not much on here about livestock guardian dogs, but I figure some people have them, so here goes! Literally any advice is appreciated. THE BACKSTORY: ok, so I've wanted and LGD for years and years. Was never ready, but have been researching them for years. I've read every article I...
  2. E

    Bantam Assorted Chicks from TSC: Help Identify

    Hi I am not sure if this is the right place to post but I got 6 chicks from tractor supply and have waited some weeks. I am curious if any of you know what breed these chicks are?
  3. Amazons

    Sharing my Poultry art! Snowhillfarm.net

    I finally got things set up! Poultry focused art shop, stickers and things of the like that highlight and show of different poultry breeds pride! All orders are on demand right to your place and online so its easy peasy! It opens this weekend, and ill be emailing about coupons and new art, so...
  4. The duck father_

    ((GORE WARNING)) Necropsy findings, Swollen gizzard.

    Any hypothesis on what could've caused this? Swollen gizzard, shrunken and purple heart, pale organs, and extremely underweight. There was no fat anywhere on him including his heart. He ate plenty, but started collapsing every month until he suffered a seizure and died. He was a rescue and...
  5. Jaeden Mckinley

    Waterers and what works best in the winter

    Hey Everyone, this is a question I have been wanting to ask since I got chickens. What is the best way to get nice clean water to my flock every day without having to clean the water because the chickens kick dirt and dust into it? The Plan The plan was to buy some 10-15 gallon rubber tubs...
  6. S

    Antibiotics for Poultry

    I need some info on how to get antibiotics to have on hand for my poultry. What type do I get? What can I get without a prescription (no poultry vet here!)? This is what my local feed store has available (image below). I think only one is labeled for poultry but requires a prescription (which...
  7. kaylyntheweirdginger

    Mink proofing problems

    We had been having predator attack issues for the past couple months. Every now and then and sometimes multiple days in a row. We would find a bird or two completely neck and headless. It would happen just as it got dark right outside the coop. Hubby and I just finished putting up a 50x50 coop...
  8. Aprilxoxo

    Common knowledge that an inexperienced person should know?

    Hi everyone I own a very small flock (2 turkeys, 4 chickens, some quail and recently newly hatched chicks) I am very new still to owning poultry and theres alot i do not know, but when i initially decided to get them i did alot of researching of what they needed, diseases, common problems, how...
  9. Dfarago

    Incubating with multiple hens

    I have two jersey giant hens and an evil rooster. Last clutch we had he murdered several chicks before I could intervene (they were new for us and I didn’t realize he would be so aggressive with his own chicks. please don’t judge too harshly 😭) so we got an incubator. So I’m wondering, since...
  10. J

    Geese Scaring Chickens from Feed

    Hello! So we have two Embdens that we got as guard geese for our flock of 16 chickens. We have seven chickens that are six months old and nine chickens that are two and a half months old. The guard geese are not quite two months old. As of the last week the guard geese are chasing the chickens...
  11. Y

    Emu with broken toe?

    One of our emus has broken there big middle toe, it swollen and bent and he’s walking with a limp, Is there a way we can splint it? And if there is any antibiotics we can use for him? Thank you.
  12. H

    Emu chicks and eggs available

    Emu chicks and eggs available. 2weeks old chicks, all in good health. Blonde, white and standard colour. They comes with care notice. These birds are awesome, good to be with humans and other animals. Message me anyone interested.
  13. IvysAnimals

    Any Recommendations or Advice For Selling Poultry? ( specific to my situation )

    Hello! I have been wanting to sell hatching eggs, chick / ducklings / goslings and adult poultry for a while now. I have 3 incubators, Farm Innovators Pro Series Circulated Air Incubator with Automatic Egg Turner, 4250, Little Giant Still-Air Incubator, 9300, and a salinova mini incubator. I am...
  14. Lrweb7

    Avian Flu info Illinois

    Contacted the local extension office (Ogle County) with some specific questions I wasn't seeing answers to, and they passed it along to the state poultry specialist, so I thought I'd share his answers. The attached file has info on where to report dead birds and whatnot, because I've seen in...
  15. Evacuating with Birds

    Evacuating with Birds

    We always hope the worst doesn’t come, but hoping doesn’t prevent disaster. In our ever more volatile world all you can do is try to stay one step ahead by preparing and knowing what to expect should the worst happen. Evacuating is hard even if it’s just you and your immediate family, but it...
  16. Elpajaro

    Need to sell my Chickens !! HELP

    Hi Friends. I live in Texas, and I'm planning to buy a batch of chicks , 500. do you know to whom I could sell those once they are fully grown? I need advices on this. Thanks.
  17. IvysAnimals

    How Can I Tell If My Chick Is A Rooster?

    hiiii ! I have 13 chicks that I incubated and are currently raising for my friend... She want's them when they're around 5-7 weeks of age and they're already turning 2 weeks on April 23, 2022 - tomorrow. She want's to know how many males or females there are so she knows if she want's to...
  18. The chicken nurd

    How much do you sell you poultry’s meat and eggs

    How much do you sell you poultry’s meat and eggs?
  19. Elpajaro

    New in the business

    Hi Colleagues . Happy Tuesday I have a couple of questions. I want to start a family business related to chicken poultry. However, I dont have enough expertise on this but the will and a very general knowledge. can somebody walk me thru the process? My plan goes as follow: 1. Renting a...
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