1. BlueHorse17

    Ugh, Bumblefoot…

    I unfortunately lost a chicken earlier this year after attempting to remove the bumblefoot from the bottom of her foot. It was in a tough spot though. I now have another hen with the same issue, but fortunately hers is right on the bottom of her foot. On my last chicken I tried cutting and...
  2. BlueHorse17

    Muscovy Madness!

    Hello everyone! I’m new to raising ducks and recently incubated some eggs. I decided to go with the Muscovy breed, as they have always caught my eye. I’m having some Muscovy fever right now, and would love to see everyone’s adult birds! Feel free to post photos showing off your beauties!
  3. MakenhaCheeseman

    South Dakota poultry laws - selling meat?

    Does anyone happen to know the law(s) in south dakota when it comes to butchering and selling poultry meat? From what i found you need a license to sell the meat in grocery stores, farmers market, etc.., but if i were to just sell it out of my home/take it to the customers house and sell it...
  4. Goosebaby

    Post random images only Poultry/ Farm people will understand.

    When you realize you’re missing skin but have no memory of when or how?
  5. Devils Flower

    Yearly preventative from Parasites and Disease.

    Does anyone use a yearly preventative to keep sickness and worms out of there flock? I have never had any problems in the last 7 years with my chickens and ducks but now I have my turkeys and I want to make sure I cover all bases and keep as much unwanted Parasites and disease out of my flock.
  6. Goosebaby

    Do you grow vegetables for your geese?

    This year my garden has been “meh” I think the earwigs are eating everything again and I’ve been too busy with taking care of my Roxby Gander while he hasn’t been feeling well so I haven’t done a lot of weeding or anything down in the garden, but so far I have: Some pumpkins finally sprouting...
  7. Goosebaby

    What causes droppings like these?

    Blood, mucous, possible intestinal lining, gas. Any thoughts?
  8. PippinTheChicken

    Who's your best bird friend?

    We probably all have that sweet flock member who you love to death. Sometimes they even love you back. Who is your special boy/girl. Share stories, pics and inform us about your "baby". BIRDS/POULTRY ALLOWED ONLY!
  9. The-Chicken-Keeper

    🐓How Big is Your Flock?🌸

    Chicken raisers can have flocks of 4 to 2000! What’s your flock size? You could even share some pics of your flock🐓💗
  10. G

    Local feed stores

    I don't know why, but it just popped up in my head, does anyone know what happens to live poultry not sold at local feed stores? I would think there would be some unsold poultry left.
  11. Pelletized Bedding / Shavings

    Pelletized Bedding / Shavings

    Hello BYC'ers, I have asked questions in the past, but never posted about something I learned. Anyways, I'll get straight to the point. I have discovered one of the most game-changing products for chickens, horses, and really any small animal. Pelletized shavings. I have had my first flock...
  12. R

    New member :] Hello from PA ♡

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Yes and No! I helped my mom take care of hers occasionally growing up and now that I have my own land I have raising some myself ♡ (2) How many chickens do you have right now? Way too many to count. I have 45ish show chickens just in...
  13. Cassandra Lana

    Toys for chickens and ducks ???

    hi poultry people!!! Does anyone know of any poultry toys I could use for my flock? I have chickens and ducks and with winter I Would like to get them some . I am looking for something all the birds could use that requires some thinking and could be bought off Amazon . Any recommendations...
  14. Chirbuls

    HELP!! Chicken making weird noise and gasping

    I have a one year old hen which is making weird coughing like noises and gasping occassionly. She is drinking and eating just fine but i am very concerned since my other hen who was of same age died earlier this year. She also was completely fine except for the coughing like noises. She died...
  15. F

    14 chickens in need of re-homing

    I live in the Sewell, NJ and I can’t keep my 14 chickens. 4 are 10 week old and 10 are 6 week old I believe.
  16. orloffer

    orloffer's Nest

    Welcome to orloffer's Nest! :frow orloffer's Nest is intended to be a kind and positive thread where BYC members can chat, share their poultry (and other pet/animal) photographs and stories, and share and discuss their hobbies and projects, &c. Anyone and everyone is invited to jump in! This...
  17. HomesteaderWife

    [Any] Wood Slice Ornaments - Custom!

    Hello BYC friends! I wanted to go ahead and open this thread again early to see if there would be interest in our handmade, wood-burned ornaments featuring your breed of chicken, duck, or any animal in a simple design. They make great Christmas gifts, and unique pieces for your tree, so I wanted...
  18. HorsesRMe123

    When can I let my goslings free-range unsupervised?

    My geese are almost 10 weeks old. They are both White Chinese geese. They have their own run and coop that they have access to all day long. At night, we lock them up in their coop since they are still young and we’d be worried if something might snatch them up during the night if they had...
  19. HorsesRMe123

    URGENT!!! What are some characteristics that can differentiate a male and female White Chinese goose?

    My White Chinese geese are 9 1/2 weeks old. I really hope at least one is female. I notice that one of them stands tall, has a higher pitched voice, has a smaller vent, tends to be noisy and has a larger developed knob (the one eating grass in the picture). While the other likes to stand more...
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