1. B

    DIY Coop— Wasted hutch space?

    I recently built this hutch for my jumbo cotornix quail. The second story is a planter box that the birds do not have access to. Under the box is an enclosed section the I have filled with bedding. I built this thinking the birds would use this area to sleep but so far they have been sleeping in...
  2. Lestat


    Roo, “Lestat” He like to sleep during the day and has fang markings in the beak. Lightest cute crowing..! @ 432g or 15.2ounces
  3. B

    Quails fighting :(

    I got a new quail a few days ago (R). She is white feathered and absolutely adorable. Unfortunately one of my previous female quail (F) keeps fighting her and showing aggressive behaviour. R seems to be frightened and tends to find a cozy corner to sit in. The male (P) and other female (B) don’t...
  4. A

    House / Pet Quail !?

    I happened upon an instagram page featuring a friendly tame house quail. (@fathetfarms) Looking at types of quail online, I figured out that it is a Mearns / Montezuma quail. I've become fascinated with the idea of a tame pet quail, but I'm wondering if this is actually something that is doable...
  5. FatherFalcon

    San Diego Jumbo White Coturnix Quail breeding pairs

    I have two Pairs (maybe three) of jumbo white quail for sale here in San Diego! Comes with One male and one female also a ziplock bag of feed! 60$
  6. Quailociraptor Quail Quest.png

    Quailociraptor Quail Quest.png

    My Goal is a Legendary 32-ounce, White Coturnix Quail!
  7. cluck queen

    Quails and bantams cohabitation

    Hello all! I have two small black bantam hens and 4 corournix quail. Can they share a mini coop and run. Those ones you buy from Amazon. Its got two sections for them to go into. I know quail are naturally skittish and hens are hens but they are both about the same size honestly. Can I have them...
  8. D

    Quail with inflamed foot but no scabs // bumblefoot? please help

    i have two coturnix quail (hens) that are about 13 weeks old. one of them, chica, is a little smaller than the other, and so i've always kept an eye on her. her behavior is rather spastic compared to her companion, but she's been like that since they were chicks. chica has a large swell on her...
  9. Miss Prissy

    Miss Prissy

    Miss Prissy @ 448g 15.8oz w/ ~14.8g eggs. What is your Biggest Quail? Update: 02122024 @ 522g 18.4oz w/ ~15g eggs.
  10. Plantasmagoria

    Egg Pricing post 2.0

    Hi there! I'm new to quail and starting a micro homestead. I'm starting off with coturnix quail and buttons, and plan to be selling eggs only right now for hatching and eating. I'm filling out all the paperwork and government stuff but I am stuck on prices. I've looked through the threads and...
  11. B

    Urgent help needed please!!! unwell quails!!!

    My male coturnix quail seems to be unwell. He isn't his normal self. Has a sad face on too. He has slight redness under his eye/above nose. He keeps itching that red area and his body too. Cries sometimes as well. Has lost a slight bit of weight but not significant . Eyes seems to be swollen. He...
  12. T

    Has anyone kept Stubble Quail (Coturnix pectoralis)?

    Has anyone kept Stubble Quail (Coturnix pectoralis)? They are a native Australian Quail in the Corturnix family. I have seen a few posts on here but sadly no one followed up with any information and they are quite outdated.
  13. B

    Quail weight?

    How much should my corturnix quails weigh? Two females are around 7 months and male is about the same. How much should they all way? One girl has just started laying as of winter I provided her light. She is slightly larger in weight. The other female is smaller and her weight is a lot less than...
  14. quailsaurus


  15. FatherFalcon

    Encouraging Laying Quail…

    Ideally... in my mind's eye In small spaces; Free roam/greenhouse/etc....... Aviary/ Runs/ Pens/ Hutch/Nesting box; safe place to lay an egg away from Roo’s area coverage ( a dark spot to hide) Rollout cage: forced conditions and no choice to lay in place Give the Roo’s a time of separation...
  16. F

    Any quail New York keepers?

    Hello, I'd love to get in touch with anyone raising quail near the NY tristate area. I'm in Brooklyn, NY. I would love to buy whole quail from you. Feel free to DM me!
  17. H

    Egg remaining in quail for two days -- Should I be concerned?

    I have four layers and three of them have been laying consistently for several weeks now (Special thanks to Nabiki for the help!) One of them seems to be laying sporadically, and I haven't been able to figure out which one. However, I noticed two days ago that one of them, Venus, has a hard...
  18. B

    Male quail doing egg call?

    My quail has been making a crying noise recently. I searched it up and it came up with the egg call. But he is a male. Why is he crying?
  19. Wandering_r0gue

    Butchering: first time complete ****GRAPHIC****

    So, I just butchered my first quail. I was planning on it eventually, but tonight it became necessary. As my newest hatch was getting older, I moved the hens into a pen with a solo older rooster... Discovered this evening when I got home that the rooster (named Duck) had quite savagely...
  20. winterwolf4

    Best Quail Cages

    I have looked at cages from Wylona Ranch and Hatching Time cages. I know that neither is rat-proofproof due to the egg rollout. What if I put the cages in a shed? In the other half our chicken coop we have a walk-in storage like shed. Is it bad to have chickens and quail relatively near eachother?
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