1. CiaBia

    Coturnix Quail - Color Identification Help? (Lots of pictures!)

    To start, I am very new to quail so apologies for any mistakes in advance! I have been raising chickens for years and just recently hatched my first quail. I am OBSESSED :love. I am very much confused on the proper identification of their colors though, and since I intend to breed these little...
  2. HunterT

    Humidity on giant bobwhite incubation

    I am having a hard time keeping my Hovabator 1602N (with fan kit) at the right humidity. Target is 55-60%. I’m either at 64 or 50. Having a hard time finding the medium. If I fill the first tray, it hovers at mid 40s. If I fill second tray it goes up to about 50-52. If i add any water to the...
  3. F

    Single Quail Not Laying

    Hi everyone! I'm a long term fan of this forum, but have only just made an account :) I have two batches of Coturnix quail that I hatched from fertile eggs - the first batch only had one hen (a Golden Italian), and the second batch had two (a Pharaoh and a Tuxedo). There's about 3 weeks age...
  4. Cedar Creek Farm Lady

    Jumbo Coturnix Hen Vent Prolapse

    I should know exactly what's wrong & what to do, but maybe 2nd opinions to reassure me. Noticed my hen in the nest acting like she was laying an egg.... I don't know if she laid today already or not bc there are several hens in her pen... Anyways, up on further inspection I see her backside has...
  5. pkarkos

    Laws on selling poultry meat for pets/captive carnivorous animals?

    Hello All, Not sure if this would go better in the local chicken laws and ordinances forum, but as it is about selling birds for meat, I was thinking you all might know more. So I am starting a quail breeding independent study on my college farm. We are planning on selling eggs and as the farm...
  6. D

    How to keep your quail's feet clean?

    This is my first time owning quail, and I've loved every second of it, except for this one problem. It always seems that my button quail keep getting their own poop stuck on their claws, turning them into little orbs of fecal matter and feathers hanging off their feet until I clean it. I've had...
  7. QuailFeather

    Hello, BYC!

    Hello. My name is Levi (QuailFeather). I live in St. Louis, Missouri. Here are the questions and my answers: Q: Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? A: I don't have chickens just quail and got them in May. Q: How many chickens do you have right now? A: 19 female quail...
  8. S

    Alright, so is this bumblefoot? no open wound.

    one of my quail seems to have like a cyst or something on his foot pad, without a noticeable open wound, just a teeny bit of inflammation. It's a soft lump, so it probably isn't cancer, and antibiotics(neosporin) were adminishered topically. What should i do, i don't want to pop it because then...
  9. KaLe dA QuAiL

    please help, quail acting strange, help!

    my quail is sneezing and twisting his head. when we gave him food he started eating and kept eating for about 10 min he was previously injured and still has a small scab. help!:(
  10. E-Moo

    In need of Coturnix Quails!

    Hello! I am looking to buy 3-4 coturnix quail hens -or chicks-. If you are in the Bay Area, And have quails or know someone who does, please inform me! Thank you.
  11. Johnny829

    Laying issues or me too impatient?

    Hello guys, I live in Florida and have to raise coturnix quails in my basement because of many factors. I give them 14 hours LED soft white lightning every day, temperature around 76, Dumor 24% chicken starter, free-choice oyster shell, fresh water and sand bath. I have these female adult...
  12. Cedar Creek Farm Lady

    What am I?

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  13. Johnny829

    Can quails still lay eggs with complete artificial light?

    Hello guys, I'm wondering if it's possible to have coturnix quails still lay eggs with complete artificial light. So my idea is to raise them in my basement. The only problem is apparently they don't any get natural daylight. But if I provide them proper room temperature, food, water and all...
  14. Lake2day

    Incubating quail and a chicken eggs together

    first time incubating eggs here. I bought a Hova-Bator forced air model 2362E from an individual who threw in 16 chicken eggs and 3 quail eggs. I realize now that I should have placed the quail eggs a few days later so they would all hatch at the same time, but of course I didn’t..... If I raise...
  15. S

    Help, my quail is paralyzed??

    My female king quail’s back legs seem to be paralysed. She cant seem to move them, and if I flip her onto her back she is unable to roll back over, so i think her hips/lower spine are affected as well. She also doesnt seem to be using her wings much to escape, but she can use them. I noticed...
  16. K

    Can I help wry neck chick late?

    I have a 4 week old quail with wry neck. In its first week that I noticed it had wry neck I was giving it vitamin e with eggs and rooster booster in her water. After a week she wasn’t improving and I started to forget to give her the vitamins regularly. She is now about 2 weeks into it. Is there...
  17. J

    My button quail is sick, what do I do?

    Hi! Before I talk about my button quail, some background info. One of my hens had hurt her foot. I’m not sure how, but I noticed it about 3 weeks ago. There was a large scab on her leg, and some of her toe nails are either missing/regrowing or bloody. I trim the nails every now and then when...
  18. Johnny829

    Anyone please ship live quail adult birds?

    I seriously and sincerely would love to get 4 female coturnix quail adults. I live in Boca Raton, FL. And I literally have called and driven around to see if any stores or anyone selling quails near me and it turned out nothing. And I searched online and they either don't ship adult birds or I...
  19. Johnny829

    Anyone please ship live quail adult birds?

    Hello everyone, I seriously and sincerely would love to get 4 female coturnix quail adults. I live in Boca Raton, FL. And I literally have called and driven around to see if any stores or anyone selling quails near me and it turned out nothing. And I searched online and they either don't ship...
  20. Johnny829

    Hatching quail eggs dilemma

    So it's my first time hatching coturnix quail eggs. They are already in incubator for 2 days and I read online that I'm supposed to have them pointy down until day 15. But apparently as a newbie, I did not. They kind of just lay on their side now and it's an automatic turn incubator. So I don't...
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