1. _quails_

    Quail weak sleepy and no feathers at her belly

    I walked out a day and saw my quail sleep, didn’t notice anything but then i saw that she was so weak and sleepy and just bad at walking, I have no idea what to do please help me
  2. J

    My birds leg has gotten hurt, what should I do?

    Hi, I was cleaning my birds cages and my bird hurt herself, and now her leg is bent back and she’s hopping on one foot. She also appears stunned and is breathing heavily. There is no blood or anything, it’s just her leg is bent behind her. What should I do? Is there any course of action I can take?
  3. LJHC

    Celadon Eggs

    Hi Everyone, These are my first Celadon eggs from my five week old Falb Fee birds! The larger eggs are from my Jumbo Corturnix.
  4. CovidtimeQuail

    My first article: Hatching chicks and incubator hack

    How I tweaked a still air incubator for better results https://www.backyardchickens.com/articles/improving-hatch-rates-a-few-tweaks-plus-a-little-giant-still-air-incubator-9300-hack.76242/ I posted it in the incubator section, so I wasn't sure if the quail fans would see it. Here's the short...
  5. shaniaquail

    Chick suddenly has runny poop! Help!

    We have a little quail buddy (4-5 weeks old) and he hangs around us all the time and begs for attention. Wonderful, we love him! BUT yesterday night as we were giving him his evening pets, we noticed he had runny wet poop that got stuck to him bum and his entire backside is constantly wet. We...
  6. A

    Hardware mesh for aviary?

    Can I use the hardware mesh instead of buying the expensive fencing? Dont want to quail chewing damaging it/breaking free/hurting themselves trying to. What less costly alternatives are there for putting on up?
  7. motherturkey

    We got quails.

    So I don’t post on here a whole lot but I have a lot of chickens/ducks, TURKEYS, and over the weekend me and my husband went to the flea market and ended up buying 2 QUAILS. SO my question, the male quail is LOUD. Louder than the female, at night, during the day. Is that normal for them? I...
  8. PancakeTheButtonQuail


  9. R

    Hello Everyone!!

    My name is Robby. I own and have operated Loving HANDS Chicken Ranch now for about 6 yrs. We currently raise 9 colors of Bobwhite, 3 colors of coturnix, 7 colors of button quail, 5 colors of polish and 5 colors of silkies. We are knowledgable in alot of subjects concerning chickens, quail, and...
  10. JamieMcClain

    Heat lamp?

    So I don’t use heat lamps or heat sources during the winter for my chickens ducks or geese. But this is my first winter with quail. They’re so little coturnix quail. I currently have them set up in our garage. Draft free. Not heated. And last night it got cold enough to freeze their water in...
  11. S


    hello everyone sad night as i have found one of my quails with severe injury to the head he is bleed i don’t know if he will make it through the night what would i do please help in desperate need
  12. J

    Sick Coturnix Hen

    I have a large female celadon coturnix who is listless and shows no interest in food, when normally she eats like a cow (this bird is enormous). She sits hunkered and I may have seen her stumble a bit. Passes mostly clear feces with traces of white. I did notice a pink spot in one of her...
  13. Wild-Turkey

    A Few Mixed Questions About Coturnix Quail

    Hello, I currently do not have Coturnix quail but plan to raise them a couple years in the future, I have a few questions about them if that’s fine. :frow What size aviary would be appropriate for around 5-10 starting out, also would they be fine with an inside aviary and an outside aviary they...
  14. Picklethequail

    Help please

    Hello I am new to this and I am possibly going to buy fertile quail eggs and try and save some of them from people buying and eating them. I don't necessarily have any quails yet but I am looking forward on getting some as I stated before. I wanted to know if i could put a blanket at the bottom...
  15. ButtonHoarder

    My Button Quail Are Picking On Each Other, What's The Best Approach?

    Hey everybody, I separated my button quail into pairs about a month or so ago, because people said that's how they live best, but I only have one pair that seems to not pick on each other :( Two of the couples look kinda like over mating because the females have bare backs, and the males are...
  16. O

    My amazing quails killed!!

    Hi, a few years ago me and my wife decided to get quail as we have an avid interest in quails and all animals really. They made amazing companions, so sweet, harmless and therapeutic to be around, they cost barely any money to feed etc, so are perfect all round. Me and my wife built a fantastic...
  17. M


    I'm still in absolute shock as I write this. I had a pair of button quail for almost two years now, wonderful little birds, they were pair bonded and loved each other to pieces. Absolutely inseparable. Sometime last night, our little hen passed away of a prolapse. I didn't notice until this...
  18. Shmegel

    Help figuring out quail diagnosis

    My 2.5 year old female coturnix quail has started lying on her side all the time. She can’t seem to put weight on her right leg. She’s able to move both legs, but she can’t walk. Vet says it’s probably either a nerve issue, abdominal mass on left side, stroke, sprain or soft tissue injury, but I...
  19. Smelly

    I think my button quail is dying

    I picked up my 5 month old quail earlier and afterward she started panting/gasping for air, since then she's just been sitting, breathing heavily and she seems like she's asleep but she will open her eyes if there's any noise, I noticed a few days ago she would nap during the day but I didn't...
  20. J

    Raising Quail in Missouri

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this site and wanted to pick some locals brains. I have seen people mention a "State" thread to only have local people see it, but I have no idea how to find this. My questions, with domestic quail such as the Coturnix, what are the regulations for selling in MO. I...
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