1. A

    Goose eggs and movement

    Hi, I’m hatching two goose eggs for the first time and they are both going wrong on day 13! My question tho is how much should they be moving? Mine look like they are having a rave in there, can they move too much? Thanks
  2. S

    Momma goose

    Hi im new at this but I have a couple of geese she started laying on eggs a while back 1 baby hatched but she is still sitting on eggs the baby is a week old n im sure the others won't hatch by now but she won't get off the eggs. What do I do? Dad is taking care of the gosling while she just...
  3. HorsesRMe123

    Goose Beak Bleeding From Injury

    So earlier today this morning I went to feed my geese and chickens. I opened the goose coop and grabbed their food dish and when I went to close the door, my gander (Oliver) came up to tell me I needed to leave (because he can be aggressive as you all know geese are). He peaked his head out and...
  4. S

    Goose funny noise/respiratory issue?

    Our 4mnth old pilgrim goose is making a funny noise, if I'm to describe it it sounds a bit like a cow mooing (I have a video, but dont think I can upload it here), he/she's probably been doing it for nearly a week. It may be completely normal, its just that the others have more of a high pitch...
  5. Tyrion


  6. Marcus


    Marcus playing with my coat
  7. 20201225_094309.jpg


    Marcus standing at full hight.
  8. Tyrion


  9. Marcus


  10. Marcus and Flip Flop

    Marcus and Flip Flop

    Marcus obsession with my flip flop. He loves that Flip flop!
  11. Pumpkin testing

    Pumpkin testing

    Marcus and Tyrion seeing if the pumpkin is food
  12. Marcus and pumpkin

    Marcus and pumpkin

    Marcas helping me with pumpkin carving
  13. 20201101_162050.jpg


    Tyrion , fall wind
  14. Gerby26

    Goose with clicking sound when she walks

    I noticed my goose's foot is making a clicking noise every time she takes a step, should I be concerned she is 4-5 months old and she walks fine other then the noise with every step.
  15. amynw

    Gapeworm????? New thread, HELP

    This is a new thread for a thread I posted with questions a few days ago. Im hoping more people see this with advice. Background: male goose started "squeaking" and had diarrhea. Next day, began shaking his head as if something was lodged in his throat. Friday Update: *****HELP****sound of...
  16. amynw

    Squeaking sick goose????

    Hello everyone. We have 3 pet geese, and recently I kept hearing a squeak every so often. Sounded just like a squeaky toy noise. I finally figured out today where the noise was coming from, one of my male geese. I watched him for around an hour. He still honks like the others, but will...
  17. 0ddaudd

    Do Guard Geese really work?

    Hey! I’ve had this question for awhile. Does a “guard goose” actually work by scaring off prey? If so, does breed matter? What about gender? And will they try to attack humans? I’ve also heard that getting a black chicken can deter predators as well but that might just be an old wives tale. I...
  18. M

    Goose over heating??

    I have three 2 month old Chinese geese, that have their own little pool. This happened about a week ago as well and again today so I'm thinking maybe over heating but it seems weird for it to be off balance, anyway one of them lost its balance and was flapping its wings falling over and calling...
  19. M

    Geese aggressiveness questions

    Hi, I have some Chinese geese and they were handled a lot and brought up around my dogs since they were 3 days old and started chasing my dogs away and biting them since they were only a week old. They were brought up around them and are now 2 months old and bite my dogs and make them yelp so I...
  20. F

    Male or Female? Toulouse

    Can somebody please help? What number of males/females do we have? Sorry I couldn't get a video of them talking, they are very quiet.
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