1. L

    Goose egg help please newbie!

    Please help! This is our first “breeding” season for our geese. Mumma laid 6 eggs, we are down to 4. She is incubating them herself, not in an incubator. From what I can understand these are fertile due to the shadow/air sack? Or were at some point. She started sitting on the night of 6th of...
  2. GeeseGoose

    Goose Ate Piece of Croc Jibbit? (Soft PVC)

    Hello, my Embden Goose just snuck up on me and managed to tear off a piece of my croc jibbit, then promptly swallowed it before I could get a hold of her. It is made of a soft pvc rubber, and the portion is about corn kernel sized. Will she be okay? Should I try and induce vomiting? The victim...
  3. felys

    Can Goose (and Muscovy Ducks) eat Sweet Pea Sprouts?

    Can goose and Muscovy ducks eat this - it's labeled sweet pea sprouts? I found them in the vegetables section at the supermarket and thought it would be a nice treat. But then I googled and found conflicting information. Some websites say it's toxic, some say it's different from the sweet pea...
  4. The duck father_

    Fair price for Egyptian goose pair

    I was wondering what would be a fair price for a mated Egyptian goose pair? I don't really have the time to take care of them anymore and am looking to adopt them out. The gander has won champion waterfowl and champion goose in two big shows as the Goose has come in second with Reserve...
  5. D

    Hello from Illinois!

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I have been around chickens all my life.. Grandparents always let me raise one or two at home and then take to the farm when it was bigger. My first flock of chickens came after marrying the farm(er). This farmhouse already had a...
  6. M

    2 air sacs in goose egg?

    Hello, i am incubating 2 goose eggs and one of them is already hatched yesterday. Today is day 31 but the other one did not crack yet and there is no sound inside. I candled now and looks like there is air sac both sides. Eggs were from the same goose. Do you think its dead inside or i should...
  7. enlightenedkitty

    New member here

    Hello everyone! Last month the hubby and i moved into a place with a chicken coop and a large garden and greenhouse. We purchased a dozen brown leg horn chicks then a single guard gosling (big sweetheart) and then some rhode island reds (who are mean) lol They are such a joy to watch and so...
  8. J

    Geese Scaring Chickens from Feed

    Hello! So we have two Embdens that we got as guard geese for our flock of 16 chickens. We have seven chickens that are six months old and nine chickens that are two and a half months old. The guard geese are not quite two months old. As of the last week the guard geese are chasing the chickens...
  9. PiedPiperDucklings

    Gosling got out!!

    My smallest gosling managed to get out of their outdoor brooder, and we didn't find her for a few hours because of a bad rainstorm. We found her covered in mud, so we gently rinsed her with warm water as best we could and tried to wipe off her beak. She ate some water soaked food, but I noticed...
  10. M10lk

    Lump on goslings neck

    My 5 week 5 days old gosling has a hard lump on the side of her neck, (she is the one who I had previously posted about with the yolk sack). She is well and healthy, eating and drinking lots but I’m unsure of what this could be, I thought at first it could be a full crop but it seems too high...
  11. C

    Toulouse Gosling is overpreening/itchy

    Hey everyone, looking for some advice for my gosling. I recently got a shipment of 4 chicks of various breeds and a gosling to help protect my backyard flock. They're all being raised together, but since about day 2-3 of having them, we started to notice a wet spot above her right wing, which...
  12. M

    Nene (Hawaiian) goose eggs

    Hi everyone! Over the years as I diversify my poultry flocks I’ve become interested in raising some exotic breeds, and in particular the Nene (Hawaiian) goose. As anyone who has ever looked into this can probably attest to, it’s incredibly difficult to get this type of goose, either as a gosling...
  13. H

    Book of Geese by Dave Holderread

    does any one know if The Book of Geese by Dave Holderread talks about guard geese
  14. C

    Lost power Duck & Goose Eggs

    We lost power due to a storm last night, we were out of power roughly 5 hours. The incubator dropped down to 77 degrees before we had power back, most of these eggs are about 17 days. The longest have been in for 22 days. Should I expect a later hatch date or do you think the eggs are not viable...
  15. IvysAnimals

    Predator Proofing Coop, Help PLS!

    Hi.. I am really thinking about predator proofing my coop really soon before more predators start coming around. I've had ducks get taken away or injured, I really don't want to kill or relocate the animal and I want to spend more money on protecting my babies. I want to put posts in, hardware...
  16. M10lk

    Advice needed on gosling with yolk sack.

    I recently hatched out two Sebastopol goslings one completely healthy normal boy and another girl who had some difficulties. She hatched very enthusiastically completely on her own but for some reason hatched with the yolk attached, after some reading I think it may have been due to humidity...
  17. Goosey Girl

    Online Veterinarian advice

    Has anyone ever used an online poultry veterinarian for their geese or ducks? How was your experience with them, cost, and were you able to get a prescription from them for an antibiotic? I have a goose with a few bumblefoot lumps because he is a dunderhead and was trying to fight with some...
  18. fishpelt

    Michigan - Searching for Toulouse Hatching Eggs

    I’m looking for Toulouse hatching eggs anywhere in Michigan that I can pick up. The weather right now can’t make up its mind and I feel like it would be too cold to ship at since night time temperatures are still in the 20s in northern Michigan.
  19. IvysAnimals

    Any Adoptable Geese?

    Hello! I have 1 male French Toulouse goose named Jacque Goosteau. He's about 2 years old and I adopted him from someone who had two other Chinese geese selling as a pair for breeding. ( Didn't work out with the couple so they did something else with the geese ) I'm not sure if I'm looking to...
  20. IvysAnimals

    How Can I Stop Predators From Harming My Poultry?

    HELLO! The group of ducks that I have now are 3-1 years old. I've had some issues with predators coming around more than ever, of course. We've had the regular Cats, Fox's, Coyotes, Raccoons, Bald Eagle, Turkey Vultures, Crows, Rats, Mice, Possums, Deer, and as well as peoples dogs and I'm sure...
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