1. Rondack

    Snow floaters

    Here is my goose and two ducks:
  2. E

    Goose attacked by dog

    My goose was attacked by the neighbours dog today and lost about 1.5cm of beak. I have put antiseptic on the beak, and washed it out (it was bleeding quite a lot). The vet that deals with geese is not working right now, or probably for at least a couple of more days. What should I do? Do beaks...
  3. L

    Gander with frostbite! Suggestions for treatment

    Hello all! I rescued a gander a couple of days ago (I think he’s a Chinese x Embden) who seems not to be in the best shape. He’s terribly thin (you can feel his breast bone very easily), and his feathers are in rough shape. Most concerning are his feet: he has small patches of frostbite...
  4. J

    HELP! Sick gosling?

    So recently I’ve purchased two goslings at my nearest Atwoods probably a week or so ago on the same day . The employees did not specify or know how old they were but looked to be a few days I assume. I bought a African Chinese swan and a regular white Chinese swan goose. A few days went by and...
  5. Rondack

    Video of my geese!

    Here is a video of geese and ducks that I filmed with my drone:
  6. YayPoultry

    First incubator

    Hi all, I love reading about and seeing your girls (and guys)! We have had chickens, ducks and geese for several years now, and previously to expand our flock we would let nature take its course. Last year we acquired some Mandarin ducks, and would like to begin some focused breeding of them...
  7. E

    Female goose limping!

    Yesterday morning I noticed my female pilgrim goose of about 4-5 months was limping slightly on her left leg when she got out of the hutch in the morning. Over the day she was sitting down more, I couldn’t find any cuts or anything wrapped around the foot and I thought it might get better...
  8. fangedknight

    Goose Egg Incubation!!!

    Hey guys! So I figured I'd post here to get some advice and start a thread, this might turn into a hatch-a-long so worst case scenario I can always move it (Or gracious mods if you deem it worthy to move please go right ahead). Sooo a little background info for ya'll. I have a pair of...
  9. G

    Need info on goose breeding please

    I'm looking into getting some geese to raise for meat and I was wondering if anyone has any good links or book recommendations. I'm looking more for how to better the geese you already have and what to look for when selecting breeding stock. Would it be similar to selecting chicken stock...
  10. L

    Sad and lonely goose... Advice please!

    Hi all, I have a year old female (at least, that was what i was told when I got her) Embden goose that I've had for a couple of months now. I purchased her to act as a "guardian" for my small flock of 5 ducks (4 hens and a drake--I didn't expect her to be able to do much, but I was hoping her...
  11. G

    Super Africans VS African Geese

    Is there truly a difference between geese marketed as super african geese and geese marketed as african geese? I was under the impression from some of the hatcheries that super Africans are bigger and stronger than normal Africans but then I also read somewhere that they're the same. So I'm a...
  12. Squeak61

    Noisy male goose

    Hello everyone! I had a quick question regarding my gander. He currently lives with one male duck. Anytime I’m outside and then leave, the goose starts screaming his head off for the next ten minutes. Im not sure if he’s upset that I’m leaving, or what. Would having another male goose with him...
  13. gozbird

    difficult goose moult

    I'm hoping that someone will be able to advise me . I have two pet geese in Somerset West (South Africa) the male is about twelve years old and is in rather poor shape . He's managed to moult both his primaries and secondaries but the rest of his plumage is really scruffy and not waterproof. I'm...
  14. Squeak61

    ISO Adult Goose

    Hello everyone! I just bought a single goose, and I really want to get him a friend. I’d prefer a medium weight breed, if possible. If anyone knows any breeders that sell adults, or any geese that need homes, please let me know!
  15. southdeb

    Geese guard

    Hey there! I'm considering having some geese (2 or 3 to start I think will work), since I need some "security help". I've been robbed many times and my old dog didn't hear anything (he's 12 years old). I tried to introduce him a new dog, but he was agressive and than very very sad, so we had to...
  16. Squeak61

    Northeastern Poultry Congress!!

    Hello everyone! I went to the Northeastern Poultry Congress yesterday and came home with two new species that I’ve never had before. So crazy, so unexpected, but so great! The duck is Moose but no name for the goose yet. I just wanted to show you guys the new goose and duck! :D
  17. glambka

    BLue Duck eggs or Goose Eggs

    ISO Blue duck eggs. I live in SE Michigan but will be traveling to Florida via I-75 the last week in February. I can stop and pick up eggs, if anyone has any blue duck eggs or goose eggs. I am NOT looking to breed, I use them for art and education. Willing to pay, of course, but if you are...
  18. jsullivan704

    embden gander in need of new home

    I have an embden goose named jeffery, he needs a new home. He is in a small enclosure and it isnt fair to him he can be aggressive but I believe it's because of his small enclosure. I love him dearly and could never kill him because of his aggression. Please anyone take him and give him a good...
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