1. amynw

    Gapeworm????? New thread, HELP

    This is a new thread for a thread I posted with questions a few days ago. Im hoping more people see this with advice. Background: male goose started "squeaking" and had diarrhea. Next day, began shaking his head as if something was lodged in his throat. Friday Update: *****HELP****sound of...
  2. amynw

    Squeaking sick goose????

    Hello everyone. We have 3 pet geese, and recently I kept hearing a squeak every so often. Sounded just like a squeaky toy noise. I finally figured out today where the noise was coming from, one of my male geese. I watched him for around an hour. He still honks like the others, but will...
  3. 0ddaudd

    Do Guard Geese really work?

    Hey! I’ve had this question for awhile. Does a “guard goose” actually work by scaring off prey? If so, does breed matter? What about gender? And will they try to attack humans? I’ve also heard that getting a black chicken can deter predators as well but that might just be an old wives tale. I...
  4. M

    Goose over heating??

    I have three 2 month old Chinese geese, that have their own little pool. This happened about a week ago as well and again today so I'm thinking maybe over heating but it seems weird for it to be off balance, anyway one of them lost its balance and was flapping its wings falling over and calling...
  5. M

    Geese aggressiveness questions

    Hi, I have some Chinese geese and they were handled a lot and brought up around my dogs since they were 3 days old and started chasing my dogs away and biting them since they were only a week old. They were brought up around them and are now 2 months old and bite my dogs and make them yelp so I...
  6. F

    Male or Female? Toulouse

    Can somebody please help? What number of males/females do we have? Sorry I couldn't get a video of them talking, they are very quiet.
  7. HorsesRMe123

    Male and Female White Chinese Goose?

    I have two 18, almost 19 week old White Chinese geese. I believe we have one female and one male. Daisy (the one we believe to be female) is 8.6 pounds and has a much smaller knob than Oliver (the one we believe to be male). Daisy has a quick, lower pitched honk. Oliver is 9.8 pounds and has a...
  8. amynw

    Wet Feather HELP

    Hello everyone, while my husband was changing his oil on Thursday, my goose Abby was hanging out around us and just as fast as I ran to the house to answer the phone, and my husband was wiping his hands off because the phone call was for him, my Abby plopped herself right down in the oil pan...
  9. S

    Is this bumblefoot on goose?

    We're new to poultry and water fowl keeping, and want to make sure they're all healthy! Is this black-ish growth anything to be concerned about on our 4mnth old goose? Maybe bumblefoot? It doesn't seem to come off with water and gentle rubbing. We're base in SE Qld, Australia.
  10. S

    Oral injury in toulouse goose

    I noticed some swelling under my goose's chin today so I checked out her mouth to make sure she didn't eat anything ridiculous, like they do, and what I found was odd. It almost looks like the fleshy bit under the tongue (lingual frenulum) was torn and is possibly infected? I don't have a lot of...
  11. zydrate

    Geese rubbing head/neck on grass

    I noticed an odd thing today that I've not seen my geese do before, I let them out to eat grass and a couple of them kept doing a motion to rub their head/neck on the grass in between eating pieces, the only way i can think to describe it is as if they were 'marking', like how a cat rubs its...
  12. rubyshields

    I have a goose that thinks she’s a cat!

    Hello all! It has been a little while since we last posted. Our girl named Peeps is coming up on 5 months next week! She has a lot of cat siblings and I wanted to share what she has become attached to in the last week or so. I saw some “anti-anxiety” beds for cats online and I had to grab a...
  13. Bird_Lover_17

    Goose Breeds- whats your experience?

    Hi, I am considering raising Pilgrim or orpington geese. Eventually, I want to raise both. I just want to know if you have any tips regarding these breeds or other breeds that are docile. :)
  14. G

    What sex and breed do you think this goose is?

    Hi! I'm from New Zealand and a wild bird enthusiast. My partner and I have been regularly feeding this very cute goose when we go on walks and we are unsure what its sex would be/its breed. It's definitely an adult as it's hung around the area for about 4 years now. We assumed it was a male...
  15. M

    Chinese goose late egg death

    Hi, it's my first time incubating goose eggs and around day 25 one of them died, I opened it up and everything looked normal to me, what do you think caused it? There's 2 that have hatched today at day 32 and another 2 that have externally pipped and 1 that's still alive but the air cell is...
  16. Goosebaby

    Emergency! Beak incision

    I just found Dandelion (gosling) with this deep cut on her chin, it’s already swollen but she wasn’t like this when I checked on her two hours ago. I’m still trying to figure out how this happened, I don’t have money for a vet so any ideas on how to treat this myself is appreciated. I thought...
  17. lesterandlucy

    Help! Botulism/dehydration in my goose

    I am here hoping some experienced goose parents can give some more insight or advice. I’m pretty sure I have a handle on the situation but all the knowledge I can get is critical. My goose Lester was showing signs of severe dehydration (live in south Florida, it’s hot). He could not hold his...
  18. Goosebaby

    A gander with mysterious chronic illness

    Parsnip has had an ongoing illness or illnesses since last year, it started with his bill changing color, he was expieriencing symptoms of liver disease and/or pancreatitis, the two other threads addressing that are here...
  19. allanjensaft

    Embden Goose, sudden lameness and ultimate death - QUESTIONs

    Hi, sad day for us today - one of our 2 year old, female Embden geese passed away in the night and was found dead in our pond. She has been unwell/borderline lame for a few days - we treated for worming when lameness was spotted (4 days ago) and gave vitamin boost daily since, sadly it didn't...
  20. HorsesRMe123

    When can I let my goslings free-range unsupervised?

    My geese are almost 10 weeks old. They are both White Chinese geese. They have their own run and coop that they have access to all day long. At night, we lock them up in their coop since they are still young and we’d be worried if something might snatch them up during the night if they had...
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