1. HorsesRMe123

    URGENT!!! What are some characteristics that can differentiate a male and female White Chinese goose?

    My White Chinese geese are 9 1/2 weeks old. I really hope at least one is female. I notice that one of them stands tall, has a higher pitched voice, has a smaller vent, tends to be noisy and has a larger developed knob (the one eating grass in the picture). While the other likes to stand more...
  2. ajkarger33

    Goose bill injured; no vet available for 2 weeks

    Hello, My sweet goose got into a scuffle with a dog & fortunately came out relatively unscathed. The only issue is the lower part of her bill has a protrusion that was not visible before. There was never any blood coming from it and she seems to be eating and drinking completely normally, but...
  3. Piper


    My goose when she was a Gosling!!!
  4. motherturkey

    My goose

    My Canadian goose, Prince
  5. G

    How to sex Emden Geese

    I have six Emden geese that are getting a bit too loud and I need to cut the flock to 3 or 4 but I don't know how to properly sex them. I tried listening to their honks to try and sex them that way but I can barely tell. Are there any other ways to sex them without messing with their cloacas...
  6. GeeseGoose


    Hello! I’m Sami, an animal lover who particularly enjoys birds of all types. I’ve worked as an animal care tech for raptors and birds ranging from wild to domestic to exotic of all sizes (among other animals) for a few years before leaving for college. This past spring, I raised three lovely...
  7. Celeeste

    What is the best goose breed to get?

    I was planning my farm and I was wanted to have geese and I was wondering what would be the best goose breed to get. I'd like brown Chinese geese for laying (because I like their unique head knob), but are they a good laying breed? Also how much should I expect to pay for something like 10 brown...
  8. Goosebaby

    Tip for overheating birds

    I just learned this today going off of a hunch and I wanted to share this for the chance that it could help someone else. If your goose or duck is overheating get their webs wet. Definitly move them to shade or a cooler location and get them some water to drink, preferably with a tub of water...
  9. C

    REPOST: Please help - Goose egg hatching

    I'm currently on day 29 of incubating Emden x Toulouse eggs and I had 3/4 with movement on day 26-27 but after raising the humidity it went to 83% for 24 hours (my target was 70%). Now I don't see any movement. They should be hatching by now right? Did I drown them?
  10. C

    Geese eggs - humidity - did I drown my eggs??

    I'm currently on day 29 of incubating Emden x Toulouse eggs and I had 3/4 with movement on day 26-27 but after raising the humidity it went to 83% for 24 hours (my target was 70%). Now I don't see any movement. They should be hatching by now right? Did I drown them?
  11. 4

    Male goose not coming out of nest in morning

    Hi guys, first post here! Great community y’all have. We have 18 laying hens right now that we move around the yard in a Chickshaw. We also have one 3 month old male Pilgrim goose that lives with the chickens for protection. Usually in the mornings he is one of the first ones out of the...
  12. Myavia

    Goose mounting ducks?

    Hello! I have a single 3 month old goose that I raised with my ducks since day olds. They’ve always gotten along fine. Today I let them all out to go to the pond and I heard some commotion. The goose was latching onto the backs of one of my ducks and then mounted her like he was trying to mate...
  13. rubyshields

    11 week old gosling shedding a lot of small feathers

    Hello all, I have posted many times on here since we are new to owning geese. This time is another new question. Our baby is 11 weeks old and just within the last couple of days she is losing a lot of smaller feathers. Especially when it is bath time. We wanted to just make sure this is normal...
  14. motherturkey

    My babies

    Here are my birds!! Two aren’t pictured. The make Muscovy duck, Donald. And the black hen, Gertrude (she’s sitting on her eggs.)
  15. A

    lone goose

    about a month ago i found a goose at my local feed store. he was very disabled and his legs and neck weren't working. the man said if i didn't take him he would probably cull him as he cannot sell him so he gave him to me for free. well fast forward one month and we have a very healthy strong...
  16. motherturkey

    New member intro

    Hello! My name is Victoria. I have 7 chickens, (two of which are hatching babies!), 3 ducks, 2 baby guineas, a baby turkey and a Canadian goose. I love them and I’m happy to be able to enjoy them with other people!
  17. SunshineRain55

    Any ideas on helping Goose adopting ducklings?

    Hello - I have three ducklings that I hatched to fill out my mallard flock. One of my Chinese geese has been broody but not successful in hatching. I’m going to have to break her from her nest soon I think. My other Chinese goose and her gander have 4 goslings now and I’m feeling bad for my...
  18. BrittsChicks

    Need Help! Lockdown on day 26 or wait till day 28?

    I have a Pomeranian goose egg in the bator... I’ve seen a slight dip in the air cell...(put the egg in lockdown last night)...Today is day 26. Should I put the egg back in the turner for another day or just leave it in lockdown?...I’ve looked all over the Internet and can’t find a specific...
  19. amynw

    Geese eating plums

    Hello everyone, I was making fruit salad on my back porch and my little geese children are always right beside me. I was in the process of cutting up plums and I put the plum pits in a pile on the table. One of my geese hopped up on the chair and ate a plum pit off the table before I could even...
  20. Goosebaby

    Genetics question

    I have a gosling that I initially thought was a buff, but I noticed he has blue eyes. My two girls that are the possible moms are a Classic Roman and an American Buff. More than likely the Roman is the mom. The possible dad’s are Leo and Parsnip, French Toulouse, and French Toulouse? Leo is...
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