1. J

    Can i use bubble wrap as bedding

    Im new to hatching eggs, can I use bubble wrap as flooring for baby quails?
  2. T

    Crazy Chicken mom to 13

    Hi Everyone, new here and looking for some advice for my 13 ladies. I posted a thread here.
  3. Nero70002

    Speckled Sussex Thread

    This thread is for all Speckled Sussex owners (or soon to be). This thread is for questions like is my SS a roo?, what is the quality of my SS?, is my chick a SS?, and anything related to SS. This thread can also be used for posting pictures of your SS and discussing SS.
  4. L

    Odd Behavior - Shouting at Coop

    Hi all, I'm looking for a little advice on potential causes of some odd behavior. Apologies in advance, this is a bit of a strange one. One of our chickens, Furiosa (a cream legbar) is exhibiting some odd behaviour. She's absolutely fine in the mornings, runs out the coup to get her...
  5. D

    Raising a lone imprinted chick

    hi everyone, at the start of the year i ordered 10 eggs which i got an extra 1. the first 2 days one of the egg started oozing so i cleaned the incubator again before the rest go in. Sadly, from all the eggs only 1 hatched (cochin/brahma) chick. guessing its cochin but not sure cause they mixed...
  6. A

    3am Wake Up Call

    Hey everyone...3am had me outside in my bathrobe cuz one of my chickens was making this god awful dying noise. Found her sitting outside the coop in the snow and both her feet were bleeding! I managed to coax her back inside the coop and when I did all the birds (6 total, I have a teeny flock)...
  7. Lacy Duckwing

    Chicken Survey!!

    Here's the survey:
  8. A

    Chicken wound possibly infected?

    I have a 10 month old jersey giant hen who started losing feathers a couple weeks ago. I thought it was just a random molting. 2 days ago she came out of the coop in the morning and was bleeding awfully from being pecked, mostly a huge wound right above the vent. There's a few other places that...
  9. P

    Baby chick with red eye please help

    My broody hens sat on fertilised eggs and hatched 5 chicks. 4 are loved and happy with their mummy hens. Today, I found the fifth abandoned. I tried to put it under the australorp hen but she wouldn't have a bar of it and the other broody hen turned her back. It lacked energy so I picked it up...
  10. ChickensForEggs2500

    Chicken with bad eyesight

    Hello! My Sapphire Gem, Tallulah, has eyesight issues (I think). She has trouble seeing BOSS if they are not in my hand, and food. She eats really funny when she sees the food though. She doesn't lift her head up very much between pecks, and kinda slides her beak in the food. She also has...
  11. H

    Weird Chicken Crop!!?

    Hi guys me again another question about the runt that hatched (we call them chicken nugget now :love) About a week ago we found what looked to be a bubble we decided to keep an eye on it when we realized it was the babies crop!:eek: It’s not a question about the crop but more on where it is, the...
  12. C

    chicken with red and dry looking skin

    hi!! i'm a new user who has a chicken with reddish-skin. I can't tell if it's a rash (we've been getting a lot of rain recently and they're free ranged so i think they would be perching on damp branches) or if it's a problem caused by something else. Any help identifying what's happening to my...
  13. Dianahhrn

    Prolapse that feels like shredded tissue...

    My 2 year old Sapphire Gem had a huge prolapse that may have broke as she expelled clots once I had her in warm water. It won't stay inside - so now she is in a dark area. We have NO vets for birds within at least 100 miles. I am feeding corn, vitamin water and gave her an Antibiotic orally...
  14. Aaron nassery

    Need I tiny bit of help!

    Hey guys. I need some help with my incubator. I have been having some difficulty with the humidity. I have a fairly large tray with a sponge in the middle with a good amount of water but my humidity seems to want to stay between 35 and 40. I tried a test to see if I can bring the humidity up to...
  15. Nugget looking like a T-Rex

    Nugget looking like a T-Rex

    She literally looks like a T-Rex.
  16. C

    roo or hen silkies 11 weeks

    Silkies 11 weeks old can anyone tell me there gender
  17. J

    Brinsea Mini ii Advance

    Brinsea Mini ii Advance Incubator $175.00 Condition is used; i used it for 3 hatchings. It will do 7 chicken eggs, or more smaller eggs if you get a different tray . Unit works great. Message if any more info needed . I will ship at your expense .
  18. J

    unknown chicken breed

    can someone please tell me this breed?
  19. E

    Hen can't walk or move leg

    I have a seven month old gold top hen who I noticed 3 days ago was lame. However she was able to walk with her limp slowly and jump up to the roost but I decided to remove her from my flock as she is relatively new and is at the bottom of the pecking order and I was concerned the older girls...
  20. C

    Concerned that a person attacked chicken - see pics

    Hi Everyone I have 6 hens and one rooster and have had them for almost a year. They all behave very friendly. This past Sunday morning we discovered one of our chickens had a brutal wound to the back of the head. The picture doesn’t do full justice, but there is a large gash of a hole that...
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