1. North East (USA) Problems: Coyote Season

    North East (USA) Problems: Coyote Season

    Hello fellow pet owners. I have recently (ok not so recently since it was like a month ago) posted an article entitled, 5 tips to never loose a bird to a predator read it if you would like! Of course, I jinxed myself because a few weeks later, I heard my first coyote pack this season. I have...
  2. Gerby26

    Muscovy drakes available MA

    I have 3-4 month old muscovy drakes who need new family's, 2 would make perfect pets(silver and chocolate), the silver drake is the most tame, chocolate is tame, other white is a good large drake but hes just skittish around people. Located Agawam MA. Can go seperate. Re-homing fee for each...
  3. NickiesChickies

    Hi🙋🏻‍♀️ - I’m new here

    Hi everyone. I got my first chicks on April 4th 2020. I was told I was getting 2 female Buff Orpingtons, 5 female Black Australorps and one male Black Australorp. This was all true except I believe one of my female Black Australorps is actually a male Jersey Giant!! Surprise!! I have 2 males. 😬...
  4. P

    Is my RIR a cockerel or hen?

    Here is some pics of my Rhode Island Red youngster. It’s going on 8 weeks old. This is our only RIR so I don’t have another one to compare him/her to. None of our other chicks, same age, have a comb like this yet so I think this one is a cockerel. Any one have a good guess?
  5. V

    Silkie Rooster - Fairfield County CT

    We have to rehome our silkie rooster... we’re located in Fairfield County. If interested please message me.
  6. C

    2 Rhode Island Red cockerels, one month old

    Hi all, When school shut down due to Covid-19, we took over my son's first grade class's incubation project. For the past month we have been raising two healthy, happy chicks named Camilla and Taco. The students have loved remotely learning about the chicks. Thanks to the members on this...
  7. S

    Designer Easter Egger day old chicks [Hudson Valley NY / Fairfield County CT)

    Hatching limited batch first generation Easter Eggers from a variety of ornamental heritage breed crosses! These chicks come from prime breeding stock, and are being crossed for designer egg colors! As first generation, the color of their eggs will be a mystery, but you can expect anything from...
  8. F

    From Connecticut!

    hi all, some may have seen my posts about my 6 week old chick with leg issues. Brought her to the vet today and had to put her down. I am completely heartbroken and in tears, but I can’t help but worry about my lone chick at home. Will she be okay? Chickens are not being sold in my area anymore...
  9. Squeak61

    Chickens in CT

    Hi everyone, I have 3 hens and one rooster for adoption. I have a partridge rock hen (listed on a previous post) and three black turken growouts. The partridge rock is a beauty, and she’s from Meyer Hatchery (is mareks vaccinated). She’s about 8 months old, and lays consistently. The three...
  10. M

    ROOSTER - Located in Ridgefied CT

    LOCATED IN RIDGEFIELD CT. Hatched September 2017. Went out to get 4 pullet chicks, ended up with 2 girls and 2 boys. We just have too many Roosters for the size of our coop.
  11. LittlePigeon

    LF: Buff Orphingtons and Black Australorps (Connecticut)

    Hi everybody! I'm currently looking for my first chickens! I've got my heart set on some Buffs and some Australorps as their personality seems to fit what I'm looking for the best. They MUST be sexed. Zoning regulations prevents roosters in my town so they must be pullets. If anybody has any...
  12. W

    Eggs for Hatching Connecticut

    I am looking for a farm or anyone that will help me and my students hatch ducks in our classroom. We did it last year with a local farm and chicks, and it went extremely well. I am looking for a farm or person to take the ducks back after they hatch. It doesn't matter what breed, and of course I...
  13. B

    We just successfully hatched a cracked mallard egg scotch taped since day 5 of incubation

    A lot of people have said it couldn’t be done so wanted to share that our first of 10 duck eggs hatched and it was a cracked egg that we scotch taped on day 5 of incubation. He is now named Scotch :) If anyone in CT is interested in Cayuga babies let me know. Also- looking for Frizzle hatching...
  14. ptjenn

    4-H leader new to poultry

    My name is Jenn and I have a six acre hobby farm in CT. I have been a 4-H leader for two years. We are a goat club, and I have six goats on the property , three which are 4-H project goats for three club members. I started with chickens about 1 1/2 years ago to supply us with fresh eggs. Barred...
  15. Naturegirl155

    Because my Facebook Friends are Tired of Chickens

    Just sharing some pictures from today! I'm new to chicken life but I'm enjoying to learning curve. Gotta love when the gate opens and the dogs NEED to check out the chicken run and the chickens NEED to check out the dog yard. I guess the hay is always fresher on the other side... Mindy the...
  16. Naturegirl155

    Worried About the Weather

    As I head into my first winter with chickens in CT, I'm starting to get nervous that I haven't done enough to prepare for winter cold, especially after last night. I'll post some pictures of the coop, the modifications I made for the coop, the run, and the modifications I made for the run. Any...
  17. B

    Young Black Ameraucana Roo available in CT

    Just starting to crow... would love to find him a home where he can strut his stuff. Free, of course. Brookfield, CT.
  18. E

    Hello from East Haddam CT

    We have a small flock of 5 hens and 1 rooster in our backyard--2 barred rocks, 1 silver laced Wyandotte, 1 buff Orpington, and 2 Welsummers. We will probably be adding new chicks next Spring, and I would love to split an order to save on shipping, etc., if anyone is close. Alternatively, if you...
  19. Squeak61

    Straight run Jersey Giant chicks

    Hello everyone! I unfortunately have to re-home more chickens (I feel like that's all I've been doing these days :hit). These chicks weren't planned, and as a result, I'm having some issues with them. They aren't mixing well with my very young chicks. They're also creating lot of dust, which is...
  20. shsesc

    Coop for 30 free range chickens

    How would you go about building a coop for 30 chickens that will free range during the day in CT, that costs less than $300. I tried to find a shed on craigslist, and I had no luck. I just need a secure night-time home for them. I have about 2 months to find one or build one. TIA for any...
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