1. Mcmchick

    Looking for new coop suggestions

    Hi ! I'm looking for suggestions on chicken coops. We were given a coop for free, between moving it around so much last spring and winter weather, it ended up only being good for the year. I have an attachment off of my garage, kind of like a very large shed, I keep the coop in there for extra...
  2. The duck father_

    Tips on getting free range chickens into a new coop at night?

    My chickens were originally supposed to sleep in a modified trailer with ducks in which they for a few days but than started sleeping in the trees for a few months. Since the trailer is now too crowded I made a new coop which they have much more interest in but is there a way to brake their tree...
  3. Z

    totally new here! thoughts on coop design in predator land?

    Hi there, brand new to chickens! Happy to be a part of this forum. I have been thinking about raising chickens for years, and finally feel we're in the place to start this project this year. I have been in research mode for weeks. This site is a goldmine for information, experiences and answers...
  4. L

    Setting Up a Coop: Ideas and Thoughts

    Buff Orpington
  5. Alex S

    New Chicken coop

    Hey everyone! I'm thinking of building a new, and nicer chicken coop this spring and was wondering if anybody had some good plans for a 10 chicken coop that you can walk into. Would that be considered a medium or large chicken coop? Thanks! (It also snowed today and my Orpingtons did NOT like...
  6. katie_94

    Is lemon grass safe for quails and/or chickens?

    We have lemon grass that has dried up/died from the weather and I'm wondering if it's safe to use around quails and/or chickens in terms of bedding? The quails tend to kick their pine shavings out of their ground coop's entrances and I used to use leftover hay as a barrier to prevent that (and...
  7. The chicken nurd

    Any ideas on run design

    I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for run design Right now my run is just open space (I’ll post a picture in a bit) and I was planning on adding perches and clutter to bring down some of the pecking that’s going on especially with the lower members in the pecking order but I need...
  8. The Duck House

    The Duck House

  9. chickennuggt


    Today I had to clean out their coop because it was getting really nasty and i had to move it to a new location. And i took them out and swept / vacuumed the coop and normally they don't get mad at me when I clean the coop but this time they got mad because i was using the vacuum and it got...
  10. chickennuggt

    Best way to make a coop secure ???

    Im planning on building a new coop for my chickens and I'm new to raising chickens can anyone tell me a ways to build a chicken coop to be secure from raccoons? And i live in Michigan
  11. Joyfillednomads

    DREAM coop & run

    Show your diy projects, current coops, or wish list items. Need some ideas. Thanx
  12. Morgan Singh

    Do I need to insulate my coop?

    To first start off, I live in florida. I recently got my chickens a coop but should I insulate it? I cant get pics now but i started another thread with a picture so heres the link.
  13. Joyfillednomads

    Egg Production Way Low

    Our hens are on strike since we cooped them up. We have had issues with predators and can't let them run willy nilly and completely free range. The egg production has dramatically decreased. And we expected decrease due to fall/winter, but we have supplements and scraps and all sorts of treats...
  14. katie_94


    Obviously this time of year there will be less daylight and in FL we may have more sunlight but it's less around this time regardless. My question is: What counts as sunlight for the quails? I've read on here that quails need about 14 hours of sunlight each day to keep producing eggs...
  15. V

    Hey Lamp/Too Cold

    Hi all, I live in a Chicago suburb. My chickens have a nice coop but no heat for winter. Our winters can get to -20. At what temperature should I turn a heat lamp on for the coop? Thank you!
  16. PileatedFarms

    Winterizing the coop for a UP winter

    Hi chicken friends! UP chickeners here. We have read up on winterizing and have seen how different the answers can be so we wanted to reach out here for help: Our coop is constructed in 4 layers: plywood on the inside, then Tyvek wrapping, then roof ice shield wrap, then ¾ wood planks for...
  17. aimz127

    Temporary Coop for New Hens

    Hi folks! I'm looking to add about 5 hens before winter hits as I lost a few pullets during my first year with chickens. From looking at the forum, many suggest quarantine for new chickens to watch for disease/illness before integration. Given that coccidia has kicked my butt this season, I'm...
  18. K

    I made a scale model of my Hobbit-Themed Chicken Coop

    Just sharing this scale prototype I made of my future hobbit-themed chicken coop - my husband and I start building this weekend! Let me know what you think so far! The coop will be 5’ x 5’ and about 7’ tall at the peak. The run is about 10x10. There will be two doors on the coop - one on each...
  19. Quacking ducks

    Duck house and coop ideas?

    Hi, I am getting ready to build a new duck house and pen. what do y'all think of a cement floor? what have you use? and what do y'all use for roofing? shingles? sheet metal? wood? what do people use for walls? I need to build before winter and it needs to last a while. any ideas? thank you
  20. DClopein

    Tips 4 This Coming Winter?!

    Hello 👋 This will be my first winter owning chickens & was wondering what you do to help your flock stay warm. Any advice helps! Thank you! 😃
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