1. Elraishem

    The layout of my coop, according to my hens

    They have roosts, they just don’t care.
  2. Nendei

    Best flooring options?

    I’m looking for some options for flooring in all my coops. I had to tear out the previous flooring because of my flock having a disease. I have coops that are raised from the ground, so cement and dirt wouldn’t work. Any ideas or options would be big help! As from the run area, what’s the best...
  3. A

    Setting up a safe broody coop?

    So we had a new shed installed two months ago when our flock outgrew their coop. A week ago we had some bad windstorms and it took it down. Thankfully the chickens were free ranging and not in the coop. ( I don’t know where they took cover, but we didn’t lose any) so anyway, we’ve had to move...
  4. IMG_1606.jpg


    Phase one of the coop overhaul... leveled and new straw.
  5. IMG_1600.jpg


    The Ladies of Laurel Canyon
  6. LightedPrism

    Questions on Framing

    So my design is getting there! Yeah! A few things that are a little possible needed information. I have a feeling I will be in a wheelchair at some point soon, so I planned the coop around it. the poop board is 24in tall so i can move a chair under it if needed. as well as 36in wide almost...
  7. MIgardengal

    Do you let your chickens outside in bitter cold weather?

    Ok you all I’m wondering what I should first winter with my hens. I live in Michigan 3 blocks from the shores of Lake Superior. Cold cold with lots of snow. Our temps are now in the single digits. And we have about 12 inches of snow. my coop is about 40s feet with 6 hens, and a attached...
  8. C

    Recommendations for 5-chicken coop+run+nesting area?

    I have 5 16-18 week old pullets that are currently in a decently sized coop without a nesting area. It will be very hard for me to construct 5 nesting areas as a part of the coop, so does anyone have any good recs for a good full 5-chicken coop+run+nesting box setup possibly on amazon or...
  9. DelR

    When can I put them outside?

    I have month old silkie chicks. They have recently started to have no heat lamp during the day. Eventually I need to put them outside lol, but because it’s so cold, I don’t know when to start introducing them to the outside. The highest temperature recently has been about 45-50° Anybody have advice?
  10. divineangel94

    Help me please.

    Ever since it was built we have had a leak problem. But it got a lot worse. I have no money so I need advice on how to fix this leak problem. As quickly as possible. The leak reaches all the way to the floor.
  11. JHH3

    How much airflow is too much? Drafty coop?

    Pardon the long winded preliminary explanation. This is my first winter having chickens and my understanding is that they're pretty cold hardy as long as their coop isn't drafty and has good ventilation in order to keep the moisture down. I bought a pre-built 8x10 chicken coop earlier this...
  12. Quacking ducks

    How can I get my duck house and pen bobcat Proof

    Hi, I have been hearing a bobcat around our house at night different times. Does anyone know how I can bobcat proof my duck house and pen? Thank you
  13. chicken-dad

    Will Your Coop Stay Warm Enough?

    I constructed my coop in early fall, excited to house four new 28-week old red sex-linked chickens. However, with the coldest nights of the Maine winter soon approaching, I began to worry that the henhouse wouldn't be warm enough for them. I could have gone the easy route, and purchased a...
  14. wdeubert

    Is my setup sufficient for the winter?

    Hi there! This is my first winter raising chickens. I have 5 hens - speckled sussex, easter egger, buff orpington, buff brahma and barred plymouth rock. I have done a lot of reading on their requirements for colder weather. I live in Rhode Island. It hasn't been too cold yet, however we're...
  15. CharlieCrawford

    Winter coop numbers question

    Hi, I live in Montana and we’ve already had a week where highs were only in the teens, and nights are well below freezing consistently now. And real winter isn’t here yet. I (had) 4 chickens. A bantam got very ill a month ago and although she survived, she weighs 1lb and can’t stay warm enough...
  16. the gals inside the coop

    the gals inside the coop

  17. L

    Howdy from L7 Farm

    Heighdy ho We are a micro farm in upstate New York, surrounded by the suburbs but adjacent to about 1000 acres of open space. The town we are in, despite having been predominantly a farming community for most of its existence, banned chickens a couple of decades ago as the suburbs took over. We...
  18. InspiredtoChick

    how clean?

    We inherited a coop when we bought our house. Coop has been abandoned for 5+ years, but is in good shape other than was dirty when we found it. I cleaned out everything loose, swept and scraped. Do I need to have this coop disinfected/sanitized? I'm afraid that if I do any more scraping I'll...
  19. E

    Two new batams with two old buffs

    We have a tiny 12sq ft coop that has 4 nesting boxes stacked and one roost 18inches off the ground. We have two older buffs in there and I have two bantams temporarily living in my shed. Will they all able to comfortably live together? They haven’t met yet but plan on doing an intro in the run...
  20. K

    Coop Help- design

    Hi! Can anyone suggest a good resource for coop plans? We’ve tried so many and bought several and once we get them they’re just over the top. We want to build a coop for 10-12 chickens, lean to style, with a run attached. I would love any ideas, suggestions etc. we chose the lean to style...
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