cost of feed

  1. centrarchid

    Creeping Reduction in Feed Options

    In the nearly 15 years living in central Missouri I have noticed a lot of change in feed availability. While in southern Indiana, a location much more rural, we had feed mills that could make a broad range of custom mixes using intact grains. The mills there at the time had a much broader...
  2. Awtdaniel05

    Cutting the feed cost of chickens

    :)Hello, I have 90 baby chicks and I was wondering how much I will have to feed them a week. Also how could I cut the feed cost of feeding the 90 birds. If you have any advice please let me know. Thanks!
  3. June Chick

    How To Keep Sparrows From Eating My Chicken Feed?

    Alright. I feed 8 chickens and 7 ducks, and apparently, about 50 sparrows. One of those 3 is not supposed to be eating here... take a guess. How can I get them away? I don't mind one or two, but honestly 50 throughout the day is WAY too many! Their charging me double what I should be buying for...
  4. DeeAnn5

    save money on feed?

    Hello. I have 4 Coturnix hens, amazing producers and just little pets that live in a really spacious quail enclosure. So, I did the math and I am paying about $2.30 per pound of turkey feed, Manna Pro 22-Percent Meatbird Starter Grower Crumbles with Probiotics, So I don't want a big bag...
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