dual purpose birds

  1. Weetamoo93

    Eight week evaluation of dual purpose birds

    I have seven Partridge Plymouth Rocks, six pullets and one cockerel, that are the small beginnings of what I intend to be a dual purpose breeding project. Long term goals are a self sufficient system that provides all our eggs and meat. My seven birds are from a big hatchery, so I'm sure there...
  2. W

    Walnut Hollow Farm- organic pasture raised chickens

    Hello! My name is Meagan Engelgau and I guess you could say I’m getting reacquainted with chickens. I grew up on a farm in Northern Virginia raising organic produce, and we had Rhode Island Reds. My grandpa is a wealth of chicken knowledge, and he just told me that HIS grandma, my great great...
  3. igorsMistress

    Fugly Farm

    We raise chickens for dual purpose. Our first flock was just a few layers, but we added some larger birds to start breeding for meat as well. Then I saw a Turken and did a double take. I thought someone crossed a turkey with a chicken; I wanted a dozen! They were so ugly they were cute...
  4. G

    Need help deciding new duck breed

    I have 3 cayuga ducks right now, 1 male 2 females. They are about 7 1/2 months old now and still have not layed an egg. They seem to have reached their full size which seems a bit small to me so I'm thinking about adding a new breed to the flock for increased meat production. My cayugas are...
  5. TanisGirl

    ISO: The perfect breed

    So, I’m hoping to get some real help here with this... I’ve been doing some research on this subject and I can’t seem to get any solid answers. My boyfriend and I moved to Oregon, hoping to set up some property where we can have a little homestead and raise animals -both to enjoy and turn a...
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