egg abnormalities

  1. F

    Weird stuff on my egg

    While collecting eggs, I found this egg that has a weird abundance of bug egg(?) looking stuff on it. The egg was rotten anyways so I didn’t mind throwing it away but it was pretty gross. Just out of curiosity, anyone know what it is? Image below (it’s kinda nasty)
  2. Chickadee00

    What is going on with this egg?

    I got a shock when I cracked it open.. Has it just gone bad? Why is it so red? It doesn't smell bad btw Edit: I just realized that it's most likely a half developed chick 🤦🏻‍♀️
  3. D

    Is this an egg remnant?

    Hi duck-loving community, Today, after letting our Pekin duck take a bath, we found something in the water that looks like what might be some remnants of an egg that never developed. It's an elongated, translucent, almost transparent, soft and slimy substance of about 3 to 4 inches long and a...
  4. Ccm377

    Is this turkey egg viable?

  5. O

    Whats wrong with this egg?

    Hi everyone. I'm excited to have joined the group. Could anyone please help me to identify what is in this chicken egg that I cracked this morning? Is it excess chalaza? It didn't smell and felt stretchy. Thank you in advance for all your help.
  6. maarijke

    Weird egg white splat found a second time

    One time I found a wet splat, no yolk, no shell, inside a nesting box. We have pellets and straw in the nesting boxes. Some golf balls. There are two laying hens who live together. One gifted to us who is a leghorn and another rescue black something who knows? Australorp Marans? The black hen...
  7. NubbyRyuu

    FouMy First Soft-Shelled Egg This Morning

    Pretty sure it was my Leilei. I snapped her out of being broody in the past week, and she's been back-and-forth having a full crop at night. She has good weight on her, and she looks and acts fine. Contents of the egg was a normal egg white. I've been giving my babies a teaspoon of Rooster...
  8. Snowy Canadian

    Hen lays rubber eggs every night while roosting

    Hello, I noticed one night a few weeks ago when putting my chickens away at night that one of my hens was acting strange and looked like it was squatting while roosting. I was a little confused and then it just layed an egg right there on the roosting stand. She had laid a shell less rubber egg...
  9. S

    Egg without bloom?

    I added four hens to my backyard coop. I am not sure of their breed. The farmer said they were a hybrid and they are docile. They are about 1 year. We are offering organic layer feed. We were told they may not lay for a few days due to stress, however we have gotten a few eggs. The eggs appear...
  10. Newfowler1

    Oddball egg shaped quandary lol

    So I’ve had some odd shapes, footballs and duck farts. Caulky ones, crusty ones and soft shelled ones. But I’ve only had a few of these with the Dairy Queen top. I’m not overly concerned however I lost my lovely Cayuga who did develop a reproductive problem. I’m somewhat familiar with their...
  11. S

    Pulled a membrane from vent

    I went to check for eggs and disturbed my barred rock. When she was done I noticed a stringy thing hanging from her vent and she was struggling to get it out so I put on a glove and helped her. Yesterday she laid an egg with a thin shell and blood inside not just a speck but streaks throughout...
  12. Ashes15

    Thin-shelled, pale eggs

    Hello, I’m hoping to get some insight on my small flock. I have 3 birds (5yo, 2yo, 2yo) that have been contained in a covered run for months due to HPAI risk in Massachusetts. We lost a 4th (2yo) in October to a hawk and recently euthanized a 5th (5yo) due to an abdominal mass. The remaining...
  13. C

    Weird Egg- membrane on the outside?

    I just found this egg in the coop, laid in the sand litter. I have 5 ameraucana hens that would be laying this colour and have been getting about 3 or 4 each day. One hen was previously sick in January and suffered a frostbite injury to her foot however has been doing alright now. I'm wondering...
  14. C

    How long can i leave it?

    Help! I have an egg who was born with its yolk unubsorbed, it detached during hatching and it seems in good health. My problem is how long can leave it In the incubator? There's one left but it only just pipped and the chicks been there for five hours. Anything helps!
  15. K

    Fertilized egg or health problem?

    I have a broody hen trying to hatch eggs. I don't want chicks right now tho so I've been taking away her eggs daily. This egg I think she sat on for about 2 days before I took it. (Note, she didn't lay this egg, it's another hens) I noticed a weird shadow on about 3 eggs when I candled them to...
  16. W

    Potato eggs?

    I can’t figure out what’s going on with one of my hens! Someone has been laying these strange misshapen eggs for the last week. Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? Side note: I also found what looked like an egg white inside a different nesting box — no shell and no yolk. I...
  17. E

    Concerning eggs from a sapphire gem

    I have three wonderful hens, after losing one suddenly at 9 months a few weeks ago. One of my ladies, a large light sapphire gem, has been laying terrible eggs for about 2 months now. Cracks, folds, bulged out, rough texture.. and HUGE. Wanting to know if it’s illness based, or anatomy based...
  18. DuckDuckJuice

    Patch on Yolk

    Hi, all. I got a strange egg today. Well, technically an egg from a couple days ago that I cracked open this morning. It had a strange, whitish, pretty large patch on the yolk. I looked up all the common egg problems and causes and couldn’t find anything that matched. There was no smell to the...
  19. AmberLittlejohn

    What’s with this egg?

    One of my ee chickens keeps laying this type of blue banded egg. I noticed today there’s black raised spots all over it. Is this considered pimpling? I feed them 7 way, all flock pellets, and oyster shell daily. Is this potentially a health issue?
  20. Mcmchick

    Laying yolk & white

    Hi - One of my hens has been laying yolks and whites. Its been cold here with winter and snow, her laying slowed down. But then I noticed what looked like someone had literally cracked an egg on my porch. I don't have a picture at the moment, one of animals cleans it up before I can get to it...
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