egg abnormalities

  1. HorsesRMe123

    Wrinkled Egg?

    Found this interesting. An egg from one of my Rhode Island Reds. The egg is a taller egg than they usually lay and it’s wrinkled on top. Why does this happen?
  2. H

    Hen Laid Two Eggs in One Day. Should I Be Concerned?

    Hi all! So I’ve got a 2-year-old (almost 3-year-old) Partridge Olive Egger hen named Jennie. I let them all out into their pen this morning and collected an egg that was in their nesting box from my Golden Laced Wyandotte, Poppy. When I went back out to bring them in for the night, I saw two...
  3. SophiaLinn

    Curious pattern on egg

    I’m a little curious about this marking on an egg i got about a week or 2 ago. I know the egg is fine but i’m just wondering what causes it? We’ve gotten maybe one with a similar but much less noticeable pattern but other than that they’re all normal. Is the hen okay? Is it something painful...
  4. S

    Is this duck egg fertile or just cracked?

    Hi all! I just bought a dozen duck eggs from a local farmer and there were a few abnormalities (oblong/flat-shelled, pimpled, etc)... but I saw this one that appears to be either cracked or mended, or fertile. I can’t tell if these lines are veins or just thinner cracks than the main one up...
  5. SweetTea&Chicks

    Curious what is wrong with this egg :)

    My 1 year old Easter Egger laid her first egg after the winter but it came out a little funny. I think it’s just a strange dud egg but does anybody know what this actually is? I’m not worried but just really curious on what happened. But if there is something I should worry about please tell me...
  6. G

    Hot Pink Spots on Eggs

    Hey everyone! Our Buff Orpington has been laying eggs consistently with this random hot pink spot on them. Any thoughts as to what’s causing this?! It doesn’t wash off, it’s been on her eggs consistently since she started laying a few months ago. Thanks for your help!
  7. 7

    Is this a lash egg?

    I found this today in the run. None of our chickens have laid eggs yet. They’re about 4.5 months old. It was very dry but not exactly brittle - I couldn’t just break it apart with my hands, I had to cut it with a knife to see inside. The stick part wasn’t a part of it, just stuck on there from...
  8. Yucky_ducky_kentucky

    Squishy Egg that has cracks but doesn't break. What's going on?

    My silkie hen just started laying but her first eggs have been squishy. When I press down on them they don't break open but crack everywhere and are very pliable and easy to morph into any shape. Does anyone know what's going on?
  9. chxmommajess

    Fully formed egg covered with membrane

    Hi! I have 4 Isa browns that are 6 months old. They started laying about two weeks ago. First one... then 2...then three...then finally I got a fourth egg today. I’d already collected three from the coop at 11 am (they lay early). When I looked in their roost just visiting there was another egg...
  10. Jetfisk

    What is this? (inside an egg)

    Hello everybody One of my young Maran girls gave me this egg today. It was very small and had this on the inside. Does anybody know what this is?
  11. graceasher

    New egg layer, egg looks different from my other Lady

    I have 3 Rhode Island Red Ladies (loves of my life). Last week Tilly started laying and her eggs are kinda small, but they look normal. Today someone else laid for the first time!! I’m so excited but I’m worried and I hope she’s ok. I don’t know if it’s Dawn or Laya who laid, but the lighter...
  12. Littlefrenchyinbigtexas

    Broken yolk with blood in my eggs - why?

    Hi everyone! Our hens started laying not that long ago. A mix of old English bantam and Buff Orpington. I tried a fertility test on each and was surprised by the results. Any idea why? Skip to minute 7:50 in this video to see the test and the yolk. rest of the video is great too if you are...
  13. amynw

    Chicken is just dropping out soft eggs?

    Hello, I have a 21 week old Midnight Majesty Maran along with 12 other assorted chickens. Theyve been laying for a few weeks now. Recently, I have watched her have 3 soft eggs. When I say she has them, she just drops them out. Whatever shes doing, they just drop out. She doesnt squak and make...
  14. Colesrogers

    Strange egg

    One of our hens was sick and didn’t lay for about a week. This egg was in the nesting box (our eggs are fertilized). The shell was very thin and broken and this was inside. I don’t know if it was from the sick hen or a new layer that shares the same coop because it was so small and a lighter...
  15. NatalieP

    General excitement and question on weird egg laying

    My chicks hatched on April 27th, and yesterday on November 26th (just shy of 7 months), my Amercauna laid her very first egg! I've never seen a blue egg in real life and it is even prettier than in pictures. Wow!! Such a great Thanksgiving surprise and I'm still sooo happy about it! One of my...
  16. Areed

    Rubber (shell-less) egg?

    I have 12 hens that were born in April and have been laying 8 to 10 eggs every day since September. I found an egg this morning that didn’t have a shell and was laid up on the roosting board instead of in the nesting boxes. I freely offer oyster shells for calcium in addition to their...
  17. M

    Help with Lonely Quail and Soft Shell Eggs

    Hello everyone. I have two issues that I need help with but this is going to come with a long story so here it goes. I have an almost 2 year old female coturnix quail who recently lost her buddy. So almost two years ago, I had a student hatch quails and long story short I ended up adopting one...
  18. Mamapio

    Sapphire Gem egg spots and deformity.

    My sapphire gem pullet is just shy of 7 months old and has been laying for about a month. I have two questions: 1) Her eggs have been spotted the entire time. I was reading on this website that spots are a sign of a health problem. Do any other sapphire gem owners have spotted eggs? Or are...
  19. D

    Bumpy/Weird Eggs & Poop below Vent

    Not sure what breed this girl is, but she’s almost 7 months old & we’ve raised her from a chick since we got her at the local farm store. When she began laying eggs in August, they were normal, hard shelled, and regular appearance. They started out smaller & gradually grew larger, as expected...
  20. O

    Soft egg that gets stuck?

    Hey guys, This is my first post and I have a question/concern with one of my hens. She has had an issue of laying a soft egg that doesn't fully come out twice now. Meaning the soft shell(which is squishy, you can move/mold it without it cracking) gets stuck and hangs out of her vent? Has...
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