egg issues

  1. K

    Mix flock no one is laying

    This is my second year of back yard chickens and we have run into a bit of a problem. We keep 5 ducks(3 female,2 male), (4)2 year old hens and (6) 9 month old bantam hens all together and I’m only getting one chicken egg a day! The chickens roost in their coop and the ducks have a little house...
  2. Sagey_7878

    Easter Egger Hen is sick! Help!

    Hi everybody, I’m Sage and I’m from Australia! My EE hen has been walking weirdly which I noticed the other day, and I noticed her butt was dirty with poop. I noticed today that now it looks more yellow and it appears to be it may be an egg. She hasn’t laid for many months and I thought she had...
  3. Z

    Chicken Salpingectomy:help!

    Hi all! My sweet hen has been having recurring problems with laying eggs and our vet recommended that she get a Salpingectomy(chicken hysterectomy). Unfortunately I don’t have the money($3500) to get this surgery for her right now:( I am posting on here because I wonder if maybe someone has had...
  4. A

    Egg issues

    The ongoing saga of my duck Sage. Sage has been doing some odd egg things since she has been on her meds for the scratched cornea and bumblefoot. She's has been laying a nice, hard-shelled egg in the morning and then, off and on, laying a soft shelled egg in the later afternoon. Today she...
  5. Equiem

    ADVICE PLEASE - soft, broken shell, lethargic hen!

    I've been keeping hens since March of this year. They're rescue ex-batts and I have already lost 2 of the 5 I started with, been to the vets with another and now one of the others is unwell. I've dealt with a lot since keeping them - the first prolapsed after one week so I had to learn things...
  6. Josefina

    Schrödinger's Chick: Is it Alive or Dead? (candling eggs)

    I have 7 shipped hatching eggs under broody hens right now; 3 cochin eggs and 4 d'uccle eggs. I candled at day 11, and all but one of the d'uccles looked perfectly normal. (I use this Candling Progression post to reference if my eggs are looking normal/healthy.) The one d'uccle egg appeared to...
  7. chickenonice

    chicken gone bad

    So if hypothetically a chicken were to stop giving useful eggs, what do you guys usually do with 'em? The chicken, I mean.
  8. Sam Knight

    Yolk specks?

    Hello all, I'm very new to raising chickens and have been getting eggs from one of my girls that contain small specks. See attached pic. What are these and is it ok to eat? Also, is it something that can be corrected with their diet or something else? Thank you very much for your help. Sam
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