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  1. S

    WANTED Egg laying hens Southeast Ohio

    Looking for 3 or 4 egg laying hens in Southeast Ohio. Possibly would take younger hens that haven't started laying eggs yet. Message me or post to the thread! Thanks!
  2. T

    What Supplemental Grains Should I Feed My Pastured Chickens?

    I keep hearing about chicken owners, especially farmers who sell eggs bragging that their fully pastured chickens don't eat commercial feed but rather a specific blend of grains, sort of like custom scratch grains. The problem is that every time I try to find books about how to formulate chicken...
  3. ChickChic00

    Meat Breed/Dual Purpose

    I am thinking about ording some chicks to raise and breed for meat. The breeds I have in mind are Black Australorp, Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, and Delaware. I would like to just cull some of the roos for meat and have any females I hatch as egg layers. I have a rir rooster that I want to breed...
  4. BuffBrahmaDramaMomma


    This is Red my precious princess ‍♀️ know what breed she is She has green legs and lays white eggs Very sweet follows me everywhere purrrs like okurrrrrr lol
  5. V

    Chicken Calamity

    I’m so lost with what to feed my girl’s. I have 7 RIR and 8 Barr Rocks. Both Groups are almost 5 months old. Currently I have them on grow/finisher food. In the last week, eggs have appeared. Maybe 1 a day. Some have very soft shells. Here’s my question, I purchased Purina Layer food. Do I wait...
  6. NSKDodge

    New member, new flock! New Gold Brahma roo?

    Hello everyone! Over the years I have found Backyard Chickens to be an extremely helpful recourse and am happy to be joining the community! My name is Nina and I've been around chickens my whole life. Growing up we had a whole barn for them and a fenced field for them to roam. Later on my...
  7. S

    Help choosing Breeds

    Hello, I am new to raising chickens and am really only in the research and planning phase. I would like to find a few breeds that are excellent egg layers but that are really good as pets as well (very friendly and don’t mind being handled). I would really appreciate any input you can give...
  8. Cristalzita

    Backyard chicken owner

    I have a 5 chicken flock. One Buff Orpington, Austalorp, Barred Rock, Red Star, and Easter Egger. Names Buffy, Scarlet, Dak, Crispy, and Cheeks respectively. For me, my 5 chickens are my pets and egg layers for my family. I built their coop with my father with an attached run and all but they...
  9. C

    My science fair project (please do quiz)

    Hi, I am a seventh grade student. I am doing a science project to figure out what type of chicken is the best if I want lots of eggs and a friendly pet. Please click on the link and fill out the google forms. Thank You. (If the link doesn't work, copy and paste it onto the search bar.)...
  10. NubbyRyuu

    Why Did My Friend Die?

    Hello everyone, NubbyRyuu here! My neighbor, who I've become friends with, has a bunch of chickens, all used for egg laying. I've befriended a few over time, including one I've named my account after, Nubby. She was a very sweet chicken who my neighbor took in from another person. Because...
  11. chickmamat

    Laying only yolks with a “tail”?

    My pullets are 6-7months old. I’m not sure who laid these, but there were two right next to each other this am. Looks like just yolks (milky though), in a thick membrane and both have an extension, tube or tail coming off. Anyone ever seen this? And is it concerning? All chickens appear to be...
  12. EggMan207

    New Layer: Duck Egg Size Question

    I have several young hens and two young ducks all in one coop. The ducks are at laying age, and the hens are at 12 weeks (there are 2 leghorns). It looks like I've started getting eggs from the Khaki Campbell, but the eggs are the same size as a chicken egg. So, I'm not sure... The shells are...
  13. ShellyBlanco

    Are Leghorns Just Copycats?

    This morning when I went to the coop to feed, one of my Leghorns was singing the egg laying song. That is what I call it, since some of my RIRs that lay sing this song either before or after laying an egg. I was taking care of some little "chicken soups" when she started singing and I thought...
  14. Trinitydraco

    August Hatch along?

    I am setting 22 eggs tonight and figured I would see if we have any other August hatchers yet! I am setting 4 BCM, 4 Ayam Cemani, 4 Black Austrolorp, 4 Easter eggers and 6 Isa/RIR production crosses from my own flock! If everything goes well I will have my breeding stock for spring chicks this...
  15. RoboChickenButt

    Free to good home 12 egg laying hens in Jackson NJ

    Hello BYC community, I have 12 hens (assorted colors, mostly brown eggs, 1 white egg layer, 1 green egg layer) that need a good home, still getting 8 eggs/day, all in good health. We are moving and we cant take them with us. Please email me at [email protected], to contact me.
  16. dfifield

    Selling 3 egg laying hens, a coop, feed, water tray and straw bedding

    We are moving and unfortunately cannot take our lovelies. We have 3 backyard hens named Terry, Jackie and Ruby. They're great egg layers, we get more eggs than we know what to do with. Terry is is light red hen, Ruby is dark red hen and Terry is the black hen. They are sweethearts and a lot of...
  17. freezerpops

    Help make egg gathering less of a hunt...

    So my group of bantams (10, mixed breeds) have just started laying and it’s utter chaos. I’ve got a mature buff orp who is routinely laying in a nest box. The bantams are very sporadic about their laying spots. Two of them only lay in the run (one in a food container, the other straight on the...
  18. OvrEazy

    Newbie with lots of questions

    Hi! I have been following this site for quite some time researching and getting LOTS of valuable information to get started on my journey of raising backyard chickens. I love the site and all the great members! I have a family of three and two pets - a dog (sheepadoodle) and cat (bengal). My son...
  19. WildCHILD400

    What breed?

    I'm looking to add two new chickens to my flock. I currently have two Golden laced Wyandotte a little over a year old and one Isa brown about 7 months. I was thinking about adding a Buff orphington and possibly a speckeled susuex, Americauna, Araucauna or Welsummer. What would be a docile...
  20. WildCHILD400

    Best Bantam breed?!

    Hi I am looking to possibly add a new member to my small flock and I am thinking about Bantam. What is the the best layer breed with no feet feathers and come with a gender? Thanks for the help.
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