egg shape

  1. BuffOrpMama

    Odd egg laid

    My girls have taken a break from laying for about a week now. I came home to this odd egg. I believe it’s considered chalky but it also has an odd bump on the end. My Storey’s Guide said it was a glitch in the reproduction system. Is there anything I should do to prevent this or will it...
  2. Polson

    Wrinkly Egg Shape - What’s Up?

    I have been raising chickens for years and have had all sorts of breeds. I have seen all sorts of egg shapes (soft & hard) even creased, but this one takes the cake. This hen has laid hundreds of normal eggs until this one. The last few have had some minor wrinkles on the end but it’s barely...
  3. Nksg75

    The Great SI (Shape index) experiment

    I have decided to do an experiment. After reading this paper on Shape Index of eggs and how that can essentially predict the sex of a chick before hatch. I decided why not? I am going to hatch, why not just see if there is any truth to it. It's kind of fun, regardless of outcome! Makes for a...
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