1. PouleChick

    Peeps in Europe!

    :frow:frowI thought it might be nice to have a European thread to share our experiences and support each other when needed. I also like the idea of somewhere to ask about meds / products that we have access to that are different to the US and UK. I'm guessing even hatching eggs would possibly...
  2. E

    Hello from Malta

    Hello from Malta. I am a Yakido breeder here in Malta and want to export my carefully pure bred Yakido blooline overseas. Thank you for accepting me into this community! Happy New year!
  3. E

    [EU] Pure Yakido Black Gamefowl

    PURE Yakido Gamefowl Weight grown up : 2.6kg-3.0kg Imported Direct From Asia Black color pure €15 each egg Minimum order 6 eggs Payment through Western Union Whatsapp +35677135277 No Guarantee that the eggs will all hatch. Shipping to Europe.
  4. Erik Fobo

    Where to get Chickens in Europe/EU

    So you've got your coop, you are ready for chicks but you havent got any. You cant buy chickens from Mypetchicken, you dont trust the chicken sellers near you. You try to find some place to buy chickens from on the internet but you cant find any that have the kind off chicken that you need...
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