1. BookThief

    Chick is growing slower then the others, is there something wrong?

    I have 15 chicks, 5 of which are Rhode Island Reds. I was told the chicks were all about 1 day old when I purchased them on the 7th of May, making them just over 2 weeks old now. 4 of the 5 seem to be developing just fine, with no problems. The last one, however is not. The one seems to be in...
  2. athenasnow

    Fighting or illness?

    Hi, One of my hens has really ratty tail feathers. Don't see anything like it on any of the others. Could this be from getting picked on or something else? She doesn't have any other issues- eats fine and is active. She isn't always the brightest bulb in the flock though. Is she just clumsy or...
  3. MamaGer8ty

    Can they go outside?

    Our “Hen House” used to be our doggie house and we insulated it, added a heat lamp and also put in hay for when she wanted to be outside and it was snowing. We have converted it into our coop now. The heating lamp is very safe and out of the way so nothing can hopefully mess with it and it cause...
  4. Fwchickens

    What is going on with this BC Maran?

    This is a 7 week old BC Maran. My question is what is going on with it’s feathers? It is hard to photograph but they almost look frizzled. The shaft is extremely fine, the feathers curl and seem fuzzy. Has anyone had a bird like this? Does this go away with maturity?
  5. Katdekema

    Sexing help!

    I swore i thought i hear her try to crow today and now I’m paranoid. Probably somewhere 10-12 weeks old do you guys see any ROO characteristics? Help lol
  6. R

    Chick picking own feathers

    I have a 2 1/2 week old chick, it was doing fine earlier today, but I went to check on them at night and one had ooze coming from under the wing. I separated her immediately and observed her. The chicks are in a 150 gal water tub with heat lamp at 88 currently on one side of the tub. There are...
  7. O

    3 week old ducklings have wacky tail feathers

    I have 5, 3 week old Khaki Campbells who's tail feathers look odd and raggedy. Almost stringy. Im relatively new to ducks, so Im not sure what it could be, or if it's normal and Im just being paranoid. They are currently housed inside in a kiddie pool, they swim in the tub every other day...
  8. FathertoFeathers

    Is this baby chick a frizzle?

    I have a baby Jersey giant chick that I ordered from Tractor Supplies website and something’s off about it. It’s four weeks old and all the other chicks are feathering out like normal but this particular chick isn’t feathering out like the others. She only has feathers on her wing tips and the...
  9. FathertoFeathers

    Baby chick not growing feathers

    I have some jersey giant chicks that are four weeks old and all are growing out feathers and doing fine except for one. She is a bit smaller then the rest and only has adult feathers on the very end of her wings. Other than that she only has the little baby fluff unlike all the other chicks. Why...
  10. Maddy10122


    Hello everyone! Some background: My ducks were born in June of 2017. Being a first time duck/chicken mom, I when they came to age, I promptly trimmed their flight feathers in fear of them flying away. One of the ducks has molted multiple times in the years since, but the other duck still has...
  11. SavvySilkieMom

    Buzzing off feathers on the vent for egg laying?

    I have seen some videos online of people buzzing off vent feathers for cleaner eggs and say it promotes more egg laying. They said that as long as the chickens have a source or warmth they would be okay. Anyone had experience with this or heard of this? Thanks!
  12. filmcmahon

    diy anti-feather pecking spray/balm?

    hello! my girls have been very sassy with each other lately and have been pecking at the smallest 2 out of 6 hens. does anyone have a successful recipe for anti-pecking spray or cream, or know of a brand that makes, it available in Ontario? the only one i seem to find is from the UK:rant help!!!!
  13. mjvv88

    Bald spots

    My black silkie have these bald spots on her neck for a while now. Not sure if it's normal. She plucks her chest feathers out when she is broody, but I'm not sure about the neck feathers. Here are some pics I tried to take. Please help. Thanks
  14. Dance_in_Fire

    What do you think?

    So, i came out this morning and found one of my hens not only outside the coop but outside a fenced yard. She was wet(its been raining) and very cold, shivering. I caught her brought her in and gave her a warm bath to get rid of the mud that was caked on her. Only then i noticed the extent of...
  15. H

    Ex-battery hens, no feathers. Worried about winter months.

    Hi Everyone! In July 2019, I adopted four ex-battery hens. When they arrived, they were all very pale looking, scruffy/missing feathers and quite thin. Over the past 4 months, the girls have thrived! Their combs and faces are red, they have gained weight and love rummaging about in my garden...
  16. T

    Blue copper marans feathering

    I have this gorgeous blue copper marans pullet, which is perfect in every way, exept for one. I've noticed a few tiny white feathers on her head. I'm trying to get my marans as perfect as possible, so this is quite imporant to me. Is this allowed? And can it be easily worked away? I'm planning...
  17. Barredbuzzard34

    Scraggly feathers

    My chickens are all probably about 6 weeks old, and most of them have nice, soft and sleek feathers. A few of them have feathers that look unkempt, like they haven't been groomed. Is there anything I can do to help their feathers become more healthy? Attached there is one pic of a bird with the...
  18. purpletiger

    Depluming mites! Please help! Confused with what treatment to use.

    Hello everyone! I noticed that the feathers on my birds have become raggedy at the ends with some horizontal lines on the wing and tail feathers. I'm thinking they have a case of depluming mites. I plan on cleaning out the coop and spraying everything down with permethrin. My bantam cochin's...
  19. Catbunnychick

    Feathers, but not sure if guinea is missing...

    We do not have any guinea, but we fenced in 1.25 acres of our yard with a special cat fence (deer fence, curved in like a prison, 3 feet of hardwire on the bottom). As we were building it, the neighbors adult Guineas kept getting in. After the fence was built, we noticed that they would fly out...
  20. WannaBeHillBilly

    What can be made out of Duck Feathers?

    Hi Friends, it seems my ducks have started with their fall molt and all over the garden there are beautiful white feathers like these: There will be a lot of feathers from my 17 Ducks, in many different colors… Have you ever done or made something useful with your duck's feathers? Other than...
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