1. S

    What is this GROWTH(??) on the turkey's CHEST :(

    This is on behalf of my sister. We are states away so I can't inspect on my own. She just noticed this. I'm not even sure WHAT it could be, it's under the turkey's chest. It seems to have randomly showed up within a couple of days because she hasn't noticed it before. She says it is "fused" to...
  2. S

    Plucked feathers not growing back 3+ weeks

    So my male muscovy Jack broke off all of his tail feathers fighting with his brother (who we've since re-homed). I pinned him down and pulled about 8 or 9 out. A week later I pulled some more. I didn't want to pull the rest until I saw some growth. Now here it's been 3 weeks since I pulled the...
  3. P

    Odd wing feather development

    We have a baby Polish, and she is growing in her wing feathers in an odd way. We've raised nine other babies (though not Polish) and never seen this before, so I am wondering if anyone else has an idea if this is normal, or odd, and if anything needs to be done to help her out. Maye there is a...
  4. Hidden Ridge Farms

    Hen's Feathers Won't Regrow

    I have a hen that lost her saddle feathers this past spring. I figured it was just because she was a favorite of my roosters and put a saddle cover on her. But, then I noticed some of her wing quill feathers were starting to fall out as well. I dusted her really well (on a few occasions), they...
  5. The-Chicken-Keeper

    Bald Spots for Months......Help!

    Hello! Before I dive into this, I just wanted to say that I know that I have already posted about this problem, but I didn't receive any effective help....Therefore, I am hoping that more people will see this, and offer any advice! Thanks so much in advance!! In September 2020 one of my hens...
  6. FuzzyOwlFeet

    What breed of rooster would match this color?

    Not sure I titled this correctly, but I have a lovely EE/Barnyard Mix hen who is reaching the end of her laying days. She is over 7 years old. I just hatched an adorable chick from her, but so far it appears to have taken all it's father's looks. Which I mostly expected, he is pure black. I...
  7. Dr Evy

    Chicks feathers growing wrong

    Hi, Ok so I don’t know if this is a big deal or not so that’s why I’m here to find out. My chick who has a slipped tendon was just hanging in a sock for four days. I checked on him all the time to make sure he was ok, and he always was. Well today we took him and his brother/sister out of the...
  8. H

    Novice owner. Chicken losing feathers, recently started acting funny too.

    Hello, I'm very thankful there is a community for something like this. I am relatively new to chickens. My flock is 3 laying hens. My oldest is sick. She was my first chicken as we found her abandoned in the Australian bush. We took her to the vet when we first decided to adopt her. He said...
  9. K

    Bleeding feathers- at my wits end

    I have a chicken who every week or so has a tail feather broken and then starts bleeding. This has been going on for 5 months or so. I’ve resorted to pulling them. But as soon as they start growing back they break and bleed. I think she’s doing it herself when preening and then her friends go...
  10. SherylCombs

    Hen feathers gone above tail

    Can not see well with this photo shes hiding it but right where the dark area is. Is this from our rooster? And she paces back an forth in the run like looking for a mouse, is this normal.
  11. M

    Chicken clumped up feathers

    I have a Speckled Sussex and I noticed that ever since she started laying her back feathers have been clumped together. I have tried taking her in to clean the feathers but they are hard to the touch and difficult to clean. Her behavior has remain unchanged, she is still eating, laying, and...
  12. C

    How to protect hen’s head during mating

    I have one macho rooster and a couple little bantam roosters that have all but plucked all the feathers from the back of my hens’ heads when they’ve mated. It doesn’t seem to bother the girls and they’re not being pecked at by other hens, so should I just let it be? Is there something I can do...
  13. H

    Chicken feathers not growing properly

    My chicken is 8, almost 9 years old so I understand this might be age related. But does anyone know what this is called, or if there's actually an issue/treatment or should I just leave her as it is. It is just on her tail feathers. My chickens have a lot of space to roam so I know its not an...
  14. Falb Fee

    Falb Fee

    Male Falb Fee Quail
  15. K

    12 week old duck has red irritated back with sparse feathers

    Hi all.... I got a call to rescue 10 week old Pekin ducks (supposedly both males) a couple of weeks ago. My friend agreed to take them. This is very new to us and we are slowly figuring things out. I noticed one of them had a small red spot the day I rescued them. I saw them over the weekend...
  16. spruett386

    Do all roos have favorite girls?

    Do all roos have favorite girls that they peck the crap out of or is that just some? Wondering if I need to try another roo... My poor BA is getting all her neck feathers pulled out and it's only day 3 since he has been in the flock.
  17. D

    Molting or Being Picked On?

    We have an 8 month old Buff Rock hybrid who has been looking different lately. Finally got some pics tonight. It looks like some of her feathers on the sides of her neck and near her comb have broken off close to her skin. She isn't bleeding though. As a first time chicken mom, I don't know...
  18. S-t-o-n-e

    Hen losing feathers on neck

    When most people hear this they are gonna think rooster, but he’s not doing this I have a hen who is about 9 months old and is losing feathers on her neck, but only on the front and bottom parts of her neck, ( a bit on the middle too ) it only started maybe last week, the pattern doesn’t match...
  19. K

    Not sure what’s going on...please help me!

    So this morning when I was refilling the food bin for my ladies, I noticed my black RIR hen, about a year.5 old or so, had a weird thing going on with her neck feathers. I’m not sure how to search for the issue so I’m including a photo in my post to hopefully get to the bottom of it. None of my...
  20. dirtydunlops

    Moulting ?

    I’m assuming this is her first moult ? Her hatch date was Feb 26,2020. Left side is this summer when she started laying and the right side is now. She’s looking pretty scraggly and had stopped laying a couple weeks ago but she hasn’t changed at all in demeanour or activity.
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