1. G

    Close up Feathers patterns

    Just thought the patterns looked pretty cool and wanted to share! Toddler Mama chicken Black & white chicken 2 Rooster Grey chicken 2 ToddlerBlack & white chicken 2 Black & white chicken 1 Rooster White chicken Mama hen 5 week old chick 1 5 week old chick 2 5 week old chick 3 Friendly...
  2. titosfarm

    Yellow Scabbing

    Discussing the same hen in my previous posts, we gave her some Tylan tonight to treat her respiratory issues. As I was going to inject into her breast, I noticed her skin had lots of yellow crust on it at her the base of her feathers. We have already checked her for mites, and she has been...
  3. Epnh77

    Feather loss around neck

    Hi! I have one chicken who has lost feathers in a ring around her neck. There are no visible injuries or bugs. Her eating habits are fine and I haven’t observed the one rooster we have being rough with her or any of the hens. I’m hoping someone has thoughts or ideas based on experiences with...
  4. GreytChicken

    Attack During Molt

    Hello One of my Red Sexlinks, Rick, was attacked yesterday when our dog was mistakenly let out at the same time as the birds. I believe she’s recovering ok with a single puncture wound on her back. I have a strong feeling she was in the early stages of molt and loss a significant number of...
  5. The chicken nurd

    Missing feather tips any ideas

    So for the last few months I’ve noticed that a few of my birds who are lower in the pecking order where missing the tips of there feathers I didn’t think a lot of it because there’s no blood or bald spots just raggedy feathers but after watching one hen go after another one and pull out some...
  6. K

    Plymouth Rock Roo x Welsummer Hen

    Hi, I THINK this is a BR Roo x Wel Hen. It’s a pretty chick admittedly but I’m not sure whether having a BR Roo makes it sex linked and I was wondering if anyone has seen this pattern before?
  7. MamaBirds_Quail

    Feather (pics!!) comparison/pattern/genetics/etc

    Full disclosure: I’m a genetics nerd. I began playing with breeding different colors/coat types in mice as a teen over 20 years ago and it’s just escalated since 😆 I’m trying to teach myself the quail color/pattern types and since my teen birds are molting I’ve been comparing individual...
  8. J

    Whiting True Blue x Blue Splash Marans Chick Coloring

    What color feathers will chicks have if I breed my whiting true blue hen (the blue and brown one in the photo) to a blue splash maran?? TIA 😁
  9. creedatticus

    Feathers in coop

    my girls are just about start laying eggs next month, so they have gone through a few molts, and there are feathers everywhere. what is the best way to clean them up? picking them up takes forever because they are small and everywhere in the run!
  10. inquisitivebird

    Chicks growing strange feathers

    I hatched these chicks from a hen and rooster that have the same parents which were from different lines, as I liked these birds and was thinking of experimenting with their genetics. I also wanted to try feeding meat bird crumble to the chicks to see if it would make a bigger sized bird for...
  11. creedatticus

    Silkie with Feathers?

    My silkie is about 10 weeks old, and some of her feathers aren't fluffy like the rest! Her wing and feet feathers are waxy and look like normal feathers. Why is this, and is there anyway to make it fluffy?
  12. MolliMonster99

    Runner duck molting?

    Hi everyone! My Runner duck Frances seems to be molting? He has a couple of bald spots on his wings and I can see he's got some new feathers starting to grow on the tips of his wings (you can see the feathers growing outwards). He seems to be losing more feathers than the others, but they all...
  13. The chicken nurd

    Possible sick hen

    Hey everyone I have one hen who has feathers missing but I’m not sure if she’s getting picked on or something else Is going on I noticed this a few weeks ago but didn’t think anything of it at first because she was acting fine and while she’s still acting normal it does look like it’s gotten a...
  14. Katharina is loosing her down feathers

    Katharina is loosing her down feathers

    While i held her on my lap this evening she lost a lot of her down feathers. Hard molt in progress? 20220621_222450_rotated.jpg
  15. M

    My hen stares frozen at my foot and shakes her feathers aggressively

    I have a 1 year old Brahma hen. When I sit outside with her and don't have socks or shoes on she will run up to my foot, freeze, and stare at it. The other day she did something even more strange though. While she was staring, her feathers slowly rose and she did a very quick and aggressive...
  16. H

    Black on Buff Orpington’s Tail Feathers?

    Hey all! I have a mix of breeds, all 18 weeks old (Australorps, barred rocks, buff orpingtons) my orpingtons have black on their tail feathers (photos below) Mites? Disease? I checked and didn’t see any mites or bugs on them and I use the deep litter system for their coop so I can’t put DE in...
  17. BookThief

    Unknown Predator

    Sorry it's long. If you don't want to read, here's the very short version: 1 chicken dead with no known cause, 1 missing. Some of the live chickens and ducks have saliva on them but no injuries or broken bones. What happened? The full version: Last night, my fiance woke me up at 4:30am and...
  18. G

    Unidentified Mohawk Chick

    So I've just joined, partially to ask this question. We have 1 chick that as its getting bigger is growing a bit of a mohawk. We know the breeds of all of our chickens except for this one. It started as just 1 feather sticking up about 2 weeks ago. Any ideas? My wife thinks Polish but I have to...
  19. RueBuckaroo

    patch of missing feathers

    my muscovy male has had this rough patch of missing feathers on his side for as long as i can remember. they never really grew back in, not even when he molted. i’m not sure what it is. he’s well fed, gets the nutrition he needs, he’s healthy. what could this possibly be? and how can i fix his...
  20. girlandher15chickens

    New Chick Owner !!!!! Any Advice ? Some Questions as well.

    Hi Everyone , I just set up my account. I just got 6 new baby chicks about 2 weeks ago. So They are around 3 weeks old. I have 2 cinnamon queens , 2 rhode island reds , and 2 comets. All of my chicks are growing bum feathers, like a little tail, except one of my rhode island reds. She has a...
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