1. B

    Medicated Feed for chicks?

    How long do you feed medicated feed to baby chicks? I am getting same number of chicks again, 6 chicks. I have options of 5 pound bag and 25 pound bag? My last flock I raised on a 40 lb medicated crumble and they did well and stayed healthy. Not sure if it made a difference…
  2. madsnbot

    Can laying hens eat starter/grower feed?

    Hey y’all. So my chickens are on purina starter/grower feed and they just started laying eggs. The eggs have really hard shells and seem very healthy. I also have some chicks that are around 6-7 weeks old. I don’t wanna have to buy two different feeds for them so would it be okay to continue...
  3. R

    Will my flock get the right nutrition?

    This is the feed I am hoping to give my new girls once they start laying. I wanted to do non-gmo, soy free. Are there any nutrition gaps? I’ll also be supplementing with sea shells. Thanks for any info!
  4. A

    Feeding snails

    Hello! I know a large patch of forest where there, for some reason, are tons of garden snails. I could easily fill a half a bucket every other day to feed my chickens if I wanted to. However, I do not regularly deworm my chickens and I don't not want to risk them getting parasites. So I was...
  5. D

    Somebody please tell me the reason she died

    My baby quail got wet during the night and in the morning was very cold, couldn't stand and barely opened her eyes, but at least she was breathing... Before i go on, a day ago she was just as weak when i woke up, but not cold, her crop was pretty much empty and i somehow saved her after watching...
  6. PrincessTee

    New raising buff opringtons

    My family and I have ordered half a dozen buff orpingtons hoping to raise them for dual purpose. I have done hours of research but can't seem to find an answer to my question regarding feed. We would like our orpingtons to be layers but eventually use them at our dinner table. Are there any...
  7. ChickChic00

    Game Fowl (How Much Do They Eat)

    I have some purebred fighting game fowl that I got from a family member a couple days ago. They are from my grandfathers bloodline and he won several contests with his bloodline. I am in no way going to fight them. Period. I just want to continue the bloodline. My question is how much feed do...
  8. Greystone farm

    Fermented feed smells weird

    So I tried fermenting some grower feed for my chickens. It’s been a few days and I opened the lid to check on it to find that it smells very strongly, almost like cheese. It kind of smells like vomit. I’ve read that this means I should toss it, but the feed itself doesn’t look rancid or moldy to...
  9. MidlandChicks

    Opinion need - feed

    Hi guys, I’d like your opinion on something. I recently bought a new bag of chick starter/grower and filled up the pvc feeders in the run for our pullets. However, one of them started laying eggs two days ago. Do you think it’s okay to let them eat through the starter/grower and then I can...
  10. C

    Sick chicken or healthy?

    I have 3 chicks out of 19 that are 7ish weeks old they each have this lump on their neck/chest/shoulder area. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m raising them to sell and I am concerned! Does anyone know what this is? Will it go away? Will the chicken die? Attaching pictures. Also the 3 with these lumps are different...
  11. Featherlove23

    Thoughts on homemade feed

    I don't know if it's true, but I'm hearing word on a possible flock feed shortage. (Not exactly a shortage per say, just might get a little hard to get) I went to my local cal-ranch to get some all flock feed and noticed that a lot of chicken feed (flock feed in general) was gone. Anyway, I'd...
  12. C

    Is all flock feed of for laying bends?

    hi again, So after my small flock I had for a few years was wiped out last year by a bobcat, I purchased 12 chickens (and some ducks) this season and one of the girls has turned out to be a roo. So I have some questions about feeding. I use to give my old hens Dumor 16% layer pellet all year...
  13. H

    Can Fermented Feed Sit Out?

    I’ve never used fermented feed before. If I feed it to my chickens, and there is some left over, how long can it sit out before going bad?
  14. D

    Need help with duckling diet

    I was wondering if feeding you can feed 4 week old call duckling cooked rice and sometimes millet, green peas, corn, eggs and kidney beans as their main diet? Because I can’t find any duckling feed or brewers yeast. If there’s not enough of vitamins B can I add some crushed human vitamins?
  15. ElimAcres

    Breeder Hen/Roo Diet

    Hello experienced breeders/hatchers. I am wanting suggestions on what to feed my hens from whom I collect eggs for hatching. I read in another post that a 20% protein feed (basically a grower type feed) is recommended along with oyster shell. Are their any other recommendations on feed or...
  16. Manahil Asad

    Feed Brand Switch?

    Hi, I've been using Kalmbach's 20% Flock Feed for my laying silkie hens but wanted to switch onto the Scratch and Peck 18% Layer feed for fermenting so I was wondering, if I should take any precautions and notes when switching the feed? Anybody have any health problems that occurred when...
  17. picklepat

    What to supplement feed with for newly hatched ducklings and poults?

    I'm fairly new to having backyard poultry, only for about a year and a half. I bought my first chicks from TS in September 2020. They told me to feed them chick starter, which I did and all was fine but they did not recommend any other type of supplements, vitamins or electrolytes. When the...
  18. chickenchicklady

    Free range in the orchard?

    My husband and I would like to allow our chickens to free range in our pranced. Our question is this: will they eat the leaves on our bushes and trees? We already know they will eat the fruit/berries.
  19. ChickChic00

    Natural feed?

    Would homegrown variety of vegetables and homegrown mealworms be sufficient feed? No chicken feed or anything. Basically natural feeding like a while back, except I'm growing mealworms for them to eat too. Any help is appreciated!!
  20. ChickChic00

    Tomato 🍅

    Is it ok to feed red tomatoes crushed and cooked in a pot to chickens? Like home grown ripe tomatoes, diced or crushed with some water and cooked for a bit. Would it be ok for chickens to eat? Also would it be ok to feed it everyday along with all their other food? Thanks!!
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