1. Goosebaby

    Do you grow vegetables for your geese?

    This year my garden has been “meh” I think the earwigs are eating everything again and I’ve been too busy with taking care of my Roxby Gander while he hasn’t been feeling well so I haven’t done a lot of weeding or anything down in the garden, but so far I have: Some pumpkins finally sprouting...
  2. D

    Besides layer feed

    I feed my 3 hens layer feed in a continuous feeder (I guess that’s what you call it 😆) and in the late morning I also give them usually cabbage, apples,broccoli,carrots and whatever else I buy or have around or other veggie and fruit. Is this ok, they expect this everyday (I have had them a few...
  3. ninja333pirate

    feeding chicks

    So my boyfriend is looking to raise chicks to sell when they are older, but he is trying to find a way to feed the chicks so that it is worth doing that without loosing money. buying from the feed store we can get a 25lb bag of chick starter at coastal for $10.99. He thinks at that he would be...
  4. J

    Duck Protein

    Hi so I have 2 ducklings, i’ve had them for about a week and they are about 1 1/2 weeks old. Right now I’m feeding them 22% protein starter feed but I know after two weeks they have to have less protein. I have oats and I was wondering how much oats to feed I should add to get it down to 16-17%...
  5. FlomatonsFlocks


    Has anyone ever had their own little mealworm farm? We raise and sell starter kits and teach folks how to do this as part of their homesteading. They also make nutritious feed for lizards, turtles, fish, birds, etc. They're so easy to raise and I really enjoy it. Does anyone know of any other...
  6. S

    The chooks are trashing our yard, help!

    HI backyard chook lovers! We’re a couple of new chook parents from Melbourne, Australia, where it is currently cold, rainy and a bit miserable. We’ve never had chickens before and are learning/loving them a lot as we go. Over lockdown we raised five beautiful ladies, two black Australorp x New...
  7. Q

    Mazuri Waterfowl Starter - How long before switching to maintenance?

    I am raising two American Buff goslings that are about 1.5 weeks old and I currently have them on Mazuri waterfowl starter. How many weeks do I feed them the starter before switching to a maintenance feed with lower protein? The book that I am referencing The Ultimate Pet Goose Guidebook by K...
  8. purpleRooster

    Best brand of feed that you trust?

    Hello! Just wondering what people’s opinions might be on which brand/type of starter chick feed is the best overall for a healthy feed and help chicks grow up in a healthy way! I currently use Dumor Chick Starter/Grower 20%. Any opinions of the feed I use?
  9. MetroMutt

    Good food brands on Chewy??

    Ok was wondering if anyone had good food suggestions that we can buy on Chewy, we currently use the dumor brand but we dont like supporting tractor supply and its a bit far from us since we are in a suburban area/the only one with any type of "farm" animal in atleast 10-20 miles. We are...
  10. mschickiemama

    Wondering if I should change chicken feeds

    My 10 year old blue andalusian has been having messy poops that stick to the feathers easily. You can hear it come out and it's one big moist pile. Sorry TMI Lol I was feeding her scratch and peck grower feed for a while and am now feeding her purina flock raiser maybe a month. Even if I put...
  11. R

    Hatched chick with mother hen problem

    Hi everyone! I am new on chicken raising. I had a hen with 5 eggs. Staggered hatching: April 20 one hatched, then today april 22 one hatched. All 3 eggs still remain under hen. The hen is still sitting on the nest, i am concerned that the first hatchling will go hungry and dehydrated as today is...
  12. ChickChic00

    Sheep and Hay

    Can sheep live off of unlimited hay?
  13. ChickChic00

    Self sufficient feed

    Can chickens live off of a compost area and free ranging and some veggies from the garden? And the occasional fish and guts I go catch?
  14. ChickChic00

    Butternut squash

    How many butternut squash would it take to feed a flock of 12 for a day? 2-3? 3-4? And only adding about 4-5 cups of layer pellets and they are also free ranging if that helps any. Just want to know how many butternut squash I would have to feed 12 chickens/per day in order for them to be...
  15. ChickChic00

    Fermented Feed

    Would Fermented Feed that includes, Whole Oats, Corn, and Sunflower Seeds be a good whole diet for my chickens? Hear me out please.i have over 200 chickens, most are free ranging and go in a house at night. I give them grit and oystershell on the side for them. Could I cut costs by feeding them...
  16. Veiji

    Food for Flock

    As I am starting my own flock, we had added Cockerels. We know the hens NEED calcium, so we provide them with Layer feed and offer Oyster Shells in a dish 24/7 access, BUT now that we have Roosters, what do we feed the whole flock? We have Layer Feed, Scratch Grains, and Oyster Shells. Do we...
  17. A

    Feeding Chicken eggs to quail?

    Hi all! Newbie here ! Very happy to have found this community online! The support and knowledge I'm reading is amazing 😊 Here's my question; I know I can feed chicken eggshells to my quail as long as they're baked to remove pathogens and crushed so they're safe for ingestion, but can I feed the...
  18. Crazy Duck Lover

    Good layer feed?

    Hello everyone! Currently I have a few sets of duck eggs incubating but I was wondering if y’all could help me pick out a good quality layer feed for top notch eggs. I plan to sell eggs once my ducks can lay! Also, what would be a good food for drakes? Can they eat what the ducks eat, or do they...
  19. PeepOverlord

    MILE FOUR *Taste Test Guarantee* on Non GMO, Organic, No corn/soy meal Feed

    Mile Four Feed is offering a "taste test" guarantee on their feed. For $9 you try it, your chicks/chickens don't like it - they refund you. Here's the link The 25 chicks I got on 3/11 love the Mile Four feed, and prefer it to any 'crumble'. It ferments well, smells great and there's no junk in...
  20. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    Neighbor's Chickens Trying to Join My Flock

    I'm having an issue with my neighbors flock storming my run and eating like they're starving whenever I let my girls out to supervise free range. It wasn't always like this: a few of the neighbor's hens who were always getting bullied would come down and snack/hang out (I also saved one from...
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