1. Emrosenagel

    Specialty feed for a chicken that has digestive problems

    Hello! I’m really going through with one of my hens. It’s been a month now and her crop never wants to empty all the way. It isn’t hard, isn’t exactly squishy. Feels normal-ish most of the time. She poops all the time, all normal; eats and drinks if she can; acts completely normal. Ive tried...
  2. CoastChick

    13w won’t stay out of the Hen feed.

    I am currently integrating my 13 week olds in with my two-year old hens. While the two groups have their own coops, when they are free ranging during the daytime the little girls seem to have a fascination with getting into the big girl feed in the big girl run, which is a layer feed of course...
  3. L

    I can’t believe the difference!

    I started feeding Poultry Perfect by Countryside and my chickens are loving it! Their production has improved and the yolks have such a great color! I’m amazed the difference! Is anyone else feeding this???
  4. T

    Help with confusion over electrolytes and medicated feed

    Hello! My partner and I are raising a flock for the first time. We have 4 Buff Orpingtons and 3 silver laced Wyandottes. They are 2 weeks old as of yesterday and from everything we can tell, they seem to be thriving! I have a couple of (hopefully quick) questions about their feed and water...
  5. W

    Looking for feed ideas without flax/flaxseed

    Hi! I'm having fishy chicken egg problems and I read some feeds in this forum about it and did some additional research as well.. I believe my New Hampshire Reds may be laying fishy eggs due to the flaxseed in their diets. In any case, I'm feeding them Purina Layena / Layena Omega etc etc and I...
  6. B

    Eliminating corn

    Hi! So, I got chickens from a friend. Theyve been on a diet mainly of your average/inexpensive feed which contains corn. I have friends and family interested in the eggs, but they have allergies that require the eggs to come from chickens on a no soy/corn diet. My question: If I change up the...
  7. K

    Snack Feed

    I was buying a snack mix for my chickens, it was corn, some grain seeds, oats, and meal worms (something to that effect). Anyways, I wanted to just make my own bigger match of snack mix for them. Lately I was doing meal worms, a scoop of chicken scratch, dried oregano, and some Feather Fixer...
  8. RoosterJuice

    Can I mix medicated and non-medicated chick starter?

    Hello all, I incubated local eggs and bought non-medicated chick starter for the chicks. They hatched 3 days ago and three have died so I started doing more research about the feed. I want to switch to medicated feed but I have this massive bag of non-medicated? Can I mix it? Or should I save...
  9. Diveks

    How often do you buy feed?

    I will soon start feeding around 20 chickens, right now only 10 are adults, the rest are 1 month olds. But in a bit they will all be eating the same thing, grower. Stores only sell the feed in bags of 22, 44, 110 pound bags. The larger the bags the cheaper each pound is of course, which would...
  10. Thechickentrainer1999

    What food to buy?

    Does anyone have any idea what food would be best to feed hens to extend their life? I don't care as much about getting eggs as I do for them simply being pets. I of course want them to be healthy, however I learned about Matilda the chicken that lived to be 16 years old, and based on all the...
  11. Gill-b

    Savage mini dinosaur - a day in the life of a keet.

    The keet (26 days old) showed me in person this morning, just what little savages fowls can be. It caught a gecko and, after knocking it about a bit, swallowed it whole. I already knew fowls to be so, but to witness it just a few inches from my eyes is a little... well... I can't think of the...
  12. S

    Looking for Nutrition help

    Long story short, my husband hauls pig feed for work and was recently in an accident (he's totally okay thankfully) but it meant all the feed had spilled. We were able to salvage a huge portion of it and was wondering if it would be an option as a treat or even as a full diet for our Chickens...
  13. BroodyBambi

    Purple Corn vs Yellow Corn. What’s the Difference?

    What’s the difference between purple corn and yellow corn for the flock? Is it a gimmick? I know purple vegetables with have different nutritional values than their original color. Is it the same for corn? P.s. I think it would be so cool if the yolks turned purple.. Halloween eggs! :lau
  14. amyburemt

    Cockleburs in feed

    I bought a bag of pellets feed today for my chickens, it is horizon acres brand from a big name feed store and it is full of whole cockleburs mixed in with the pellets. Aren't these toxic to chickens? Thanks
  15. sophi3

    What to feed hen & chicks

    Hen being housed indoors just hatched 4 chicks yesterday and they are so small they can only eat crumbs. I would just give them chick feed, but mum is eating the same food & I don't want her to get an upset stomach from it. Saw someone saying they just crush regular feed to chick size, so i...
  16. S

    Hens are molting, fishmeal to supplement feed with extra protein

    Hello BYC community! Our hens in Eastern Virginia have just started molting. We feed them a quality mash that is 16% protein. We bought a bag of fishmeal that is 60% protein made from menhaden/bunker. Can we simply put a bowl of this fishmeal out to supplement? Or do we need to mix in their...
  17. thoeffel1994

    Inexpensive ways to raise protein level in feed?

    The local feed and farm stores nearby are lousy. And I noticed feed price at the stores are going up. There's a place that has feed with good quality ingredients with 16.5% protein but I need something with around 20%. A 50lb bags cost $20 any idea what I could add to boost it and how to...
  18. Melko

    Natural ways to get Vit B for my chickens?

    I've noticed a general lack of Vit B in most feeds sold here, already tried two brands with similar results. I used to have a lot of issues with chickens becoming lethargic or having progressively paralyzed legs/wings/necks. Ever since I started adding Vit B Complex to their water these issues...
  19. Patiocoturnix

    Quail food doesn’t look right or is it just me?

    I just bought this from tractor supply yesterday finished off the food I had today just opened this bag up and it looks like this. I feel like it’s usually a lighter color. the food is purina gamebird starter for the chicks and the adults (we found gamebird maitnence while at tractor supply just...
  20. EuroChook

    Nutrition for Chicken Flocks--Downloadable .PDF

    Courtesy of the Alabama (University) A&M Extension Program. This covers most bases. The file opens small, so mouse wheel that thing to a size you can read. Good feeding guidelines for egg-producers and meat-producers (as sad as that is. I don't want to think about it). *Most definitely...
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