1. PhillyDelcoChix

    Cheap and healthy natural snack for hens

    Hello all, Just checking in on what you guys have found your chicks love, especially fruits, veg, grains, herbs...anything that can be relatively inexpensive and/or even better: grown in my backyard!!! 🍅 🌽 🌶🥒🍎🥬🍓🍍🍏🍌🥕🍒🥭🍈
  2. BReeder!

    What would you put in your garden for poultry?

    We currently have chickens (8), turkeys (2), ducks (4) and quail (lots!). Although it's the dead of winter here in Illinois this time of year, Spring is not very far off. We will be prepping the garden in late March and starting to plant in mid/late April. We like to grow all sorts of...
  3. PhillyDelcoChix

    Raising Organic Chickens for Eggs

    Hello, This is my first question to you experts. My family and I have recently purchased 8 chicks, 4 Easter eggers and 4 rare Marens, and have decided to raise them on all organic feed, food, etc. We don’t use pesticides or fertilizers aside from our own compost. I really want some info on...
  4. adna40082

    Fermenting Whole Grains

    Hi! I had some questions about fermenting whole grains. I couldn't really find anything specific on it but I heard that whole grains need different fermenting techniques than crumbles and pellets? I tried fermenting before and the next day it had mold on it. Does the batch need to be completely...
  5. J

    Can food be bad?

    My hen normally has layers. I just bought a very large bag of grain from a local farmer, in the shop, but very cheap, 5 euros for 10 kilos. It looks to contain crushed corn, whole barley, it is quite dusty. I think my chickens poop goes wrong when I feed it to her, even a small amount. So I am...
  6. FathertoFeathers

    What to feed baby chicks

    A bit of background before I start. I have 6 fully grown ducks of various ages and are all laying. I just ordered 10 Jersey Giant Chicks and I have some questions. I have heard about the Purina flock raiser but can I give it to these baby chicks right away? Can I give them the layer feed I give...
  7. momofjandj

    Balanced feed?

    I recently had a rooster become paralyzed. I read and read and treated him for a vitamin deficiency. In a couple days I saw improvement. It's been about 2 weeks and he appears to have recovered. I've seen quite a few posts of paralyzed birds and vitamins suggested. It make's me wonder why...
  8. ChickChic00

    Feeding Ducks Guppies From Fish Tank?

    Is it ok to feed ducks Guppies from a fish tank? Idk if that would harm them or not considering the stuff you put in a tank to keep the water clean and clear and alkaline good. Any help is appreciate! Just starting to think about raising some Guppies just for feeding to ducks.
  9. Meggymojo

    Chickens eating caterpillars

    While watering my plants today I took the leisurely sit while soaking them when I met myself eye to eye with a bright yellow caterpillar. I was unfamiliar with the species so I gloved up to remove it, before noticing another. Then another. And another. Suddenly I realized that my Sweet broom...
  10. R

    Feeder recommendation

    We have three backyard adult chickens. We also have a lot of rats in the neighborhood and enjoying the feed in the coop (plus they also feast on my compost bins). We just put in a new floor for the coop which will make it less accessible to the rats due to burrowing from below. Now I'd like...
  11. Goddess Sekhmet

    Wheelie-bin no-waste feeder questions

    Hi all, So I'm in the middle of my ultimate chicken-run build, and I've settled on making a chicken feeder out of a 120L wheelie bin using the PVC plumbing elbows down the bottom for feed access, similar to the following: https://blog.mypetchicken.com/2015/10/05/diy-no-waste-feeder/ I do have...
  12. TwentyOneChickens

    I know nothing about ducks

    So, I was thinking about getting ducks to keep near the garden because I've heard they eat the bugs, and not your precious crops. We would have the ducks down the hill at the garden and the chickens up the hill at the coop and yard. (The chickens free range.) The problem is, I know almost...
  13. G

    Very Special Feed

    Hello there, I was interested in an animal nutrition consultation, but sadly, no self respecting animal nutrition consultant will take a guy with several dozen ducks on his property seriously. I run a medium sized poultry farm in East Tennessee and I feel less than amazing about feeding them...
  14. F

    BSF Larvae

    I've recently started a small BSF larvae bin and have been feeding them to my chickens for some time now. Yesterday one of my polish was in the coop laying down with her head down and her neck seemed limp. My two polish are never too happy to be held so I knew something was wrong when she let me...
  15. C

    How much?

    My son went away and left me in charge of the chickens. They had someone feeding them but she didnt show up today. I went to the store and bought ;chicken feed and special other stuff. How much layer pellets do I feed 5 chickens per day? Thanks...... :barnie No wonder they werent laying!:duc
  16. SniperGoose

    Best pigeon food?

    I have a female pigeon (around 4 or 5 months old now I'd say), whom I rescued when she was around 2 weeks old. She was originally wild, but had fallen out of her nest in our barn, and I was unable to put her back in it as it was too high up. Anyways, I was wondering what the best food was to be...
  17. WallyBirdie

    Sharing food: Cats and Chickens

    Very hot days mean very hot chickens. I put out a bunch of frozen corn to treat the birds, but my cat Taz decided he wanted to eat the corn too! So, I look outside to check on everyone and there is a line of Chicken, chicken, chicken, guinea, cat, chicken... Then one of my other chickens...
  18. DuckDaddy29

    Feeding Ducklings

    I just had a Mallard duckling hatch on September 10 along with 2 other ducklings that are Pekin ducklings. We will soon have an Mallard egg hatching near September 28. My concern is once the September 28 egg hatches, he will need to start off on starter feed while the other 3 older ducklings...
  19. spiritpots

    Grower or layer feed for 23 week old pullets?

    I have three 23 week old pullets and three 18 month old chickens, all heritage breeds. The pullets have not started to lay yet and because of their breeds may not for a while yet. The pullets began living in the same coop/run with the older girls six weeks ago and I have been feeding all six...
  20. Wisewillow

    Chicken - weird food question

    Can chickens eat human teeth? I can’t find this anywhere on the web. I have a whole bunch of my kids baby teeth and I’m wondering if they’d be appealing/ breakable/ provide calcium for hens. Anyone have knowledge or a guess about this? I think my kids would get a hoot out of feeding their own...
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