1. W

    Antique Chicken Feeders.

    This Buttermilk Feeder and Poultry Fountain belonged to my Grandfather.
  2. M

    Can I use a hanging wild bird feeder for bantam chickens?

    Newbie here! I've been looking at a ton of feeders and waterers for my bantam chicks for when they grow up. Out of curiosity, is there any reason not to use a hanging bird feeder made for wild birds? I feel like my girls are going to be a lot smaller than your average chicken, and if the feeder...
  3. A

    3d Printed low mess Quail Feeder

    Hi y'all just wanted to post my quail feeder I designed and printed out this weekend. All files are available for free on thingiverse. Just search low mess quail feeder. It does take a couple days to print, however only costs a couple dollars in filament.
  4. Gearhead846


    You may ask, what is the name of the theif? The name is sparrow and there are HUNDREDS OF THEM, please I need help to find a sparrow proof feeder that is cost effective and maybe diy. I'm tired if wasting money on these pesky birds and I also don't want their diseases either. please help me any...
  5. Gearhead846

    Best chicken feeder and waterer????

    I currently have an open dish for food, and a bowl for water but I would like to upgrade. and needed some new ideas for a feeder and a waterer for about 30 chickens I also have a HUGE sparrow problem :barnie(those darn things I can't seem to get rid of them ) What is your favorite...
  6. Pixelsaurus

    ALT to grandpa treadle feeder

    I have found a great alternative to Grandpa's treadle feeder, and it is made by a small company here in Maryland. The Rent-a-Coop Treadle feeder is very similar in operation. Given I have had to upgrade my feeder quickly as we are fighting a nasty Rat problem, I couldn't wait for the Grandpa...
  7. M

    How often do I change water & feed?

    Hi All, New chicken Mom here. I have a small flock of 5 chicks (Hoping they are all Pullets - they are 13 weeks old now). I have a few questions on how often I should add food and/or change the water. For the Feeder, I have the 4 LB Poultry Feeder. I'm using Crumble. Right now, I only it...
  8. akullian

    treadle/(Grandpas) feeder help— not progressing

    It has been weeks now:( (Video attached) I spent two weeks at training level 1 (1st peg, fully open, no lid movement). After a week at training peg 2, they still won’t use it as intended. They will eat down the feed from the sides (not requiring they step on pedal) until it’s so low they can’t...
  9. Chuckenman

    Chickens are pooping in the feeder.

    I put feeders in their coop with food 24x7 but they jump on top of the feeder and poop in it. And when the poop goes in their food they don't eat it anymore. A lot of their food is going to waste and I have to wash their food and water feeders every single day. They only eat some of their food...
  10. R

    New day old chicks

    Hi! 3 out of the 6eggs i tried to let poultry supply incubate hatched May 16/17. This is my second time to raise baby chicks without the hen. My brooder space is quite big but they are only 3. It is about a 2ft x 2ft dimension. I have used 25watts light bulb for there heat source placed in the...
  11. Joyfillednomads

    From basic to chicken palace...??

    Chicken palace no. I just need automatic coop door, automatic waterer (maybe with a float), diy automatic feeder... Maybe a camera to make sure everything is OK. I had to have surgery a few months ago and doing chores meant me nagging older kids to help out, just to free up time and to make the...
  12. Home made feeder for no spill food, final design with pictures

    Home made feeder for no spill food, final design with pictures

    This feeder is based on the design proposed by Aart. It uses the same type of 5 gallon bucket with the 4 large opening like his design. I plan to enlarge the width of the opening from 5” to 6.5” (more room for two chickens to eat at the same time at each opening). There are four such...
  13. Best Feeder There is!

    Best Feeder There is!

    This is by fart he best feeder I've had. I have owned this for over 4+ years, it just works. I live in Arizona so it hot and the heat destroys most everything. Not this feeder though. :). I have 9+ birds, It took them a day or so to figure it out, but once they did my feed cost went down, the...
  14. An Outdoor Shelter For the Feeder and Waterer

    An Outdoor Shelter For the Feeder and Waterer

    I don't like to keep the feeder and waterer in my Little Monitor Coop, which is only 4'x4'. They take up valuable space, are awkward to fill, and are prone to be knocked over when the chickens are pushing and shoving to get to them. Since the current run is unroofed, being 100 feet of electric...
  15. CA2PTChickenChick

    Lead in Galvanized Waterers and Feeder

    Hello Fellow Chicken Keepers - I’m reaching out to this group in a hope to collect information regarding any issues with the use of Galvanized steel waterers and feeder as it relates to lead toxicity. I would like to know if you or someone you know uses has used Galvanized Steel feeder and/or...
  16. JustLook

    White Leghorns First Winter: a Pep Talk!

    My Melodramatic Pep Talk guys I am new. I know I need a better feeding system to keep the snow off their food. I am doing my best with my very first flock but for now I submit this for purely entertainment purposes!!
  17. Reiki Rooster

    Rain proof feeders

    Hello, I am try to figure out how to protect the chickens feed during rain storms. Currently I place their feed in their house during bad weather but I need a better way badly. Thank you for your time
  18. Harris Farms 7lb Hanging Chicken Feeder

    Harris Farms 7lb Hanging Chicken Feeder

    Harris Farms 7 Pound Hanging Feeder is one of their most popular sizes. This plastic feeder is easy to fill and will feed up to 15 birds. 7 pound feed capacity feeds 5-15 chickens Designed for fast filling with an open top Innovative feed ring prevents chickens from scratching out feed Simple...
  19. Carson213

    Lowest maintenance feeding/water

    I am looking for ideas to minimize how often I need to refill the food and water for my chickens. I have 23 pullets and 1 cockerel. Growing up, we always had 20-30 chickens with a coop and run. The original coop was 100 years old, rotted and torn down about 5 years ago. The original water was...
  20. N

    Hello from Scotland!!

    Just wanted to say a quick (or not so quick) hello to the BYC community. I’ve been a long time stalker and borrower of ideas from this fab site. I live in Scotland with the family and we are all chicken lovers. My partner has kept chickens for 8 years and I’ve always helped out looking after...
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