1. hannahbear

    Questions on designing no-spill PVC/bucket feeder

    Hello All, I'm in the process of building a no-spill feeder for my flock and have a couple questions. How many "ports" do you reccomend per chicken. I'm going to be adding to my flock soon so want to plan for the future. Say if I have 50 chickens how many feeding holes do I recommend? 10? 25...
  2. christatothemax

    To TREADLE or not to TREADLE, that is the question.

    Alright folks... I have seen a lot of talk about a chicken treadle for feeding chickens. Do you have one? What do you like or dislike about them? If you are adamantly against a treadle, do you have a solution that reduces rodents and doesn't have to be filled every day? PROS: It looks like...
  3. BigBlueHen53

    I did it! Sorta ....

    Okay, I should say I *am doing* it. I am in the process of making one of those no-mess, no-waste 5-gallon bucket feeders. Thanks to all who posted instructions and pics, this looked so cool and practical I had to try it! I used Gorrilla Glue (r) to get the PVC elbows set in place, and when the...
  4. KBrammell

    Space-saving, spill-resistant food & h20 solutions?

    I'm trying to set up a food/watering system for my 3 little ladies in California. My girls have a coop from Precision Pet thats ~8ft L X4 H ft X4 D ft. My priorities for their food and water system is spill-resistance, hanging above ground, and a narrow profile so they maximize their coop area...
  5. alcstreetman

    Clueless first timer with a lot of coop/run questions! Rain barrel, sand, etc.

    Hello! Our chicks are ready to move to the coop and my husband is currently finishing everything up. I have multiple questions and have already found good information from previous posters but I wanted to see if there were any recent opinions that could be helpful. If anyone has input on ANY of...
  6. Freidabrest

    Cleaning the feeder?

    I have two of the anti-pest hanging feeders for my coop and I’ve noticed some mould on the inside of the feeders from the food of the food has gone gross and stuck together. I don’t know if the food goes mouldy from the feeder or vice versa. Is poultry shield safe to use in a feeder and should...
  7. MotherOfChickens

    Show me your no waste feeders

    So, I spent a pretty penny to make a PVC feeder that I can cap off at night to keep the lil mice that live under my neighbor's shed from getting in the feed at night. Problem is, they throw the feed out of it. So like today, I have the feeder closed off until they eat all the feed up off the...
  8. msmeg26

    How much feed for 8hens?- Thinking of auto feeder

    Thinking of an auto feeder using the 5 galloon bucket method-- particularly if I go out of town for a week or so, trying to calculate what it would hold in lbs and how much feed on average 8 hens would go thru daily? Initially thought to make my own feed in 100lb portions, but that's proving...
  9. cluckkatie

    Waterer and feeder keep falling

    Hi all, My waterer and feeder keep falling over because the chickens knock them over. I can't put it in the corner because in the middle of the run, so much poop has accumulated that it's like a mini hill ("hill" is quite an exaggeration, best word I can think of) and the corners are dunes...
  10. lklik

    Peck Assisted Feeder

    Hanging feeder that is 100% gravity driven and drops feed only if a chicken pecks at the target. I've got 3 of these for 20 chickens. Each bucket holds 25lbs of feed. Materials needed 5 gallon bucket with lid 7/8th hold drill 1/2" drill bit 3/8th by 6" Eye Bolt and matching nut Large Washers...
  11. Eglu Cube Feeder/Drinker

    Eglu Cube Feeder/Drinker

    These feeders and waterers work pretty well. It keeps feed dry from weather. It’s easy to fill and doesn’t take up any room in your coop. It hangs on easily to the side of your coop. The only con I can think of is that you need to refill pretty often. I have to refill the feeder every other day...
  12. C

    Feeder/waterer set ups?

    I’m building out my coop for my poults now. Do the pvc gravity-fill feeders work well for midget white turkeys (I’ll adjust height for growth)? What about cup-style waterer attachments? I’d love to hear/see everyone’s solutions to feeding and watering efficiently. Thanks!
  13. Lauryn229

    DIY Chicken Water & Feeder Trough

    After a long summer day in the Florida heat, our chickens water dishes empty and dirty quickly. We knew we needed a bigger water dish and needed one to be elevated to keep it clean, so we came up with an idea. Our previous hanging dishes on the side of the coop stay pretty clean, but difficult...
  14. mdees88

    DIY No Waste Quail Feeder

    Okay let's call this a minimal waste feeder that can be converted into a zero waste feeder very easily. I purchased a little giant 1 quart feeder from tractor supply. After a short period of use I found two problems with it. It didn't hold enough food and they spilled half of it on the ground...
  15. Parks2peaks

    Chattaroy Chicken Coop

    Hello everyone I wanted to share some pictures of our coop and some of the process of building it. First off a huge thank you to The Witchita Cabin Coop. After a quick scan of this site you will notice a ton of people have been helped out by this coop. Please check it out if you haven’t yet. A...
  16. PreyforMe

    Questionable Newbie

    Hello BYC members! While I am certainly curious about the viability of starting up my own chicken and/or quail operation in the future, I am mostly here to find out if there are any chicken or quail breeders near me that breed for meat rather than eggs. I am attempting to switch my ferrets over...
  17. bantamboy

    Electric feeder

    hi has anyone made some type of electric feeder? I would be interested to see any designs and hear about them. Everything else in my coop is automated for the most part except the feed.
  18. Wilson74

    If you plant it, they will come

    Tilled, seeded, and fenced and area for the chickens to enjoy some winter wheat. Today I removed the fence and let the chickens reap the reward. Also, a quick look at a new feeder I built that is much more user friendly for feeder and eater.
  19. felixb

    Chicken feeder design survey.

    Hi, Hi, I'm currently designing a chicken feeder in the UK, and I was wondering whether you could help by checking out my survey The link's here. I do not collect or ask any personal information including age, and I am using an accredited survey website. Thank you so much, Felix
  20. L

    DIY bucket/eye bolt feeder question

    I made one of these bucket/eye bolt/washer/nut feeders. Happened to have some small red pvc to slip between the washers to catch their eyes. Put it out night before last as only source of food to try to get then hungry enough to figure it. Sat in the run yesterday morning with them to...
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