frost white legbar

  1. imneva

    Meyer Hatchery rip off

    1st let me say this was my 2nd year getting chicks from Meyer. A total of 16 chicks. All strong and healthy. This year I decided since last year’s were so good that I would splurge and get that frost white legbar I had my eye on last year. Over $50 for that 1 chick. Everything I had read she...
  2. imneva

    Got my girls mixed up

    in picture 1. Is what I believe is my olive egger. In picture 2 is what I believe is my lakeshore egger. In picture 3 is what I believe is my cream legbar. In picture 4 is my frost white legbar. They are 18 1/2 weeks old. I am thrilled that all three have crests but I am not positive who...
  3. J

    New member with questions

    I'm Jennifer and I'm from Kentucky. We have lucked into having 3 frost white legbar hens. I'm searching for info and looking to maybe buy more. The threads I have read have been amazingly helpful. I look forward to being on this site more.
  4. T

    Frostbitten single comb

    Can a frostbitten single comb become healthy and normal again?
  5. WildCHILD400

    Help With chicken!PLZ READ!

    Hi I have a Bantam roo who recently got frostbite on three toes! THE TIP OF ONE FELL OFF and one is 1/3 purplish and the other was 1/2 gray and swollen like a human finger. I brought him in and soak his feet in warm water and Epsom salt once a day for about a week and a half then put Neosporin...
  6. Joey Chickens

    4 weeks old. First might outside.

    Had these guys in the garage for 4 weeks. Tonight is their first night outside. Been spending the last week or two making sure their coop and run are predator proof. Hope I can sleep tonight.
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