Meyer Hatchery rip off


Apr 9, 2018
north central Wv
1st let me say this was my 2nd year getting chicks from Meyer. A total of 16 chicks. All strong and healthy. This year I decided since last year’s were so good that I would splurge and get that frost white legbar I had my eye on last year. Over $50 for that 1 chick. Everything I had read she should have a crest and lat blue eggs. I’d have been happy with out the crest as long as she laid blue eggs of some sort. As you ha e probably guess by now no crest and no blue eggs. I get WHITE! I sent them photos they accused me of using a filter! With!


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I'm sorry that that happened to you.
I hope that you can...

1. Can enjoy her for her sweet personality.
( It shows in the picture!)
2. Forgive & Forget Myers. (But leave a review so no one else gets ripped)
3. Buy some cute and cheap Easter eggers. Those blue and green eggs will look really nice contrasted with her beautiful white egg.
:hitSorry to hear this! We had a frost white Legbar from Meyer, and she had a crest and laid nice distinct blue eggs. She was from a Sept 2018 hatch. Her comb was a straight comb, but flopped one way then the other -so looked different than the comb on yours.

She has since died due to complications of an infection we could not get under control on her ankle/lower leg, so no more blue eggs. :hit I understand the disappointment, bc the eggs are very pretty. And the added aspect of having paid so much for a specific bird to get specific eggs.

The Frost White Legbar should always have a crest, it would seem. This type is the white “sport” as they call it of the cream Legbar. In other words, regular Legbars occasionally produce a white bird. So, Meyer has been breeding the whites to create their own line of a white Legbar (others are doing this too). It’s not like there should be other genetics there to give you a white egg due to some sort of a crossing. However, I’m not a chicken genetics expert, nor have I ever worked at a hatchery, so I certainly don’t know much about this, only my experience with my single Meyer Frost White and what I’ve read about the white Legbars, in general.

Good luck. I hope they work with you to rectify the situation.
Her comb looks quite a lot like a Legbar’s would look. I call it wishy-washy. It doesn’t know which way it wants to lay. And also, she has yellowy white earlobes and yellow shanks, just like my true CCLegbars. I, too, am not genetically inclined, so to speak, but I’m gonna say you do have the correct breed of bird, just not one that got a blue egg gene. FWIW anyway. I am sorry.

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