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  1. Oldegarlicshnapp

    Meyer hatchery silkie bantams

    Got some silkie bantam babies in the mail on the 25th. They’re different from raising a barred rock mix, who’s much louder and active. These guys tend to sleep a lot and run away from sunlight. My barred rock would always sprint to it and flop over. These guys are pretty cute though, and they...
  2. ValSaun1130

    What breed is this?

    Hello. My name is Valerie and my husband and I are new to raising chickens. We have 3 lavender Orpingtons and a mystery bird that we received as the meal maker add on from Meyer Hatchery. I absolutely adore her but can’t quite figure out what breed she is. Any help is much appreciated!
  3. ActualBadger

    Photos of Heritage Barred Rocks from Meyer Hatchery?

    Does anyone have Heritage Barred Rocks from Meyer Hatchery? I'm thinking of ordering from Meyer just so I can get a Heritage Barred Rock rooster. I'm wanting to show my chickens through my school's FFA and I think it might be worth the extra money to start off with a chicken that better fits the...
  4. BudgieKing15

    MY BABIES JUST SHIPPED! HOORAY!! (Follow this thread to see first pics of them!)

    My chicks I bought from Meyer Hatchery just shipped today at 1:01 pm! I am excited to say that they could arrive as soon as tomorrow! I also am thinking about names for the babies. Comment below your best name ideas for two Gold-Laced Wyandottes, a Green Queen, an Easter Egger, and a Speckled...
  5. Seven 5 Week Old Chicks need lots of Dust-bathing space!

    Seven 5 Week Old Chicks need lots of Dust-bathing space!

    Here the Chicks can't wait their turn to Dust-Bathe. They get a 2nd Bowl. (AuntieBellum is live on FB often with the growing Chicks, Spring 2020. Please ignore the other comments and politics, as you may not agree)
  6. T

    Best chick hatchery with good looking birds that look like the breed

    Hi Guys! It’s been a while since I’ve ordered from a hatchery and seems to be the best way for me to get chicks. I’ve used 2 hatcheries in the past 1.) Meyer Hatchery 2 times 2.) Ideal Poultry 1 time The birds never really looked as good as in representing the breeds. Some with bad...
  7. brooklynzoo

    just arrived in the mail today!

    my mailman looked so amused handing me a chirping box. the post office actually called me when it arrived... and he showed up 10 mins later... that is not usually how packages are delivered in Brooklyn! 🐥🐥🐥🐥
  8. C

    Review of my experience with Meyer Hatchery

    Hey everyone, I'm not at all affiliated with Meyer Hatchery. We just ordered nine chicks from them in December 2019 and I thought people might find my experience with it useful. I had backyard chickens for years but never got chicks in the mail before. We specifically ordered a Blue Ameracauna...
  9. imneva

    Meyer Hatchery rip off

    1st let me say this was my 2nd year getting chicks from Meyer. A total of 16 chicks. All strong and healthy. This year I decided since last year’s were so good that I would splurge and get that frost white legbar I had my eye on last year. Over $50 for that 1 chick. Everything I had read she...
  10. green_thumb

    1st Timers- Recent Chicks? Breeds? Come share pictures!

    I've spent most of my time so far in the coop/run forums and I am so excited to make the jump over to here. I'm a first-time chicken wrangler and am set to pick my chicks up at Meyer Hatchery on May 28th (I'm lucky I live only 45 minutes away!!) Here is what I have ordered: 4 buckeye females...
  11. K

    Best place to buy starter pullets online? Meyer Hatchery?

    As I stated in a previous post on gender questions, ( I've been having reeeeally bad luck trying to get female barred rocks. Many have suggested ordering starter pullets so their sex can be pretty much...
  12. PlumParadise

    Identify mystery chicks

    So I recently received my Meyer Hatchery order which included a Meyer meal maker and 2 rare 3 mystery chicks. I identified one right away as silver laced Wyandotte as I am familiar with those. The other 2 I am not sure. I'd love some help .The blue chick has dark legs but pink...
  13. MagpieDucks

    Chicks: Weekly Updates!

    1 Day Old: Tilly & Alaska Pistachio and Kiwi Loretta and Mabel Peaches and Mango Group Photo Pistachio Puzzle
  14. Helenambm10

    Meyer Hatchery? Is It Trustworthy?

    I'm planning on adding to my flock and was wondering if I can trust Meyer Hatchery? Any negative experiences? I'm planning on purchasing pullets.
  15. hhouck514

    Cackle Hatchery vs. Meyer Hatchery | Silkies

    Good Day, I am going to purchase 5 silkies in 2019. I am deciding between Meyer Hatchery and Cackle Hatchery. I was hoping you could tell me about your experience working with either or both of the said hatcheries. It would be especially helpful if you could show pictures of your silkies...
  16. Allie❤️Chickens

    What’s Your Rating of Meyer Hatchery?

    So we found Meyer hatchery, and were planning to order three D’Uccle bantams. We were blown away that the prices were so affordable and the availability of the chicks compared to the other hatchery we’ve ordered from in the past. All good things, but I’ve begun to worry if it was too good to...
  17. aliciaFarmer

    Experience with Meyer Hatchery?

    I received an order from Meyer this week and I'm extremely disappointed. I'm wondering if anyone has had similar experiences and if I should order from them again in the spring with my store credit or just ask for a refund... I ordered 16 chicks and received 15. I called and they said the Blue...
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