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  1. SilkieChickii

    What happens if a Ayam Cemani is albino?

    I'm not sure if it belongs in this specific thread but I'm sure its fine. I've been wondering what happens if the completely black chicken comes out albino? I don't have Ayam Cemani myself but I have wondered this question for a while.
  2. J

    Ayam Cemani gender

    I hatched 3. 2 are definitely roosters. I think all 3 really but wanted to check with y’all. Are those saddle feathers on the one in the back or no? I’m thinking all roosters but hoping for a hen lol
  3. KelsiJH

    3 Ayam Cemani cross roosters available in Dayton, Ohio

    I let a broody hen hatch some chicks last summer and they were mostly roosters 🤦🏼‍♀️ They were all getting along fine for a while but now they are picking on each other too much. The father of all 3 is my Ayam Cemani rooster. The grey one is half silkie, the other 2 are mixes of one of my hens...
  4. S

    Ahoy-hoy! Thanks for having me!

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I had chickens when I was very young and am getting back into them. I'm focusing on Russian Orloffs while I work on a Michigan-specific breed based on their temperament and cold-tolerance. (2) How many chickens do you have right...
  5. C

    I think I’ve just about identified all of our new additions, but still looking for a couple IDs

    We added 6 more chicks to our flock earlier in the spring and know most of their breeds and genders, but are still questioning a few. here’s a video of them today: Mostly I’m wondering about 3 of them: For the 1st chicken in the video, Priscilla - the buff chicken with the lovely hair, we...
  6. M


    Hi! I have an affection (addiction) to hatching. It’s become my hobby and, in sorts, part time job as a stay-at-home mother. I specifically breed Ayam Cemani, silkies and polish - but also have dabbled in others. I just recently acquired khaki campbells and started hatching them as well. I’m...
  7. J

    Gender opinions! 5 1/2 wow Ayam Cemani

    These guys hatched on May 4. I know these birds can be hard to sex and they are my first of this breed. What do y’all think?
  8. Cocohens

    Hen with swollen toe

    Hi there, I have a hen with a swollen toe. It’s not bumble foot as there is no black spot anywhere on foot etc. She is in good spirits and has been eating and drinking and trotting about as normal. The only difference is she seems to be holding her foot up every now and then. I will attach...
  9. TheSaltyRoOsterRanch

    Cockerel/Pullet? 10 wk Ayam Cemani Sexing

    Help I have 3 pure breed Ayam I need help sexing. I believe one is a cockerel but then I begin to doubt myself. I’ve included some photos.
  10. Maleficent265

    Could use some advice on Ayam Cemanis!

    I have three Ayam Cemanis and I’m pretty sure I’ve got two pullets and a cockerel, just wanted someone to eyeball them for me and see if I’m right. Also, these were given to me as payment for a hatch I did... I had honestly intended on never owning this breed because of how pricey they are...
  11. Maleficent265

    Lavender Fibro Easter Eggers?

    I have what I suspect is an upcoming ayam cemani rooster... I have zero experience in breeding and wasn’t sure if there was a way for me to breed lavender fibro Easter eggers? If anyone has advice or tips, please let me know. I was thinking breeding him with some lavender ameraucanas but kind...
  12. ChickenWhisperer101

    Eye infection? Pink eye? What’s wrong?!!?

    Hi everyone, My Ayam Cemani has something wrong with his eye. He’s 10 weeks old and I just got him on Wednesday. Yesterday he started shutting his eye a lot, and today there’s a bit of white pus in the corner today. Does anyone know what could possibly be wrong with him. Thanks.
  13. Chiduckn


    I have chicks for sale. $5 each and will meet in the Richmond Va or Fredericksburg Va area. I have the following... -Ameraucanas. These lay blue/green colored eggs. -American Game Bantam crossed with Appenzeller Spitzhauben. Most of these turn solid dark colors with lighter colored masks. They...
  14. R

    Roosters - Tolbunt Polish Frizzle / Ayam Cemani

    I’ve been working on building a flock of Tolbunt Polish Frizzles for the past few years and I have ended up with way too many roosters from multiple hatches. I have several Tolbunt Polish roosters available - both Frizzle and Smooth - from last spring and summer hatches. $25 Also I have...
  15. ChickenWhisperer101

    Need name ideas for chicks

    I have 17 chicks coming in June from McMurray Hatchery and I need some name ideas. I have a few but still need more names. Some of the breeds are Speckled Sussex, True whiting blues, Ameraucanas, and a mystery chick. I also have an Ayam Cemani pullet that I’ve had hopes of becoming a rooster but...
  16. JustAChickenLoverOverHere

    Do mulberry Ayam Cemani always produce mulberry chicks?

    Not sure if this was the right forum, but I would like to know, do black ayam cemani and mulberry ayam cemani ALWAYS produce mulberry chicks? Like a pair, but one is mulberry and one is “regular” How common are mulberry chicks out of an entirely black pair of AC? Also, are AC eyes black as well...
  17. S

    Reviews this small hatchery?

    J family hatchery in Florida They have ayam cemani, we ordered a dozen through a face book forum, group, they sent 14, great except 2 were broke upon arrival. 2 had severe cracks in them. Of the 10 left only one actually developed anything..so far the little fighter still going strong towards...
  18. Littlefrenchyinbigtexas

    So proud of our fresh farm eggs. Look at these colors and sizes! Quails too!

    i hope our chicks will seat soon instead of incubating...
  19. nailraiser

    Ayam Cemani Golden Sex Link mix

    I’ve got an Ayam Cemani rooster and he’s definitely fertilizing all of our eggs. I’ve been thinking about hatching my favorite hens eggs and she is a golden sex link. (Also called a boven brown I think) Anyone ever ended up with this cross and have photos of what their babies would look like?
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