ayam cemani

  1. D

    Some cute little guys

    Here they are S is so tame they walked into my hand and almost fell asleep because I was so warm (the weather, I came inside to cool off)
  2. Radrussie

    Ayam cemani?

    Have got these guys today. 10 in total 5 hens 5 roosters. I might have got a really good deal or just some extra hens and rooster. Various ages. Black legs, beaks, eggs and feathered. some off the roosters have s bit of copper, greenish tint. Rest of my flock is easter egger vibes. Are these...
  3. Pastel the Rooster

    Ayam Cemani Eggs

    My parents surprised me last week with six Ayam Cemani eggs. I put them in the incubator last week, and I candles them on Friday. One was not fertile. I’m down to five eggs. I also put two of my Easter Egger’s, Bolt, eggs in. They are fertile so far. I am going to candle them in Thursday or...
  4. SeaClucks

    A chick with her wing pecked off : 8 months later!

    Cw: graphic images of wound included I've been meaning to make this post for a while, but this is the story of my one winged Ayam Cemani/d'uccle chick, Bethany Hamilton. Otherwise known as Ham. I want to share it in case someone in the future is wondering what to do with an injury like Ham's...
  5. A

    3 month old Ayam Cemanis

    Trying to figure out the sex of our 3 month old ayam cemanis. Thinking one or both could be roosters. Any thoughts?
  6. bikosblackmeat

    Standard feather Ayam Cemani with leg feathers ⚫🐔

    The parents of this pullet (2-3 months) are both standard feathered Ayam cemanis. However, she developed leg feathers. Does other variants of Ayam cemani (bottle brush, walik, frizzle) have this characteristics? Merry Christmas to all!!!!
  7. mukasorehari

    Greetings from Indonesia!

    Hello! New member here :) my name is Gemala, I'm from Indonesia the origin country of Ayam Cemani! I'm a new chicken keeper, my first chickens are Brahma. I got them mid September 2023, so it has been 2 months of wonderful experience for me. Now I own 6 Brahmas, and 2 Rhode Island White chicks...
  8. B

    Chickens need a new home

    Looking for a new home for an ayam cemani rooster and hen in wynnewood Pennsylvania
  9. R

    BREEDING PAIR AYAM CEMANI: Hen and Rooster are each from (different) pure quality bloodlines

    The Ayam Cemani is ultra exclusive for a number of different reasons. The obvious one is their all black pigmentation. This includes their skin, bones, plumage, mouths, tongues and yes- even their internal organs. However the Ayam Cemanis' sleek unusual appearance is equally irresistible for...
  10. bikosblackmeat

    Producing my own crosses

    A lot of people were hating on other breeders that cross their chickens with other breed. Here is my opinion: As long as you are treating your chickens right (by providing their basic necessities) and breeding to create chickens with distinct characteristics like for more meat, eggs, color...
  11. J

    Breeding Ayam Cemani with Australorp

    Australorp in general are great layers. Ayam Cemani is not. Does anyone have experience breeding Ayam Cemani rooster with Black Australorp or similar breeds for egg production?
  12. RadEggs

    Egg binding or heat stress? HELP!

    I loooove my chickens, and one is acting weird. It was hot outside, so I brought them into the garage. Then my ayam cemani pullet started acting weird. She sat woth her wings out to her sides a little on the roosting bar, and would close her eyes for a bit, then go into fits of panic, panting...
  13. R


    Up for consideration: BREEDING PAIR (fully-grown/hen and rooster) of AYAM CEMANI chickens aka the rarest and most sought-after chicken in the world.! Originating in Indonesia, these show stoppers have most everything black; feathers, skin, comb to wattles, flesh, organs, and even black bones and...
  14. LaughingLagomorph

    Hi, I'm hopefully a future breeder of ayam cemanis and others!

    I am by no means new to chicken keeping and have been obsessed with birds and homesteading since I was a young child. I currently have 5 ayam cemani, 2 unknown bantams, and 2 broad breasted white turkeys. I used to have a much larger variety of poultry and breeds. I am freelance commission...
  15. Char07

    Interesting little thing! Any ideas on breeds?

    Hey guys! I took in this little one from a friend because it was growing up alone :( Does anyone have any ideas what breeds it could be? I've never seen a chick like it, haha. Also, any idea about hen vs. rooster? I'm guessing it's about 5.5/6 weeks old. It's maybe just a tiny bit bigger than...
  16. bikosblackmeat

    2 month old chinese silkie x ayam cemani, girl or boy?

    Can you help me guys confirm if she is a "she"? I have trouble sexing chinese silkies.
  17. AnnieDuck

    What gender are my chickens?

    I am excellent at judging my ducks’ genders but these are my first and only chickens, and I cannot figure this out! My husband says we have one girl and one boy but I think they look the same. They are about 3 months old and they are Ayam Cemani. tia 😃
  18. L

    3 cockerels in NE FL- Middleburg outside of Jax

    3 jerk cockerels- they’re actually great roosters, but hate me. They do a great job protecting their girls and finding tasty treats for them. I just have too many and am combining all my hens into 2 runs with only 2 roos. Jethro is an Ayam Cemani- this is a rare fibromelanistic breed (the rarest...
  19. 20230115_152646.jpg


    My Ayam Cemani Mix Too Prince Branch Gristle
  20. bikosblackmeat

    My plan on chicken crossbreeding

    My target traits for the lineage that I am developing are: black meat, black feathers, not a flyer, 2kg above average weight, docile, enhance broodiness, and resistant to the diseases and weather here in the Philippines. My idea would be breeding my WL x N x AC x CS cockerel to my BA pullet and...
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