ayam cemani

  1. Ayam Cemani

    Ayam Cemani

    Kylo Hen hatched March 20th
  2. PinkLadyLVT

    WANTED: Exhibition/Breeder Quality Ayam Cemani, Lavender Frizzle Cochin, and Lavender Bearded Silky

    WANTED: Exhibition/Breeder Quality Ayam Cemani, Lavender Frizzle Cochin Bantam, and Lavender Bearded Silky. Looking to breed and keep as pets. Willing to buy eggs and young chicks. MAY be open to pullets/cockerels or adult birds depending on quality, price, location, and temperament. Located in...
  3. Colorado Trav

    Ayam Cemani Hybrids, First Time Hatching Eggs!

    Hey All! We have been proud chicken owners for a couple years but a few weeks ago decided to incubate and hatch eggs from our coop for the first time! We have one Rooster, an Ayam Cemani. We started with 6 eggs, so far 3 have hatched and 2 are Piping (at day 22). I would love any insight...
  4. Celeste Cannon

    Rare ayam cemani chick!

    My boyfriend had got me 2 ayam cemani hatching eggs for my birthday, and last Friday Lady Dorothy was hatched into the world! Her adoptive mother Issa did a very good job of waiting for a baby (broody for almost 3 months) and is pleased to raise another chick. So glad I get to experience this...
  5. R

    New Chicken Mom from KY!

    Hey new chicken Mom here in KY. Saturday April 3rd we decided to bring home 7 baby day old chicks! Are new flock will include 2 buff brahmas, 2 light brahmas, 2 dark brahmas, and 1 Ayam Cemani. We are hoping our cemani is a cockerel. I was told about this group from a woman I ran into at the...
  6. Crazy4SilkiesAndSizzle

    Question About Sex Links

    I have an Ayam Cemani Rooster that I just put in with my laying hens. I have made sex link chicks from my Ayam Roo and Barred Rock he and am now wondering if I can make sex links crossing my Ayam Cemani Roo with my 55 Flower Hen and my Crested Cream Legbar hen... I gave my Ayam Cemani hens a...
  7. Frosty_2503

    Sexing a 2 month old Ayam Cemani

    I’ve never had cemanis before- so I’m entirely new to the whole sexing them thing. I only have one chick and (s)he is 2 months old now. What do you think (s)he is?
  8. Cricket Our Head Rooster | Ayam Cemani x Cochin

    Cricket Our Head Rooster | Ayam Cemani x Cochin

    Patiently awaiting the arrival of new baby chicks from this beautiful cross!
  9. Scareab

    Lookin for Ayam cemani!

    Hello! I’m looking for another and our finale member to our flock of feather dogs and is considering an exotic breed! Since I live in Texas I wondered if someone had Ayam cemani chicks for sale at First Monday Canton. I’m unfamiliar with the pet pavilion so I’m making this post to feel the air...
  10. G

    Anyone with Ayam Cemanis?

    :barnie:barnieI'm so confused . One person is saying Ayam Cemani don't lay well and the next is saying they lay very well. Reaching out to people who KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE about Ayam Cemani egg laying rate. :)
  11. chicks & ducks

    Ayam Cemanis. All roosters?

    A sweet friend is fostering these chicks for me & she thinks all 7 are roosters. They were hatched mid october. We have no idea how to distinguish male/female at this point. No one is crowing. I can ask for more photos if that helps. ?? Thanks!
  12. Imaniful

    Greeting from DEEP in the Peach

    Greetings, My name is Imani and I am a widow of a veteran and home schooling mother of 6. Our family began this poultry journey a few years ago as our eldest daughter's affinity for animals blossomed. Shortly after moving into our one acre of urban bliss, our community gifted her a coop and a...
  13. F

    Ayam Cemani? I was told they were

    I got these “Ayam Cemani” from a friend who won them online as eggs. She hatched them in her incubator. Now I have a couple people telling me they aren’t. She is going to get me the name of the breeder so I can find out more.
  14. Laker Chicks

    1 week old chicks! Silkie? Ayam cemani? Cochin?

    My daughter's high school biology class hatched chicks last week and my daughter brought 4 of them home for me to keep. I'm wondering what breeds these might be? I realize that they may be mixed. One of them is tiny and has 5 toes, I'm thinking it's a silkie. The all black one has a black...
  15. Jackjackandbernice

    Tiny chick: can I do anything else?

    Recently I picked up 2 Ayam Cemani chicks at a chicken swap. They were supposedly a few days old, but while one looked it, the other resembled a fuzzy ping pong ball with sticks for legs. It was just too tiny. I brought it home anyway (sucker for the tiny and broken things) and set about the...
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