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cayuga duck

  1. AzDuck

    Cayuga ready to lay eggs?

    3 of my 4 females (2 runners and 1 khaki) are laying, and have been since the beginning of October. They are now a little over 6 months. My Cayuga isn’t laying yet, but she has an awkward little “pouch” that almost drags the ground sometimes. I heard that means they are getting close to laying...
  2. Lilchknmomma

    9week old cayuga

    Hello wonderful peeps🐥🐣🐤🐔😃 is it too soon to tell the sex???. The quack sounds similar to my mallard drake at that age & its very "talkative". My khaki Campbell has a clear loud quack but is just as noisy. Is that any indication that it's a drake or a hen? Does the tone of the quack always...
  3. CayugaMama

    Cayuga Calls

    We have two 3-month-old cayuga (presumed) females. They are so fun and beautiful. We love them. However, one of them is particularly noisy. I expect the noise with ducks of course. She is only noisy when I walk away, or when I am behind a bush or something. Once she loses sight of me, she quacks...
  4. S

    6 week duck. Possible slipped tendon, hock injury?

    Hello! I have a 6 week old duck with some issues! At first I thought it was bumblefoot but after some research and some info from others. We believe it is either a slipped tendon/ hock injury! my vet around me does not handle ducks so I’m going to try and do this myself! been treating for...
  5. Stipenvlerk

    🦆 Show me your ducks eating 🍽

    I’m always amused by the way ducks eat. So my significant other made a little video of my ducks while they were eating. I love to watch them over and over while doing their business It just makes me happy 😃 so, show me your ducks while eating!
  6. D

    Duckling swallowed a nerf dart!

    I have two 3 week old Cayuga ducklings, I’m new to ducks and the little brat grabbed a nerf dart the kids left on the ground and swallowed it whole before I could do anything.. it’s about 2 21/2 inches long foam dart with a rubbery tip on it. I checked her mouth and throat and it’s gone. I don’t...
  7. Celeeste

    Ducklings still haven't quacked in 9 weeks, they were supposed to be female, are they?

    We paid for 4 female duckling and our two anconas have been quacking for a while while our mallard and cayuga are making a weird noise. They're 9 weeks old now. Could they be late to the quack game or are they Drakes? We got a rooster from a group that was supposed to be all pullets so I...
  8. Stipenvlerk

    Ducks are addictive! Stip&Vlek got company

    Hi All, Some of you know, some don’t that I have two Cayuga ducklings who, right now, are 4,5 week of age. There names are Stip and Vlerk and they do pretty well. Last year my male call duck got hit by a car and the female beyond Herself. So we did find her a place to stay. A breeder who...
  9. Celeeste

    2.5 week old Anconas making weird noise

    Hello! I'm a first time duck and chicken owner and I have a question. I have 2 Anconas, 1 Cayuga, and 1 Rouen ducks and recently I've been hearing a deeper kinda quack-like noise coming from one of my ducks, I believe it's Patty the Ancona, however I read that ducklings don't get their voice...
  10. Abi184

    Fertile Cayuga duck eggs enquiry

    Hiya, yesterday I noticed my Cayuga duck had started to sit on her eggs, I candled a few and found out they where fertile. She was off them twice for about an hour or so yesterday, for her breaks which is normal. But today she didnt leaves her eggs until around 1:45 and she didn’t go back in...
  11. Niche Flock

    Advice for Duck Weight Loss

    Hello All! I had a question about weight loss for my chubby Cayuga, Fonda. Her "food boob" is much larger than all of the other ducks in my flock. I have a mixed flock of runners, Welshies, khaki Campbells and cayugas. The one other Cayuga doesn't have as prominent a keel and they are all fed...
  12. shawluvsbirds

    Calls and Cayugas 2020

    Duck and Jane
  13. MapleKehDucks

    Please Help, My Ducks Aren't Laying Eggs!

    Hello fellow feather-loving friends! Every since my ducks were laying-age, my family has enjoyed a VERY steady supply of duck eggs. My Pekins being the best layers, providing 1 egg every day (only taking a 5 day break a month). As of the first week of August 2019, my ducks began molting. There...
  14. H

    Whose egg is whose?

    I have three ducks (a rouen, a swedish, and a cayuga). All of them are same age and started laying at the same time. I get 3 eggs a day but all of them are white and look the same. Is there any way I can tell whose egg is whose?
  15. K

    Suddenly aggressive female

    New duck owner. We have 5 ducks. Got them in May. They roam free in our backyard. We have 4 females and one male. One of the females is a Cayuga, I believe. She’s always been a leader in the group but never aggressive until recently. She charges us and our dogs when we walk outside and bites...
  16. M

    Cayuga Coop

    Hello I recently became the parent to two cayuga ducks (1 male 1 female) this spring. We purchased a chicken coop about a month after keeping them in a smaller cage when they were ducklings. The new coop has a fenced in area and a coop that they must walk up a ramp to get to. The ducks love the...
  17. katuswilsonii

    East Indie Duck or Cayuga?

    Hey everyone! So a few weeks back I got a Call Duck duckling (hatched May 17). Just the one but I didn’t want it to be lonely so I started looking for another duckling quickly. I was after something with Cayuga coloring so when the man who hatched this duckling (~May 19) told me it was...
  18. SweetMandolin

    Hello Everyone!

    I’m a duck mom! I have a pair of Cayuga ducks, Lloyd & Tina! I waited and waited for Lloyd to get his drake curls so I knew for sure! Thanks to this great place, I was pretty sure of their sexes by their “quack”. Lloyd is super sweet and easier going when it comes to holding and handling, Tina...
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