1. M

    7 week old blue cochin. Roo?

    I'm new to owning chickens and I go back and forth daily with this sweetheart. About 7 weeks old, comb and waddle are orange-ish, total love bug. Pullet or roo?
  2. Hippiechicklover

    Please Help!! Jubilee Orpington, Rhode Island Red, and a Cochin.

    Hello! Lots of questions here on both breeds & sex. I bought what I thought was three pullets from a breeder. He was the one who confirmed the breeds. I live in the city & can't have roosters, and this is my second batch to replace the rooster I had before (UGH). All are a month old. So here...
  3. S

    Cochin pullets

    Do these cochins look like they are growing out well for show quality? (4H and state fair) They are about 15 weeks. There is 1 mottled and one black. Both have yellow feet, correct numbers of toes and fully feathered.
  4. L

    Cochin stopped laying! Too hot?

    Hello all! I have a Partridge Cochin, just shy of a year old! She was a good layer through her first winter and spring; smallish brown eggs but very consistent; always 6 or 7 a week. She did go broody in May and stopped laying, but we were able to isolate her and snap her out of it pretty...
  5. R

    Are these silkie/cochin crosses?

    Hi! I was given some silkie hatching eggs from a lovely lady a while back. These two appear to be a mix of some sort. I thought maybe cochin and silkie, but I'm not seeing a whole lot of hard feathers which I thought that they would have with the cochin genes. It doesn't really matter, I'm just...
  6. niftyblue

    Help with two pullets/cockerels?

    Hello everyone! I have two chicks in my flock that I’m thinking are cockerels! I’ve noticed they are also the only ones in the flock that chest bump and feathers around neck stand up. One, I think, is a barred rock. The other a standard Cochin. They are 7 weeks old. I need help identifying them...
  7. TheTexasChickenGirl

    2 Chickens Need Home-Austin, TX

    I have two chickens, a Partridge Cochin and a Cuckoo Maran in need of a home. Cochin is 4 years old and still laying, but going through a molt right now. Her name is Coco, and she is super sweet and quiet. Coco is the sweetest chicken ever, she loves to be pet and held! I believe she would...
  8. Christina.Rich

    Cochins: to AI or Trim their butts?

    Hi all! I have some beautiful show quality cochins that I purchased this year. They are right at egg laying age and I’m stumped on how to get their eggs fertilized. I’ve been trying to do AI with the cockerel and have had no luck! He just won’t do “it” for me. So now I question weather or not...
  9. W

    Black Cochin hen or rooster?

    Black cochin 9/10 weeks old, thinking might be a rooster, also has a little waddle going on. What do you think?
  10. FermanaghFlock

    Is this a Blue Cochin?

    We ordered in 18 Buff Orpington Eggs weeks ago, 12 hatched but one was very different. We contacted the breeder and she said she thought it could be a Blue Cochin, as the egg labelling system would make them look very similar (BO and BC) but was difficult to tell immediately after hatch! Now...
  11. Blue Bantam Cochin Chick

    Blue Bantam Cochin Chick

    Curious and cute
  12. Silver Penciled Bantam Cochin Chick

    Silver Penciled Bantam Cochin Chick

    Just the cutest little thing
  13. Big & Little

    Big & Little

    5 days vs. 3 weeks
  14. Chick Wing feathers

    Chick Wing feathers

    Soon to be silver penciled
  15. Black Bantam Cochin

    Black Bantam Cochin

    Just striking a pose
  16. Fluff Galore

    Fluff Galore

    The fluffiest cochin chick you've ever seen
  17. "Ballerina"


    Practicing her modelling
  18. The Prettiest Chick

    The Prettiest Chick

    Isn't she just adorable
  19. Just Hatched Splash Bantam Cochin

    Just Hatched Splash Bantam Cochin

    The sheen on the feathers makes the little guy look silver
  20. Bantam Cochin Birchen Cockerel

    Bantam Cochin Birchen Cockerel

    No silver hackles yet, but everything comes with time
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