1. Hannahnic14

    Raising chicks on grass, no brooder!

    (Edit: I did find 1 other thread about brooding outside) I can't seem to find many articles on this topic in the forum anywhere so I thought I would share my experience! This may be a no brainer for some but with everything and everyone everywhere talking about raising in brooder boxes this was...
  2. HuevosGonzos

    Six weekers 😍

    Updated photos of our chicks! After a few questions on breeds, I think we nailed it…maybe. Now we are (not so patiently) waiting to find out genders. Speckled Sussex BW Crested Polish Black Australorp Barred Cochin Appenzeller Spitzhauben White Ameraucana (because the legs are gray)
  3. Hannahnic14

    What's up with this chicks wings?? (Not urgent)

    I didn't want to post this is the emergencies/disease/illness thread bit if it belongs there please feel free to move it! This 5 day old bantam cochin is getting wing feathers and they're growing in kinda funny, they stick out away from the body instead of laying flat. Any opinions? I've raised...
  4. Hannahnic14

    Patridge cochin bantam?

    My new chick's came today!! 4 assorted silkies and 4 assorted cochin bantams. This little guy/girl is quite a bit lighter than the other patridge I've identified. Do they vary that much in shade?
  5. Faerhii

    Preserving "lacing" in breeding

    Hey guys! I want to pick the brains of some of you all. :) I ordered eggs online through a supplier in AL and ultimately thanks to package handling I'm $250+ later and I have a single golden laced cochin chick. I'm working with USPS on the claim regarding handling issues, but that's neither...
  6. Hannahnic14

    What are the odds?!?!😲

    Yall......I have 9 straight run bantams that I have been DNA testing a few at a time. (Because I'm impatient and don't want to wait until they grow up😅) and all the results are in!!!! Drum roll please...............................8 are female!!!😯😯 I'm thrilled since I already have a silkie and...
  7. vanillachai

    Older Hens, Rooster, Duck, and Drake (4-5yrs) Looking for Homes (Bozeman, MT)

    Located in Bozeman, Montana. We will deliver them to you or meet you in town. I have 4-5 year old chickens and ducks in need of homes. Unfortunately I'm not sure who is still laying, but some of the hens are still laying some eggs. Any of them anyone is willing to take in would be a blessing...
  8. chickennl0ver

    worms in chicken poop, need help!!!

    i noticed today that our 1 year old splash cochin has some little white worms in her poop, they are very small and its the first time ive ever seen it happen:(. she is an indoor chicken (cause of unavoidable circumstances) and so im around her pretty much 24/7. she has been broody the past few...
  9. 22ChickenNuggets

    Buff Cochin Roo

    Hello, Inhave a Buff Cochin Roo that I possibly need to rehome. He is a nice looking dude. He just needs ladies that are around the same size, all my girls are going to be to small for him. He’ll be 18 weeks on Tuesday. I just don’t want to take the chance he’ll hurt my girls. (Red and black sex...
  10. Hannahnic14

    Red cochin bantam wattle at 3 weeks old??

    I'm pretty sure this is a roo. Out of all 4 of my cochin bantams this is the only one that has developed a wattle and has a larger comb! Is it common for bantams to start showing those signs this early? (3 weeks old) First 2 pics is our suspected roo. The others I think are hens. Maybe too...
  11. I

    Is it important to break a broody hen?

    This is the first time I’ve encountered a broody hen. Her name is FooFoo and she’s a Cochin. About 14 months old. Right now, she’s sitting on golf balls. We don’t have any fertilized eggs. I’ve read about it being important to “break” broodiness, but as a natural process in the chicken’s...
  12. japbantams2011

    Japanese, Phoenix and cochin bantams

    Several Japanese pullets and cockerels $10 per pair most are black mottled, 1 black cochin cockerel $5 and a trio of Phoenix bantams $15. Located at leitchfield ky I could possibly ship. Message me for pictures if interested
  13. Meet My Chickens

    Meet My Chickens

    Jaeden: Golden Laced Cochin Bantam Hen Covid (he was sickly when we got him): Partridge Cochin Bantam Rooster Timmy: White Bantam Silkie Rooster Riley: Barred Cochin Bantam Rooster Percy: Blue Bantam Ameraucana "Hen" (I think he's a rooster) Regina: Dark Brown(?) Standard Ameraucana Hen...
  14. 2ADC50EF-2F78-41EE-AA70-7D7D7304EAC8.jpeg


  15. wilsonnickp

    Some Good Chick Pics

    Just wanted to share some good pictures of our flock.
  16. Derangedplanet

    Tsc bantam mix sexing? Also could use species help

    I have 4 birds from tsc. Only the silkie is named(volta). They're all from the bantam mix tsc sells. Once they finish feathering I was planning on getting them introduced to my coop. The sooner the better as currently I just have a pair. As they are getting closer tho I feel like I should...
  17. meepANDpeep

    What Color Chick is This Cochin?

    This is a little Cochin chick I got today. The dad is lavender and looks to have the isabella partridge markings. Mom looks to be a silver laced cochin (maybe silver partridge? I have a hard time telling since some partridges I've seen have lacing and others don't) - just googled it actually and...
  18. E

    Bantam babies

    This is my first post, but I feel like I've been part of many threads, some from like 10 years ago or more, lol. I'm not new to chickens, but I am new to bantams! I finally talked my SO into helping me construct a little Bantam Village so that they can be more protected than our free rangers...
  19. cloverhs

    5 wk old Mottled Cochin Bantam, Pullet??

    We have 4 Cochin chicks total, all 5 wks old, two mottled and a blue and a lavender. The blue is 100% a roo, biggest comb I’ve ever seen on a 5 wk old, and the lavender I suspect might be a roo too but has a significantly smaller comb than the blue. The 2 mottled (identical to the one in the...
  20. How old are these birds??????

    How old are these birds??????

    I purchased these birds from someone and they said the stock came form a show breeder in North Carolina. I was told that they were a year. Old but the hen isn’t laying yet, I drove an hour to buy them at a decent price so I didn’t question it. But. When that is one and hasn’t laid yet...
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